Dragon Poor

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306. Epilogue

Starting with the struggle of the strangers in Nordic, the great war that had spread to the continent like wildfire finally came to an end.

For the defense of the barrier, the Allied forces, which had entered the country side, had to leave the defense line and return to their home countries.

But when they were about to leave the camp, they had to delay their return to unexpected news.

“Everywhere is a monster. ;It is more than a dozen or more than a million large groups of monsters observed right now. ”

While the forces of the defenders were only concerned about the disaster in the country, the outside world was a paradise for monsters, and they were in the middle of the area of monsters.

Of course, it was not enough to break through and break through. ;However, the Allied forces, which had already returned to their homeland fully to the full extent of the warrior or sacrificed troops of the placenta, could not easily escape from the line of defense.

You could not lose your dear superheroes and soldiers who barely survived a hellish war with unexpected judgment.

Some of the impatient people left the line of defense and were attacked by monsters, which led them to go back to the line of defense. ;And because of them, the outside world monsters are known to be completely different from what they know.

It is stronger, more fierce, and more cunning.

Monsters that move systematically like human armies were enemies that were difficult to deal with in other ways than masseurs.

“I am taking measures in my home country, so I should stay here for a while and watch the trend.”

Unlike their expectations, however, the central kingdoms were unable to suppress the monsters. ;The damage of the central kingdoms in subsequent wars was so serious.

Of the troops mobilized in the central region, there were only tens of thousands of dead, and the number of civilians killed was unimaginable. ;The superpowers, who were prized by the kingdoms, were also defeated by the placenta, which was not enough to counter the riots of these unprecedented monsters.

As time went on, the situation worsened and there was no sign of improvement, and some kingdoms, which had lost power as soon as possible, came to give monsters the most territory except for the capital and some of their great powers.

This time, we could not expect the help of the eastern kingdoms.

The same was true of the eastern kingdoms that suffered from ancient monsters, and they were not good at sending troops to the central region in battle with the monsters that went on each day. ;In addition, they were too far away to help.

“I think we should hurry back home even if there is damage. ;This way, instead of expecting help from my home country, we have to give our country a lot of power to thwart our turmoil. ”

The desperate news of the fleeing of the allied forces showed an agitated tone. ;The idea that they might lose the place to return even if they win the war at the most, made them impatient.

Such was the case with the troops of the Eastern kingdom that were dispatched to the barriers. ;Their hometown to return to was far away. ;Even if I was lucky enough to escape from the central part, I had to pass through the area of the monsters for a few hundred kilometers to a few thousand kilometers long, and I could not even imagine how difficult it would be.

“What is this? ;There is no way. ”

So when everyone was worried about the dark situation, the Adenberg imperial army trembled as if they were leaving the line at once.

The leaders of other coalition troops withdrew the commander of the empire. ;However, the commander of the empire replied that he had no more reason to stay here because his command of returning home had been withdrawn from his face.

It seemed that there was no anxiety about the appearance of it, and it was rather puzzled by those who were crazy.

“There are those who came to meet us on the northern front of Iberia.”

“I have to travel thousands of kilometers to get to Iberia from here. ;How weak is it? ”

The kingdom of Tennessee and the kingdom of Asrael, which the Imperial Forces must go through, were the kingdoms that suffered the greatest damage in the last war.

The attitude of the Imperial Commander, who seemed to be going on a picnic with such a difficult road, was unimaginable.

However, they soon realized what the reason for the imperial commander was due to.


I wanted to cast a huge shadow over the sky, and there came a gigantic beast who rolled the splendid platinum scales.

“Transit air!”

It was a legendary article masterpiece that ended the disaster in the country and the platinum dragon.

“I will escort you to Iberia.”

It is because of the fact that an opponent is a master of the tradition, even when a single knight is not even heard of a strange word to escort thousands of troops.

“Then I will ask.”

The Commander also took the words of the Trans-Atlantic Treaty as a matter of course.

