Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 100. What is the fool? (2)

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"Woman, I have already checked the information about you during this time. It is said that you are going to marry a fool?" Feng Jingtian shook his head, and a pair of phoenixes contained smiles, which made people look amazing.

"If you want to go, I can take you away. Even the emperor has no right to stop you, but the premise is..." Feng Jingtian did not see the face of Mu Ruyue sinking, the lips were picking, laughing and laughing. The way, "How are you marrying me?"

Mu Ruyue’s face sinks into a stagnant water, and the body is cold and cold. She looks at Feng Yan’s beautiful face like a enchanting, cold voice: “I have not married him yet, but he is already My husband, if you blame him for another fool, believe me, I can't kill you now, and one day I will let you regret it."

Slowly, Feng Xiaotian's lips disappeared, and he turned to look at the girl's cold face, and the heart seemed to be hit by something.

"What good is that fool?" Feng Tiantian's nephew sank a little bit, and the phoenix was gloomy, only staring at Mu Ruyue.

Even he didn't know what it was like at this time.

When he first met, he habitually liked to leave a hand for the beauty, but that was all. Only then, her indifferent attitude made him gradually unable to forget.

Over the years, the world has not seen his amazing incompetence, or ridiculed him for his red dress all year round, and he has a beautiful face that is even more beautiful than a woman.

Only she is, no surprise, no ridicule, some just indifference...

After returning, he began to look for news about her, from the initial curiosity to the distressed and then to appreciate, who can think of her so many wrongs over the years?

This is the closest relative, but for an outsider to hate her death, this peerless talent has been insulted because of the childhood poisoning caused by meridians.

This woman suffered so much, and she finally cheered up on that day. Her radiance made her understand that the Missy of the family is no longer a waste.

However, now, this woman maintains another man in front of him, so that the phoenix's heart is stunned, and a pair of phoenixes are full of grievances.

"His is good, others don't need to know, I can understand it myself."

To be honest, until now, Mu Ruyue still doesn't know what position the night is in his heart, but no matter where he is, just think of the boy, she feels full of warmth.

The boy is not dusty, clean is like a blank sheet of paper. In her world full of killings, it looks like a beam of sunshine shines into her dark chest.

It is because of his existence that she will not feel lonely in this strange world.

Outside the window, under the silver moon, the silver-faced man with his hands on his back, standing in the moonlight, his light is endless gentle, falling on the familiar face in the window.

He really wants to take this woman back immediately, but he understands that it is not yet time, and only when the day is clear, he will marry her...

"Feng Fengtian?" The silver-faced man's dawn fell on the enchanting face, and the lips swelled with a cold breath. "The king's woman dared to grab it. It seems that he should give him some lessons. Taste, not everyone is able to peep, but her foot is awkward."

I hope that in the future, they will not give themselves a foot...

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