Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

~: 10. This fool is not simple

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In the eyes of the teenager, a layer of water mist appeared again. Through the misty mist, he looked at Mu Ruyue’s indifferent side face: "Sister, your heart looks really good."

The heart looks good?

Mu Ruyue is the first time to hear people say this.

Her predecessor, but a devil, I do not know how many lives in my hands. Nowadays, only the teenager asked her to think of her former brother, and she said so much nonsense.

But also... nothing more.

"And, you seem to be older than me, so don't call my sister."


"There is nothing." Mu Ruyue glared at him, fiercely said.

The teenager seemed to be scared, and there was a grievance of fog in his eyes, carefully watching Mu Ruyue, who was obviously not very good-looking in front of him.

However, this pitiful appearance of the boy made Mu Ruyue’s heart incomprehensible. She sighed and said, “Sorry, I shouldn’t yell at you loudly, but after all, we met, I’m still unlucky. You don’t have any intersections in the past, so don’t let it go.”

After that, she picked up her side and watched the enthusiasm of the show. The head disappeared in the bright sunshine.

Therefore, she did not see the eyes of Junmei’s youngsters looking at her, changing the original innocent charm, and carrying a touch of inquiry in the deep.

The enthusiasm that was raised by Mu Ruyue in his hand was the domineering black scorpion, and his sharp eyes fixed firmly on the handsome young man in the back.

Although the teenager at that time has recovered the eyes of inquiry, but...

"This fool is not easy."

Is he really a simple fool?

Yan Yan laughed, but whether he is a fool or not, what does it have to do with him?

"Hey, have you heard about it? It is said that Qingyunmen is holding a test meeting to help Fengcheng's military personnel to conduct talent tests. This is an opportunity only once in a few years. Let's go and see."

Test meeting?

Mu Ruyue naturally stopped, and the scorpion shook slightly, and a ray of light swept past the black scorpion.

Through the memory left by the former master, she can know that every three years, Qingyunmen will come to Fengcheng to hold a test meeting to help those who have not yet stepped into the martial arts to conduct talent tests.

A person's talent determines the achievements in the future.

Qingyunmen did this in order to select excellent seedlings from the outside world and enter the martial art. The former fiance of the former master was also the night wind of King Wang, which was chosen as a disciple of Qingyunmen due to his outstanding talent.

"I still don't know how talent is. It's better to take this opportunity to test it." Mu Ruyue touched his chin gently, and his eyes were shining.

Although she had experienced a talent test nine years ago, the meridians were blocked and the airflow was impassable. The result of the test was... waste.

"Taro, what? You want to test?" Yan Yan clearly saw the idea of ​​Mu Ruyue, excited. "That is to test, the deity also wants to know what kind of genius Dan book chose is."

When I think of the book that has been trapped for ten thousand years, Yan Yan hates to gnash his teeth.

"Okay," Mu Ruyue nodded with a smile. "I am also very interested in this test."

After all, she walked with the group of enthusiastic people to the test hall of Qingyunmen in the secular world.

However, when it was there, Mu Ruyue knew that many people were watching the movie because they had experienced the talent test before. Now they are a group of four or five-year-old milk dolls.

Therefore, she stood alone in the group of people and stood out from the crowd.

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