“Woo, we’ll go together!”

The people of the eastern kingdom, who were worried about the war, were willing to join the company without missing an opportunity.

“Do what you want.”

When the permission of the Great War broke down, the troops of the Eastern Kingdom rushed to leave. ;I was always ready to leave the line at any time, and it did not take long for them to finish their preparations.

“It was an honor to fight together. ;I hope that your courage and devotion will shine brighter in the future. ”

Imperial and eastern kingdom troops left brief lines.

“Ah… ;”

The soldiers from the Central Kingdom left behind on the line of defense were devastated. ;I can not imagine that the hero who rescued the continent would leave them so coldly.

Unlike the soldiers, however, the leaders of each country were aware of some of the evasive attitudes of the Great War.

“The great war that everyone has to join forces has come to an end, and now we can no longer expect something bound together in the name of a fellow man.”

There was no grudge. ;In the first place, it was eastern man who had nothing to do with disaster that blows in the central part. ;It was grateful that such a master airbase ran to the far end and ended the disaster.

What is more, their homeland is once a side of the country, not even the enemy of the empire.

“I am just sad that there is no such article in my country.”

It was the moment when the border that I had forgotten for a while was drawn clearly in my heart again.


The return route of the Imperial Army was only calmly calm and tired of the rumors that had been heard. ;But that did not mean that the Imperial Army had flown through the flowery.

The ruins of fortress fortresses were scattered wherever they went right now, and the desolate landscape of the abandoned villages greeted them. ;It was not difficult to find a body that had been dodgy.

It was hell.

The kingdom of Tennessee, which crushed the land of the Northern cavalry, and the kingdom of Asrael, which had lost its power because of the collapse of the royal family, were no longer inhabited by mankind.

And the land where humanity disappeared would be monsters if it was originally.

However, the Imperial Army could not even see a single living monster. ;Only the dispatch of the monsters that were hastily wrapped up and did not settle was only noticeable for a while.

All of it was thanks to the Great War and his dragon.

The graceful dragon flying in the sky gracefully did not reveal or show off his existence.

But that alone was enough to get rid of all the monsters in the area.

“Unlike other kingdoms suffering from monsters, there is a reason for the empire to be peaceful.”

The commander admired the small size of the empire’s peaceful vocal cords. ;When the other soldiers looked at the sky from time to time and found that they could not hide their wonder and proudness, they could once again realize that the Great War was not only a simple word but also a guardian of a true empire.

“The empire will continue to grow even more.”

And while the Imperial army felt fullness over the grandeur and its dragon, the command of the eastern kingdom, following it, became complicated.

After the end of the war, I was able to realize that the overwhelming presence was actually an article from another country.

And their little enlightenment soon became a fear of the empire.

“From there, I will not be attacked by monsters without me.”

The march ended when the Imperial and Eastern kingdoms seemed unfinished while they were so contradictory.

“Let’s see it soon in the ecliptic.”

To reach the border of Iberia, the fierce battalion disappeared somewhere.

The remaining forces of the Imperial and Eastern kingdoms were able to arrive in Granado following the guidance of the Iberian troops who were waiting.

Granado had a large transportation fleet.

The entire continent was a monster, and the sea was not safe. ;Rather than the monsters on the ground, rumors about bigger and stronger monsters were coming from all over the place.

Nevertheless, Iberian navy had no concern for marine monsters.

People soon knew why.


Even then, a huge splash in front of the fleet leaving the harbor, and then something appeared on the scales of blue light.

“Hey, that one?”

I could not see the reality of it because it disappeared in an instant, but it was enough to know that something in the sea was just like a gold dragon of the Taegeum grandeur just by seeing what went on.

“Another dragon of the Transcendental Air, the Sovereign of the Deep Sea, was supposed to be responsible for escorting the fleet.”

The people of the eastern kingdom who listened to the Admiral of the Iberian Navy became pale faces unwittingly.


