Cultural Invasion In Different World

Cultural Invasion In Different World

Author:jie jie de xin niang
Chapters:1104 | 4.3


A group of gargoyles carry small benches to catch up with "Game of Thrones" day and night. Elven archdruids weep over The Tale of the Faithful Dog. Humans and dwarves fought over a legendary card in the Hearthstone Legends tavern. Even the gods themselves came to the mortal world to promote the serialization of the novel "Sherlock Holmes Mysteries". Eventually the archdruids did the business of 'one click to play Germany', and the gnomes and gnomes joined the construction of the Internet store in full. In the other world set off a cultural invasion from the Earth! PS: This time not to go by force of conquest victory, this time go cultural victory, in short, is to toss the Internet and the game is the main, shooting movies and drawing cartoons to supplement the story. PS1: Book group of friends 641081470. PS2: VIP book group of friends 653828383, into the group need to apprentice or more fan value!

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