Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 53. The situation is dark (4)

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"Master, if I save it, can you give it to me." Mu Ruyue’s twilight flashed, apparently playing the idea of ​​the eight-leaf snow lotus.

Innocent and laughing, said: "It is dying anyway, it is useless to keep it. If you can really save it, then I will give it to you."

Upon hearing this, Mu Ruyue stopped saying more. She walked to the side of the Eight-leaf Snow Lotus and gently placed her palm on it. In a moment, a warm gas slowly flowed into the eight petals of the snow lotus along the palm. on.

Innocent people still hold an indifferent attitude, but when they feel the change of the eight-leaf snow lotus, their faces are sharply and positively, and they are mistakenly watching the eight-leaf snow lotus bathed under the vitality.

Although the feeling is still very shallow, the breath of the eight-leaf snow lotus is obviously growing towards life...

Mu Ruyue's face gradually turned pale, and the bean's sweat beads rolled down the delicate face and slammed into the ground. At this time, the alchemy room was quiet and only heard the sound of breathing.

Innocently took a picture of his own head, unbelievably looking at a little bit of white eight-leaf snow lotus, his expression is completely in a dream.

"Is it impossible? How could this happen?"

Metamorphosis, this girl is full of metamorphosis!

Before he returned to the innocent, Mu Ruyue has already recovered his hand, and the eight-leaf snow lotus, which is still on the verge of death, has recovered its vitality.

and many more……

Innocent and shocked, wide-eyed eyes, stunned eyes, and then looked at the snow lotus on the table.

"Is it wrong? How is it nine petals? When did the extra piece appear? Nine leaves snow lotus, this **** is actually a precious nine-leaf snow lotus than the eight-leaf snow lotus!"

The old guy who can make innocent is also swearing, and his heart is deeply shocked.

This **** not only saved the eight-leaf snow lotus, but also directly turned the eight-leaf snow lotus into the nine-leaf snow lotus? Is there such a enchanting woman in the world? She is clearly not a person!

Innocent people have been shocked to say nothing, and the mouth will only whisper not the word of man.

"Nine leaves snow lotus?" Mu Ruyue Liu Mei slightly, this is unexpected, she sighed, the nine leaves of snow lotus into the space ring, only to look at the dumbfounded innocent.

The brow was slightly picked, and Mu Ruyue smiled and said: "This snow lotus is what you promised to me."

Innocent just returned to God and heard her words, could not help but stunned her: "Since you promised me, then how can I go out of my way? Rest assured, no matter what the eight leaves of snow lotus or nine leaves of snow lotus are yours, only However, Shantou, your ability is too ridiculous, and must not let anyone know, otherwise it will bring disaster to you."

Mu Ruyue’s heart warmed up and said: “Do not worry, Master, if you are not here, I will not use this ability.”

"You are a girl..." He shook his head innocently. He didn't know whether he was happy with Mu Ruyue's trust in him, or because she didn't know her ability to hide.

However, he believes that in the face of another person, she will never use this power.

Just thinking that this kind of good seed was discovered by him, the innocent heart couldn't help but get excited. Perhaps the most regrettable thing in his life is to accept her as a disciple.

"Right, Shantou, I heard that Mu Jia was looking for your whereabouts recently." Suddenly there was nothing to think of, and said.

"Mujia?" Mu Ruyi, a sneer, then sneered, "What does the Mujia look for?"

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