Cultivation Chat Group

Cultivation Chat Group

Author:sheng qi shi de chuan shuo
Chapters:3188 | 4.6


One day, Song Shuhang accidentally joined an exchange group for veteran sufferers of immortal sorcerer's middle-aged disease, in which the groupmates are all referred to as 'dao friends', and the group business cards are all various house masters, cave masters, real people, and celestial masters. Even the owner of the group lost pet dog are called big demon dog away from home. Talking all day long is alchemy, breaking into the secret world, refining experience and so on. Suddenly one day, diving for a long time he suddenly found ...... group in every group member, but all are cultivators, can move mountains and reverse the sea, the kind of long life for a thousand years! Ah ah ah ah, the world view completely collapsed overnight! Book lovers group: nine continents 1 group: 207572656 nine continents 2 group: 168114177 nine continents 3 group: 165210665 (new) nine continents 1 group (VIP book lovers group, need to verify) 63769632

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