Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 15. The emperor summoned

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Mujia Hall, the feelings have long been ugly sitting in the first seat, and next to him is Mu Tinger and Mu Yixue.

Looking forward to the late arrival of Mu Ruyue, Mu Yi Xue mouth hangs with a proud smile, gloating to see her. In comparison, Mu Tinger wearing an orange silk skirt is pleading for sorrow and sorrow.

"Tinger sister, you are too kind," seeing Mu Tinger has been helping Mu Ruyue say good things, Mu Yixue made a cold cry from the nostrils, "just because your kindness will be bullied, you Forgot how she treated you the day before yesterday? Pointing at your nose, you are a foster girl. Although Tinger’s sister is a foster daughter, how much scenery has it brought to my family? Which of the whole sons of Fengcheng does not praise Tinger’s sister? Unlike some people, eating and living are in Fengjia, and there is no practical use. However, this kind of person is still a true girl of Mujia. If Tinger’s sister is my sister, I will be satisfied in my life. ”

"Snow!" Mu Tinger’s face was blamed, but there was a smugness in her eyes. "She is a sister of your mother, and you are not too much."

"But I would rather be a girl than a sister!"

Mu Yixue had some grievances licking her lips. Tinger’s sister actually taught her the waste, which made her add a bit of hatred to Mu Ruyue.

It happens that this waste has no conscience. Tinger’s sister is so good to her. She still wants to hold the King of the King and not see where she is worthy of the King of the King.

From the beginning to the end, Mu Ruyue only held his hands in his chest, quietly watching this good show, his lips holding a cold smile, not anxious.

This makes Mu Tinger a bit unreasonable. If it is in accordance with the past temperament, it is estimated that it has already been overwhelmed.

"Is there anything?" A faint eyebrow, Mu Ruyue’s voice was lazy with not yet awake. "If nothing happens, I will return to the room."

The face of the sorrowful face sank a few points: "This is your attitude towards your father?"

"Oh? Then what do you think I should treat you?"

"You..." The face of admiration is blue, this girl is so lawless!

"Hey, you are suffocating," Mu Tinger hurriedly followed the tone of her chest. She looked up at the girl who was impatient at the door and blamed. "Sister, you are also caring for you, he heard that you were yesterday. Going to the test in the test hall, so..."

"Tinger," Mu Qing will put down the hand of Mu Tinger, his face is cold and gloomy. "You don't talk to this villain! Mu Ruyue, you know when they went to dinner with those bureaucrats last night, what do they say? They said that you don't know shame, a teenager, actually went to the talent test with a group of four or five-year-old children. It is obviously a waste body and you don't want to believe it. Even if you test it a hundred times, you are still a waste. Why don't you think about it for you? How do you make someone else use a knife to shave my face? I have been raising you for so many years, I don't know what to return, I still try my best to make those people humiliate. your dad!"

After saying these words in one breath, I felt a sigh of relief.

Until then, he still felt a panic, there is such a daughter who is not only wasteful, but also the biggest shame in his life.

"Are you finished? If it is finished, I will return to the house."

Mu Ruyue yawned, rather than listening to the feelings here, she might as well go back to practice.


Seeing that the girl turned away, the face of the feelings became more and more ugly. Although the former Mu Ruyue was a waste, but listened to his words, what is wrong with this now?

Waste also knows to resist?

"Hey, let me come." Mu Tinger picked up Liu Mei, even though she would like to see Mu Ruyue's training, but she still has more important things.

"Sister, this time I am waiting for you here, not just for that matter, just the purpose of the palace, let you and you go to the palace immediately."

Suddenly, Mu Ruyue stopped the steps, and Liu Mei slightly picked up...

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