Ophelia was not satisfied with the name of the Eastern Powers. ;She was ready to submit another kingdom along the way, saying that now is the opportunity to unify the continent.

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But the continent has long been groaning in the war for so long, and she has no intention of causing another war of conquest to devastate the continent.

“If you show a gap that you can not look up, they’ll get their heads together.”

At last she had a better hand to realize the overwhelming gap between the other kingdoms.

It was Kim Sun-hyuk and his dragons.

He traveled all over the continent.

Occasionally revealing himself on the territory of the capital and lords of the kingdom, and revealing himself on the border.

Nobody could stop him and Edda. ;I just felt the helplessness of myself in front of a godless person who flew over their heads for no reason at all.

“Uh. ;I can not live in my name. ”

The king of Gryffindor was at times sickened by the appearance of the dragon that appeared above the skies of the king.

“Why! ;Three times in our kingdom when we go elsewhere! ”

The unusually frequent dragon visit was not just a coincidence.

[The empire does not forget the past.]

All of this was a retaliation for sending Ardenberg’s backstroke by sending articles from the past.

Such a matter was the same with Nauta. ;In the other kingdom, the dragon, which was the only one to appear for a while, stayed for a long time in the capital of the poisonous Nautaine.

Each time the noble nobleman of Knotten had to fall into fear when they might not be able to rebell the dragon.

‘The kingdoms of the central region are coming forward and demanding protection from the empire.’

A group of experts who flew in such a situation made them completely panic.

The kingdoms of the central part of the country are not able to overcome the ups and downs of the monsters, but they have vowed to vow to the empire.

‘Monsters in the central kingdoms are on their way to the West all together.’

The empire immediately paid for their oath. ;And with the enormous support of the empire, the central kingdoms began to regain their governance, which was surprisingly fast-paced.

Shortly afterwards, the empire absorbed most of the central region into its own territory, and several in the East received an oath of vassal from the kingdom.

It was the birth of a never-ending empire that occupied more than half of the continent except the West.

And behind all the glory of the empire was Kim Sun-hyuk.

He visited the kingdoms of hostile relations and demonstrated power, while moving around the territory of the newly incorporated empire.

It was a busy time without a bird.

“When do not go out of the ecliptic!”

I had a feeling that my wife, who was about to let herself out without a break,

[I’ve got as much room as I can for an extended period of time.]

At the end of somewhat dissatisfied Edda, Kim Sun-hyuk frowned. ;It is because she was not so tired that Ophilia, who had not been able to cope with the separation for a while longer after her life span increased, was often out of her own hands.

“It has changed! ;It’s completely changed! ”

I just missed the past that I would have lived with my mouth saying that I am sorry like a sinner.

But he complained that he fled all over the continent.

The five pieces, except for two sealed pieces and three destroyed pieces, do not know when they will appear.

[The signs of chaos are not visible any more.]

And finally, when we could not find any sign to threaten the continent, Kim ‘s flight was completely over.

“OMG! ;finished!”

But his war was over, but that did not mean that he was not done.

We had to revive the Balaur, who had been struggling with the chaos. ;The first thing we had to do was to make all the different kinds of sins and loses their power.

“Red Bull. ;It is the eye that you are watching over the empire and the continent. ”

The dragon, Red Bull, who had been robbed of his power by the sloth of sinners, was flew up to the sky.

The remaining black dragons are black worms and germanium varnish. ;Kim decided to put off treatment for them for the time being.

“I’ve worked like crazy until now, but I’m short of a hundred years.”

But his wind was something that could not be done, so there were so many places on the continent without a windy day that he needed him.

“grandee! ;Nuttene! ”

“Transit air! ;There was an unusual sign in the west … ;”

“Nomadic people in the north are South Korea with a giant wolf … ;”

Kim Seonhyeok screamed as he looked at those who were calling him without hesitation.

“Ah-oh! ;I’ll enjoy some! ”

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