Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 11. Talent test

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"Who is that girl? How come the age test is so big?"

"Oh, I guess the results of the tests in the past few years are not ideal, so I want to see if there is an increase in the growth talent through the age, but this talent is not strength, how can it change?"

"However, why do I think this girl is so familiar? Seems to have seen it..."

Everyone looked at Mu Ruyue, who was standing in the ranks. He had a strange look in his eyes. He couldn’t help but whisper, but she looked at her with obvious ridicule.

When she is a teenager, she is still a talent test. Isn’t she too shameful?

It is no wonder that everyone does not know Mu Ruyue. Even though she was the first waste of Fengcheng and the fiancée of King Wang, a few years ago, she was also a public figure. Every time she appeared to greet her, she was ridiculous and even insulted. Unable to endure, Mu Ruyue did not appear in front of people for many years.

So many people have lost their impression of her.

"Oh, I remember her," suddenly, a voice of surprise sounded. "Isn't this the admiration of Mu Ruyue? I saw her when I went to Mujia to find Muting."

"What, she is the first waste, the shame of the family?"

After the words of the man fell behind, all eyes were again neatly cast to Mu Ruyue, and the sneer was even worse.

An unskilled waste, even if it is tested a hundred times, still can't change the waste.

Under the biting eyes of these people, a cute little girl came out, her face with disappointment, apparently the test results were not satisfactory.

However, Qingyunmen has always kept the test results confidential, so no one knows how bad her talent is.

"Girl, it’s yours." The eyelids were lightly lifted, and I looked at my eyes like a moon, then turned and led her into the hall.

Inside the spacious lobby, there is a bronze stone in the middle. A white man with a beard is sitting in the middle of the lobby and closing his eyes. Until Mu Yue walks in, he opens his eyes without hesitation.

The faint scorpion swept his eyes like a moon. He squinted at his beard and said in a hurry: "Is luck going? You go to the stone and put your hand on it and try your luck again."

Mu Ruyue listened to the instructions of the old man and put his hand on the stone. She slowly closed her eyes and began to transport the gas to her palm.


Suddenly, red light shines on the bronze stone.

On the test stone, there are several levels, namely red orange yellow green blue blue purple, of which red is the worst, purple is the strongest, and there is a legendary level, colorless.

Yes, colorless is no color, no color is just the strongest talent.

"Red." There is no special change in the face of the old man. After all, in this continent, the people with red talents are the most.

Such people are not suitable for cultivation, and even if they practice, there is not much success.

Just as he wanted to call the next one, the red light suddenly changed.

Orange, yes, red has turned orange!

The old man was surprised by the big mouth, can the test stone be tested at once? When did you change the color? This is really a ghost.

However, the change in color did not stop.

Yellow, green, cyan, blue...

The expression of the old man gradually became numb, and his mouth was so stiff that he could not even say a word. Fortunately, when the blue was reached, the change was finally stabilized, but he was shocked and could not speak.

Fifteen years ago, Qingyunmen received an inner disciple named Fengtianfeng in Fengcheng, and was finally accepted as a disciple by Master Tianyuan. But even the kid is just in cyan.

However, fortunately, it is finally over.

The old man picked up the tea next to him and wanted to suppress it, but after seeing the next scene, his hand trembled and almost did not overturn the tea.


The color turned purple!

The old man took a deep breath, the genius of purple talent, only a few in the mainland?

However, the change is not over yet.

I saw that the purple light on the test stone disappeared a little, and Mu Ruyue’s hand was still pressed on the stone. If she let go of her hand and let the light disappear, the phenomenon is normal, but if her hand is always pressed on the stone, the purple light should not disappear.

Unless it is another situation.


The teacup slipped from the hands of the old man and fell to the ground, breaking into countless pieces. God knows how much he liked his cup, but now, even the beloved cup has been broken, he has turned a deaf ear, a pair of eyes staring at Mu Ruyue.

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