Building The Ultimate Fantasy

Building The Ultimate Fantasy

Author:li hong tian
Chapters:694 | 3.8


The young man sits in a chair, facing the sea. Holding a ray of aura, pointing to this world of waves from afar. Where is not right point where. ...... Some people had a knife into a great sound, cut the dragon, the dragon blood. Some people once like to invite to drink chicken soup, backyard keep nine phoenixes. Some people had sat on top of the mountain, mouth like a hanging river, a gas can be a million troops. Someone had a brush to move mountains and mountains, painting a pair of embroidered scrolls, can be trapped immortal gods. And that year, the spring blossom. They were just ordinary and unexceptional pig killers, smelly scholars, chicken breeders, poor painters. This is a story of transforming the Low Martial Continent into a super metaphysical fantasy world. PS: There are 6 million words finished book "Gourmet of the Other World", 3 million words fine "Dream Maker", can enter the pit ~

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