Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 47. Take an enemy (3)

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"Mu Ruyue, do you know what is the biggest mistake in your life?" Mu Tinger sneered, saying, "The biggest mistake in your life is to be envious." My daughter, I am obviously better than you, but only a foster daughter. Why do you have the blood of the family? This is not fair. If I am not a daughter, I don’t have to do so to bring your father and sister. The fiance took away."

Hate, she hates the moon, and hates her own father.

It was because her personal father was too wasteful that she did not have a strong background. The waste was not worthy of her jealousy. Fortunately, the waste was still affectionate to her daughter, otherwise she deliberately gave up her life to save the old lady. To find a background for her.

But if her relatives are the dragons of the people, or the emperors of this country, then she is not going to be windy and rainy? Why should you work hard for your future?

So in the end, it was the man who was too wasteful. She used this kind of useless thing.

"You really are better than me?" Mu Ruyue laughed. The smile looked like a demon in the eyes of Mu Tinger. "When you did something, I am afraid no one knows better than you."

Mu Tinger’s face changed, couldn’t it be that this monk knew about it? No, it is impossible. She was so secretive at first, she could never know that.

Thinking of this, Mu Tinger’s heart is fixed, and the face is ridiculous: “Mu Ruyue, you don’t want to frame me, obviously you are a waste, you can cultivate and don’t want to compare with me.”

When she said this, her voice was very low, so everyone in the audience did not know what the two were saying.

But soon the words of the two were over, and Mu Tinger’s sword flashed behind Mu Ruyue’s, and the cold tip of the sword was aimed at the other’s neck.

But Mu Ruyue seems to have long eyes behind him, and the long sword has lightly blocked the attack of Mu Tinger.

The autumn wind is rustling and the leaves are colorful.

There were only two people left on the stage.

Everyone looked at the body that fell on the table, and they swallowed their mouths, even if this battle was lost to the temperate Muting. Who else dares to say that she is a waste?

If Mu Tinger did not take the medicinal herbs, it might have fallen down like those people.

"Your Majesty, what do you think is this month?" Ji Ruya smiled and played with her own hair, with curiosity in the beauty. "I am very surprised, she is not a waste, why are there rumors?"

The Purple Moon Emperor can't understand why this happened. If you know that Mu Ruyue has such a talent, he will assign it to his children and grandchildren. How can he go to the kid of the cheap ghost palace?

Thinking of this, Ziyue Huang’s heart is quite unpleasant.

Ji Ruya smiled and said nothing more. She turned to look at Mu Ruyue, and the smile on her lips was more and more confusing.

Now, everyone’s eyes are on the competition...

Mu Tinger’s attack speed is very fast, and it’s hard to make a fuss. Her sword has attacked Mu Ruyue with dazzling gestures. It makes people look like a virtual shadow, unable to capture the real sword. .

From the beginning to the end, Mu Ruyue’s face did not mean panic. Her body kept moving around and avoiding this dazzling sword.

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