Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 99 You Owe Me 900 Nights And Owe Me Lifetime with You

GuQingPei felt like he has not slept so comfortable for a long time, the whole body was in a soft and warm environment, each toe has been completely stretched and relaxed.

That lazy comfortable feeling competing with him for self-awareness, he struggled for a long time to open his eyes.

The feeling of the body quickly homing through.

He was sleeping Next to someone!

GuQingPei suddenly sobered up, he twisted his neck painfully, saw a familiar face, thick black eyebrows, long eyelashes, tall nose , this is a look that he can never forget ......The face, but also GuQingPei used to see a variety of expressions of the face.

GuQingPei instant panicked, he looked at YuanYang face close at hand, his waist across YuanYang arm , the color of his bedspread........ how so familiar? And that ... that lamp!

GuQingPei looked up, really saw the last night, "the dream" that chandelier.

It wasn't a dream. He really woke up in his former house, as he had done many times before, in an ordinary morning embracing him.

For a moment, GuQingPei was feeling a lot of things that have caused him pain as they never happened, he just made a very long dream, wake up, YuanYang is still within reach.

YuanYang opened his eyes, dark deep pupil, blinking at him.

GuQingPei propped up his body, trying to pull away a little distance from YuanYang, but it was meaningless

YuanYang also hugged his waist.

"finally you woke up." YuanYang hand propped his head, "I have been up again in the morning, and you sleep like a pig ."

GuQingPei refused to see him actually appeared here shocked, subconsciously said " God I think i drunk too much ... ..."

"Not only drink more, last night you cried and jumped around, but also vomited on me." Although YuanYang complain about the vomit, but the mood looks good, his hand patted GuQingPei ass, Joking "I have stripped you, but looking at your virtue, i had a little appetite to fuck you."

GuQingPei heart was somewhat embarrassed, but he didn't it show up, he dumped some bloated head, and finally asked his most concerned about the issue, "Why am I here?

"Nonsense, of course I brought you back."

GuQingPei frowned, "You know what I want to ask next ."

"Oh? I don't know." YuanYang was putting such quite rogue look at him.

"How do you know I was in a hotel, how can I be in this house."

"I met you at the hotel."

"Bullshit" GuQingPei certainly doesn't believe. Already there are too many coincidences, let him begin to suspect YuanYang is following him, otherwise how he can run into YuanYang everywhere.

YuanYang sat up, exposing the upper body strong and beautiful muscles, " believe it or not."

GuQingPei took a look at his red - bare chest, quickly shut his eyes, "Well, the next question? Why am I here."

"Well, you have to thank me, I have come back from time to time to help you look at the house, yesterday's hotel is near here, of course, i took you back here, what is the problem."

GuQingPei dumb replied "I said at the time, i told you to leave the key, and don't come again."

YuanYang eyesight went dark, cold replied " did I agree?" He reached out and pinched GuQingPei's chin, "Even if I agreed, I'm taking it back"

GuQingPei opened his hand, "I am the owner of this house, and now hand over the key, but this is too much."

YuanYang smiled, "the fuck I'm gonna give."

GuQingPei frowned.

He stretched his arm a bit, then glanced at him. "Hungry?."

GuQingPei thought, "ah."

YuanYang jumped out of bed, he was in birthday suit, it seems that he is still used to sleeping completely naked.

GuQingPei didn't feel himself as a man before - seeking dissatisfaction. Once a man devoted himself to work, his sexuality-desiring needs would be much weaker. Therefore, in the two years he was in Singapore, he had been able to count on the number of self-comforts.....he even tried and venturing into the temptation of a young boys So he tried two or three times, neither let him enjoy himself, but also the act didn't let him feel satisfied, it seems like ... ... as if it was so replaceable. However, when he looked at YuanYang ..... a strong and slender body that reveal its power and beauty, and when turning around between the big two-legged guys, GuQingPei felt that the bed was a bit hot and his body had a response can not ignore...... the heat.

YuanYang seemed to feel his gaze, he turned his head, squinted at him.

GuQingPei shrugged and tried to project a calm attitude, "You don't wear clothes, I don't see a growth on you"

YuanYang eyebrows went up

"are you hard?"

GuQingPei smiled

"You want more vomit ?."

YuanYang looked at him mockingly, then continue to go out, passing the bathroom, he pulled out a towel around the waist, which let GuQingPei feel relieved.

