Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 31. Innocent masters

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"Gangster, you can rest assured that since you become my disciple, Master will not allow anyone to bully you. As long as you say a word, I will go to the lesson now."

As long as I think that the appearance and talent of Mu Ruyue are still being retired, I can’t wait to teach the stinky boy who doesn’t know the gold inlay.

Who is his apprentice who dares to bully? Whoever bullies her, waits for his revenge to kill the door.

"No," Mu Ruyue shook his head and smiled slightly. "Even if he doesn't remarriage, I will do the same. He is like a stallion full of bacteria, not worthy of me."

The girl’s words let the innocent anger fade away. He laughed twice and said: “Yes, giving up my apprentice is that the kid is not blessed. With your ability, you can marry a man who is a hundred times better than him. Not the kind of good man is not worthy of my apprentice."

The light of Mu Ruyue flashed a few times: "In addition, I will not tell anyone about your time as a teacher."

"Why?" He blinked innocently. He wanted to let everyone in Qingyunmen know that he had found a good person, and then spurred the Tianyuan masters and apprentices.

"It's very simple. I don't need too much mutual mutuality on the road to growth. You have always protected me to help me, and my strength will stop."

She needs to find a backing to deal with some unsolvable situations, not to let Master come forward to handle all the dangers for her.

No danger, how to grow?

She won't understand this truth.

"Haha, good, good apprentice." Nodded innocently, he really did not look at the wrong person, and he could, of course, say this, perhaps she is alone.

This girl is not a delicate family, she knows how to survive on this continent.

"Taro, since then you come to me every day, I teach you some methods of alchemy and cultivation, but I have a request, the military test held in Fengcheng two months later, you give me a first place to come back. ”

Innocent smiles caressing the white whiskers, perhaps from then on, this continent is the world of young people, and these guys are old.

"First place?" Mu Ruyue picked up his lips and smiled low. "I also have this intention."

She is not interested in the test, but she knows that the trial will definitely participate in the trial, and she also tells the world that she is not giving waste!

Unexpectedly looking at Mu Ruyue, although she is smiling now, it gives a feeling of chilling heart...

It’s night, the moonlight is like water, and the waves are ripples.

In a house not far from the Mujia, the man's hands are back, and his deep eyes cast into the deep night sky, with complex emotions in his eyes.

The man wore a silver robes, and the beautiful beauty was like a sacred face covered with a faint moonlight. The beauty was suffocating, so a handsome man seemed to let the moon be compared.

"The master, is it necessary to solve the problem that will be married to you?"

Behind him, a woman in black is respectful and half-squatting, but she always keeps her head down because she knows that the master does not like others to look directly at him, even if it is just a back.

"No need to!"

"But, the master, if the woman came to the house, she would have noticed what it was, if she let others know that the master is..."


His voice was very low, but there was a hint of gloom, which made the heart of the butterfly shirt tremble.

The master maintains that woman? why? That woman is just a waste. Why is the master who is not close to the female color defending her?

The head of the butterfly is getting lower and lower. She suppresses the trembling of the heart and says, "Yes, the subordinates retire."

She knows that she has feelings that she can't have, sometimes she can't control it. The only thing she can do is not let this feeling let others know...

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