Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 36. Receiving servants

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Mu Ruyue’s brow slightly picks up, of course she will not tell him that this is the effect of medicinal medicinal culture. In the past few months, she has improved a lot in addition to the third-order under the guidance of innocent. Nowadays, refining the low-level medicinal herbs is a breeze. These talents will really scare innocent people.

With some auxiliary medicinal culture, Mu Ruyue has a kind of confidence. Within the same level, no one will be her opponent.

"Can Li Gongzi still remember what he said?"

Mu Ruyue did not mention it, and when he mentioned it, he calmed down his face.

Li Lunian reached the third order after 19 years, so his talent is not strong, and he is strong in him. He has a powerful shackle. As a defending general of the Purple Moon State, he has 3,000 soldiers and hundreds of thousands. The soldier, this general is such a son, the usual pet like a treasure, as long as Li Lu asked, no matter what he will not refuse.

It was the emperor who politely gave him three points.

If Li Lu promised the girl's request, I am afraid it will bring some trouble to Tinger. After all, there is the back of the generals of the country, and she is no longer a waste. If she proposes to marry the son of the world, her majesty will answer, so what should she do?

Therefore, he must not let this happen.

"Shut up!" The face of Mu Qing with a thin anger, shouted loudly, "Mu Ruyue, what is the identity of the general's son? You dare to let him be your slave? Immediately apologize to Li Gongzi!"

Everyone did not expect that he would blame his daughter in the public, and did not feel awkward. He heard that he did not like Mu Ruyue, but he did not expect to be at this level.

After all, it is a personal daughter, blood is thicker than water, why do they feel that they can't wait for her to die? On the contrary, it is a favorite of Mu Tinger, who is a foster daughter.


Seeing the innocence of this scene, frowning, my eyes gradually became unsatisfactory: "My disciple should not let the boy of the generals be a slave to her, even if she wants to serve her after the emperor, it seems that this Mu Jia is really too arrogant, I really don't know how my baby has come over these years."

If it is not for Mu Ruyue who does not want to let people know their identity, he has already rushed to the lessons of the **** sorrow! However, since this matter cannot be exposed, then after the end of the event, you can use the night wind to make a good beat.

"Mu Jiazhu, this does not seem to be your business," Li Lu dissatisfied and glanced at him, no good voice. "I am Li Lu, although it is lascivious, but it is also a man who is a good man. My father has taught me to speak. I have a letter. Since this is what I promised to envy, I certainly have to keep my promise."

The face of the face changed dramatically, and he did not expect that this would happen.

Li Lu had a clear understanding of what he had done in these years, and he did not feel a sneak peek at him: "And, I have heard that Mujia from the master to the next person are not bullying the lady of the right card, but it is a I don’t know where the foster daughters are brought from, is this a big family style? Or is it that the foster daughter is an illegitimate daughter who you don’t know which brothel woman gave birth?”

When I heard this, Mu Tinger’s pretty face was blue, and she clenched her fists tightly, looking at Li Lu with anger.

This kid actually dared to insult her to be born in the Qinglou woman, it is really unforgivable! Don't think that as a general's father, you can do whatever you want, and the power of her family is not bad.

If it is not to maintain a weak image, she promises to let this stinky blood splash on the spot!

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