Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 39. Breaking (1)

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It’s over, everything is over.

Mu Tinger’s face showed a desperate color, and her throat was filled with bitter taste. Until now, she did not know what happened, why she could not help but say such things.

"Tinger, I will definitely find out the true image of this incident and give you a fair." The night wind pity looked at the delicate woman in her arms, and secretly made up her mind to make sure that the master behind the scenes find out.

He slowly loosened the tender body in his arms, looked up and looked at the feelings of a look of iron and blue, and said: "Mu Jiazhu, continue to test, I will bother you to take Tinger back to rest, the second game will be held after three days. I believe that when Tinger has recovered, he will be able to get the leader of this competition."

Three days, it was his time to restore Mu Tinger.

The night wind slightly picked up his eyes, his sharp eyes swept to Mu Ruyue, and he gave a cold cry in his throat. He couldn't believe it. Mu Ruyue had nothing to do with this.

"Shizi..." Mu Tinger firmly grasped the hand of the night wind, with prayers in her eyes. She hoped that the beloved man could be with her in the most painful time.

However, the night wind pushed her hand away.

At that moment, her heart fell to the bottom of the valley, and the beauty contained a little tear.

"Tinger, I will go to you after the test." The night wind smiled, and the beautiful face was soft with light. The light was so gentle. However, Mu Tinger’s heart felt it. Unprecedented cold.

In the heart of His Royal Highness, after all, it is still important to be important. At this time, what he remembers in his heart is this game...

He swallowed the bitterness in his throat, and Mu Tinger showed a strong smile: "His son, Shih Ting understands."

Even if she is unwilling, she can't show it. It only stems from the woman who does not like the uncle of the world.

"Hey!" Mu Qing loved the clothes, cold eyes swept over Mu Ruyue's smiling face, pulled Muting's arm and said, "Tinger, Cher, let's go back."

He does not mention Mu Ruyue.

The light wind blew, and the dense leaves of the tung trees blocked the silver clothes like the moon.

The man leaned against the tung tree, and a silver mask just showed the deep scorpion and a thin line of beautiful lines.

His eyes fell to the woman on the platform like a bamboo, and the corner of his mouth tilted upwards, igniting a scent of evil spirits. Other people may not have seen it, but he could see it clearly.

When his eyes turned to the departed Mujia father and daughter, the blind man sank and muttered to himself: "It seems that this is full of family gas, but Mu Ruyue is really interesting, I don't know if she can How much to expect from me."

The slender fingertips swept over the thin lips, and the man’s smile became more and more evil. Perhaps she would be a variable in this continent...

Mujia living room, a feeling of sullen face, cold eyes looking at the entrance from the door of Mu Ruyue, slammed the table, roaring said: "Mu Ruyue, you have nothing to say to me?"

Mu Ruyue’s steps were slightly stagnation, and I saw the admiration and Mu Yixue sitting in the main hall. The lips were picking: “What?”

"Let's relax!" The enthusiasm of the sorrow is more and more gloomy. It seems to be like a sword. It is like a sword. "Why is your strength in the third order? Shouldn't this give me an explanation?"

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