Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 32. Before the big ratio

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To say what Fengcheng’s most lively recent is, it’s not the competition. It is said that this contest is held by the strongest of Qingyunmen, and Wang Wangzi is the referee. If he can successfully get the top three, he may be able to get the eye of Qingyunmen.

Therefore, many people signed up early.

"Hey, have you heard about it? This time, Mu Ruyue of the contest of the contest was also participated."

"What? Mu Ruyue? The first waste of Ziyueguo? What kind of jokes, what do she come to do? Is it a joke?"

"I guess it is coming to abuse, haha."

The ridicule of the crowd did not converge on the side of the sorrowful face, the heart did not feel blamed for her daughter, a waste only, why can't you stay at home, do you have to come here to make a fool? Doesn't he see that he loves Tinger and wants to be against him?

Because the candidate for registration was announced today, the ignorance was not known before, otherwise he would definitely stop.

"Hey," Mu Yixue found an indignant look at Mu Ruyue's figure. The cute little face was full of anger. "This is the day when Tinger's sister is out of color. The waste is going to be mixed. I see her. It’s basically at Sister Tinger’s sister.”

In any case, the waste is a person who admires the family. If she is ugly, it is equal to admiring the world. Isn’t the ridicule of these years enough? I really don't know how to produce such wastes with the good genes of my mother.

At this time, no one found out, not far from the restaurant, a pair of angry scorpions squatting at this group of people who are talking.

Innocent heads poured a glass of wine, suppressing the violent anger inside.

waste? This group of **** dare to blame his apprentice is waste? What is he? Is the master of waste not a waste in waste? If the talent of the girl is still waste, he can guarantee that there will never be more genius in this world.

"Mujia?" Innocent sneer, low-key to see the parents and daughters in the crowd.

In the past few months, he has learned from Mu Ruyue’s mouth that he was poisoned before the test at the age of five, causing the muscles to become clogged and unable to cultivate. If it was not happened to meet a high person to help her solve the problem. Poison, I am afraid that she can only be a waste in this life.

Of course, no one knows that the high man is Mu Ruyue himself.

But as long as I think that this genius can be discovered ten years ago, but my life has been dragged for ten years, the innocent heart has taken a moment, and I can’t wait to immediately smash the so-called admiration.

"However, this is not without any benefit. At least for the past few years, I have seen the nature of the night wind, but my gangsters are not going to be fooled by the stinky kid?"

With such a thought, the innocent feeling is better, how is his apprentice? An outstanding man who is not a mainland is simply not qualified to be her husband.


On the road not far from the martial arts, a nice and pleasant voice came from behind Mu Ruyue.

As long as she hears this, she knows who the person is.

"How come you are here?" Mu Ruyue turned and looked at the teenager behind him. After seeing the other's grievances, the voice of the voice softened.

The young man smiled brilliantly, and the beautiful face was more inverting the sentient beings because of the smile of the sun, as if he was the most eye-catching point in the world, even if he had the first beautiful man in Fengcheng, he was not half as good as him.

He just stood here and it made people feel amazing.

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