Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 13. Chief Dan Pharmacist of Qingyunmen

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"You guess, what is the test result of Mu Mu's that month?"

"Do you still use it? It certainly won't work."

"Haha, she will come out when she waits, and when she looks at the expression on her face, she can see what is going on."

As I said, the plain clothes jumped into the eyes of everyone.

At this time, the girl's expression is cold and frosty. There is no emotion in the pair of scorpions, and there is no surprise. It is no different from the first time here.

Seeing her look like this, everyone even decided to think in their own hearts.

Waste is waste, no matter how it changes, it is always a waste.

Because everyone has set their sights on Mu Ruyue, no one has seen the shock on the face of the ensuing management that has not faded.

Seeing the departure of Mu Ruyue, the management slowly withdrew his gaze and said coldly: "You, today, Zhao Lao thinks that there are still some things, the test will stop here, and come back at the same time next year!"

After leaving this, he turned and walked into the test hall.

"Zhao Lao," said the respectful and clenched fist, and said, "I have let those people leave."

"Well," Zhao Lao nodded. He thought of the test results just now. He had obvious surprises in his eyes. "You have never seen this thing. No one can tell, can you understand?"

Zhao Lao’s expression was rare and serious. He listened and managed to nod. “Zhao Lao is relieved, I will never say it.”

"Well, then the next thing you deal with, I have to go to the innocent master."

This Shantou talent is too shocking. If you are known by other forces, you will definitely not hesitate to compete with him. Therefore, this test must be kept confidential to anyone.

When he thought that this kind of person was discovered by his old Zhao, he was full of excitement.

Because after a few days, it is a genius contest. It is because of this time that Qingyunmen people will appear in Fengcheng. The talent test is to discover the existence of genius, but it does not mean that some people with average talent will not rise through perseverance.

Therefore, there is a genius contest.

Within the inn, two old people are talking and laughing.

I saw one of them wearing a yellow striped shirt, with a green skirt, revealing a shrewd color between the eyebrows, while the other person was wearing a gray cotton coat in the white, and a red cloak outside, it looked nondescript.

"Haha, Tianyuan, I remember that you are called the night sky wind, this is the king of the purple moon country?" Innocent and smiling, looking at the old yellow striped shirt, said funny, "Oh, this scene Wang Shizi down It’s also a young talent, you are blessed with Tianyuan.”

“The innocent master laughed,” Tian Yuan smiled and said implicitly. “If the innocent master wants to accept the apprentice, I don’t know how many geniuses are rushing to be your doorman. The name of Qingyunmen’s chief alchemist is a good one. Signboard, how can I compare with the innocent master? Just the innocent master has a very high vision, it is difficult for someone to enter your eyes. But the talent of Feng is really good, it is a wonderful pharmacist seedling, I have started now Teach him to refine the medicinal herbs.

Innocent and caressing the beard, with a faint smile, no doubt.

He was just just a boring casual ride.

To be honest, a genius like the night wind can't enter his eyes.

At this moment, a knock on the door came out from the door, and then Zhao went to the door and came in. He looked at the old man who was laughing and laughing. He pressed his inner excitement and took a deep breath, calling: "The innocent master Master Tianyuan."

"Zhao Lao, how? Is the test over?" A faint smile, turning to Zhao Lao, who was excited by the old face, asked without doubt.

"Not yet, because I have something to report, I ended the test midway."

"Oh? What made you let the test go before you put it down?"

"It is like this, innocent master," thought of the scene of the test hall, Zhao Lao's expression was extremely excited. "I just found a peerless genius in the test hall. It is really a genius, even if it is the disciple of Tianyuan master. The wind is less than one percent of the day."

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