Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 55. Love and darkness (6)

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"Then let's go."

Mu Qing turned and walked toward the door, so he did not find the viciousness of the girl's eyes flashing behind her.

Mu Ruyue’s monk killed Ting’s sister so badly, why let her come back to the family? She did not allow the sinister monks to step into this place.

What's more...

As long as Mu Yixue thinks of the handsome and innocent boy, the more hatred in his heart is admired.


Mu Zhai, Mu Ruyue held his back in his hands, lazily lying on the chaise longue, the sun in the sky made her unable to open her eyes, only half-squatting and looking at the blue sky.


Suddenly, a naive voice came from the front.

She turned to look at it, and suddenly saw the night running silently and excitedly toward him, the beauty of the face of the face was filled with an innocent smile, the pure scorpion was full of smiles.

"Yiang, look, what am I bringing to you?"

The night dust-free spread opened his hand, and a necklace made of emerald green beads appeared in his hand. He sent the necklace to the face of Mu Ruyue: "Yangzi, I think this bead looks good, it is stringed into a string. For the lady, the lady, do you like it?"

Mu Ruyue moved to the nightless thoughts and linked the item. Suddenly, her eyes fell on the emerald green beads just below.

This bead is different from the others, and it has a vibrant atmosphere in the crystal clear.

"Yingshuo? Is this Yingguoguo?"

The appearance is the same as the beads, but it is the fruit of the fruit.

Mu Ruyue pulled the Yingshu fruit off the necklace and asked excitedly: "No dust, this Yingshu fruit you got from where."

Night dustless eyes wide open, curious looking at Mu Ruyue: "What is Yingshuo?"

"Yingshuo is a kind of fruit with great vitality. It is different from medicinal herbs. Generally speaking, military people will not easily take remedies for breakthroughs. After all, there will always be some sequelae after using remedies to break through, which will affect future cultivation. But the Yingshu fruit is different. If you take him, you can directly make the warrior break through the first level."

Otherwise she will not be so excited.

Just talking about it, Mu Ruyue couldn’t help but smile and shook his head. Even if she explained more, I’m afraid I couldn’t understand it at night.

Sure enough, in the face of Mu Ruyue’s words, the night’s ignorant sorrowful eyes: “I don’t know what Yinggeguo, these beads are all I have seen before, I want to give it to my future daughter-in-law, you are me. The daughter-in-law, so this necklace is yours."

In the dark, the man in black who always followed the night without dust, almost slammed it to the ground.

My master, you have worked hard to find the Yingshu fruit for the future hostess, but used a reason for such a lame, what is intended for future daughter-in-law? It seems that before you know the hostess, you have never had a wife-in-law.

And the hostess seems to have not accepted the master, when can the master give the name of the lady to sit down? In this way, perhaps the ghost hall will be a bit more popular...

At this time, but seeing a figure rushing in from the front yard, after seeing Mu Ruyue in Li Lu, my heart was relieved, and some grievances said: "Master, are you not letting me loyal to you? I haven't seen you since the end of the test. I have been looking for a long time. If someone doesn't find your trace, I can't find you so soon."

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