Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 37. Mu Tinger is defeated (1)

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"Li Gongzi, I see that you are a junior, don't have a general knowledge with you, but please respect them. The daughter of my love is of course a serious experience. If the father of Tinger saved his mother, the mother could not escape. After that robbery, let's say that Ting's character is well-beautiful and kind. Who wouldn't praise her in Fengcheng? And I don't like Mu Ruyue naturally have my reasons. She is so poisonous, even Tinger's so kind woman is bullying, how can I get it? Pampering?"

Muyi said that the righteousness is righteous, righteousness and remarks, as if Mu Ruyue is really a wicked woman, and Mu Tinger is the little white flower that has been oppressed for a long time.

In order to cope with the feelings of admiration, Mu Tinger faked a few drops of tears, and the weak wind could not help but feel pity.


The night wind violently patted the case, the forehead spurred and violently jumped, and I couldn’t wait to learn from Mu Tinger’s crying Mu Ruyue and Li Lu, but it was stopped by Tian Yuan with his eyes.

"Wind, don't worry, don't worry, there won't be anything. You are a referee after all, you can't take it."

One story made the mood of the night wind calm down. He looked at Mu Tinger with concern, and when he swept through Mu Ruyue, his eyes flashed disgust and anger.

Even if this woman is no longer a waste, it cannot be compared with Tinger.

At this time, no one saw Mu Ruyue quietly took out an emerald green medicine. She used the vitality to turn the medicinal herbs into a transparent water vapor, and secretly forced the gas into the admiration. Tinger's mouth and nose.

After the fall of Mu Qing’s words, the people who did not know the truth really believed in the words of admiration, and they all accused Mu Ruyue’s vicious heart. The woman who is as weak as Mu Tinger is used for protection, how can she be willing To bully her?

A person like her is not worthy of being a human being, and even a beast is better than her.

Just when everyone said something unpleasant, suddenly, the original face of Pear and Rain, Mu Tinger’s face was distorted, and the eyes and hatred were admired.

"Mu Ruyue, why don't you die? I am worse than you, why are you worse than you? Just because you are the right card of the family, you can make a dear with the world. I tell you, the world is mine, no one can grab it. What woman is going to serve with other women? He can only be a man I am alone! Haha, Mu Ruyue, you are going to die soon, like this waste is not worth living in the world! Only me, only me Is the best!"

"And you, Zhang Yaxin, in fact, I just wanted to kill you when I tried it. Who would let your sister have a peek at the world? I want to kill you, but I have to show a smile, you know how much I have. Painful? Your sister is so stupid, you are not so good, the strength is low and so ugly, who will marry you this ugly? But I am the most kind, how could you really kill you, look, I am What a good, hahaha!"

Mu Tinger laughed like crazy, and the vicious eyes swept over everyone present.

Everyone was stunned. No one thought that Mu Tinger, who had always been weak and kind, would say such a thing. Is this the nature of her?

"This is the weak woman who is often oppressed in the mouth of the Mu family. Hey," Ji Ruya shook her head with a smile. "It’s really kind and kind, kind to want the life of some innocent people, so this palace is doubtful. The truth of the words is true, but it should be said that there must be a daughter of his father, maybe it is really an illegitimate daughter born to a young woman."

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