GuQingPei also climbed up after YuanYang was out of the bedroom, he opened the cloakroom door, looking for a set of clothes to wear, but stared at the clothes neatly arranged inside .....they belonged to him and YuanYang .

His hand moved gently over familiar clothes, fingers trembling uncontrollably.

There seems to be no change in this home when he left, and even many details reveal that the house has been carefully managed.

He pulled out a set of casual clothes and put it on his body, then quickly walked out of the cloakroom and closed the door.

YuanYang, what are you thinking about.?

GuQingPei had to adjust his emotions, wash his face walked to the bathroom brush his teeth, when the wash is completed, YuanYang also opened the door, "breakfast is ready and hot, come out to eat."

GuQingPei stood at the door looking at him, but the body is a bit stiff.

YuanYang frowned "You are not hungry?"

"Hm ..." GuQingPei secretly clenched his fist, forcing himself with all his mind power to forget previous overlapping of the normalcy picture .

Always remembering the past, what is the point?

He walked to the living room, watching the familiar objects in this house, the kind of familiar feeling instantly surrounded GuQingPei body, memories of every cell filled his body, made him avoid evasion.

GuQingPei suddenly blew some anger, he looked cold raw, "You bringing me here, what exactly does it mean?"

YuanYang sat on the self-serving table, drank a soy milk, and then exposed a sneer, "I want to know, when we first lived together here, how many memories do you remember ?."

"Its all forgotten." GuQingPei looked straight into his eyes.

He took GuQingPei spoon slightly to the left of the bowl and then gently put the spoon into the bowl, the action is light it didnt even make a little voice, he looked at GuQingPei with deep eyes as if he can see into his soul , he said "I will make you remember"

GuQingPei suddenly shouted

"What's the meaning of this you motherfucker... What are you trying to do! If you want to sleep with me.... I'll sleep with you now, and then you make sure you don't come to bother me! Never again appear in front of me! Beijing city is so big, Chang'an Avenue has ten lanes, there is always one where we can not touch! There is one we don't have to see each other's! Can you let me go ?....Can you let it go! "

GuQingPei emotions erupted without any indication, even his own mouth he can not control, he just felt something in the body was lit, bursting, all the negative emotions poured out, he even couldn't control his feet which knocked the the small glass steel table to turned over, soy milk and other food spilled over.

YuanYang is still sitting in a chair, staring GuQingPei, eyes filled with bloodshot eyes.

"Out, get out! Two years, its been two years, what do you want! You just can not see I have a stable life, you have made a little girlfriend this life is smooth, you still come to provoke me, I GuQingPei owe you what? You fucking say it, I owe you what? because of you i lost my job, lost friends, so far my photos may also be in the computer like a time bomb hanging on my neck, I was forced to leave Beijing city to go abroad, I have been forced to be away from you, what do i still owe you????you asshole!!!!"

Things came pouring out of the box, there are direct drifting to GuQingPei feet, GuQingPei bowed his head and looked at the pile of photos on the ground.

All of him, at least two or three hundred, are pictures of him while in Singapore, and some of them he can not even remember where and when it was.

Those picture are scattered between him and YuanYang, forming a seemingly short pathway, but there are numerous obstacles on the road.

GuQingPei head down, his body constantly shaking.

YuanYang was pointing at those photos, with his body trembling and said "GuQingPei, you owe me two and a half years , you owe me more than 900 days and nights, also you owe me a lifetime when you dare to throw me away, you dared to act with indifferent and throw me out of your life as if am a motherfucking dog ..... I have been waiting for you, I have been fucking waiting for you, I could not go looking for you, I was afraid If I saw you, I will not come back without you, by that time you will me too for being too weak, I don't like being useless, I am strong enough now, do you think I will let you go? I want you to regret leaving me, I want you to never turn in my palm! "

GuQingPei looked up, looked blankly at YuanYang , whispered "YuanYang ..... you have not had any guilty about me?"

YuanYang hand clenched into fists, "I am willing and ready to compensate you, but you don't want to give me a chance."

"There is no more chance."

"I was looking for you to forgive me before you left, but then I found out that you've not blamed me for not focusing on you... you just don't want me anymore. "

YuanYang eyes glistened with a trembling voice "You just don't want me, from that moment on, I can not wait to strangle you, GuQingPei, how long have you left me, I ... hate you for that long."

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