Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 98 Memories Never Fade

YuanYang seemed to think that he had played enough with Gu, he loosened his grip force on GuQingPei's hand.

GuQingPei decided to now leave...... he opened the door and left.

Finally getting rid of YuanYang, he came out of the conference room and a looked around....the tea break has long been over, the auction has started again, he could vaguely hear the voice of the bidder bidding price. He stood outside for a few hesitations and decided not to go in.

YuanYang stood behind him, whispered sarcastically, " why don't you go in and see how your brother bid ?"

GuQingPei picked up the coffee he didn't finish, the waiter had not had time to clean up the coffee cup, he took a sip, took coffee cup and sat to the sofa, whispered

" i don't think about it, he will not make his own loss.

"You really have confidence in him." YuanYang hated this praise for WangJing..... He really wanted to strangle WangJing.

GuQingPei oblique glanced at him, "You don't go in?"

YuanYang didn't intend to go in, but sat down across from him, slender fingers tapping the table gently, " looking at your cumming face also made me satisfied with the share of chaos today, I won't fight with him for that piece of land, i don't want to let you go down with a lot of pain."

GuQingPei raised his wrist and looked at the time, the auction is expected to have half an hour till it ends, he didn't want to stay here with YuanYang cold stare, YuanYang irony, but also he wanted to turn a deaf ear to everything else.

He stood up. "My time is precious, and its not for wrangling with you. You stay, I'll go first."

YuanYang gave a low smiles " finished with your ass and you want to leave, you really haven't change as before."

GuQingPei was subconsciously pulling at his empty front, think of that tie which is still in YuanYang pants pocket drenched in his bleachy white cock ejaculate.....he felt his scalp go. He didn't go back downstairs.

After sitting in the car for a while he sent a text message to WangJing, telling WangJing that he was going to go ahead of time, and then he shut down the phone, leaving only a small business phone.

He knew that WangJing would surely ask him what he had talked about after the auction ended and he didn't want to bother to reply.

He walked around in a distracted manner in the city, returned to his home, talked to his assistant on the phone about the latest developments, and worked at home.

In the next few days, the mortgage loan was connected to more bad news. GuQingPei's pressure capacity was revealed at this time. When he received many negative news in one day, it ate his sleep, and when he was awake, he worked extra hours.

On this day, approaching get off work, GuQingPei held a small meeting to discuss on the next funding schedule.

"WeiSui project we will soon need to sign the contract, and once the contract has been signed, the funds must be in place within three days, but the money hasn't passed, the company accounts are basically empty, Gu, what should we do at the moment?

GuQingPei pushed the glasses, his eyes sweeping the document calmly, a long while before issuing a single syllable "drag."


"Yes, banks drag us, we drag the other side of the project, if we don't sign the contract, we don't pay."

"What is reason we going give?"

GuQingPei looked up, glanced at them, and then gently point his head, laughed "Think about it."

Several people looked at each other, all thinking about it.

GuQingPei also pondered that as he quickly passed through several reasons in his mind but none of them seemed sufficient to allow the other side to doubt their cooperation sincerity without payment. After all, the intention part of the contract has been signed, the other side has stopped looking for other buyers, if they can not pay within the agreed time, the other party may sue for breach of contract. But that project is big fat block, the ever-changing price, many people envy it.

Finally, the legal director said "Gu, I'd do something about the terms of the contract, but in that case, it is easy to hurt the feelings of partners."

"Yes, the contract has been negotiated countless times, if this time of regret we go back to negotiations, it will have an impact on our reputation, it is possible for them to assume that the cooperation failed." Another manager also echoed this.

GuQingPei narrowed his eyes, swept over those almost familiar terms, a long while, he whispered "I will pretend to be sick."

"Ah?" The presence of people looked at GuQingPei in surprised, they didn't expect GuQingPei to came up with such ideas, they thought he was joking.

GuQingPei 's expression is not at all joking, though he is really laughing on the inside. "In my previous company there was this time when I needed to sign the contract. When I was sick, I dragged for one or two weeks and it was normal. What are the excuses for this festival? Playing weak cards can do the trick, and even if they know we are in short supply of funds, they can not morally force us to sign contract this time. "

"Gu, your idea is really ... ... have to say you are bold."

GuQingPei joked "don't tout me, if this trick is known, it can be shameful, and this is the last resort, I can not control so much of it, as long as its useful on the line. Xiao Zhao, this time you as soon as possible try to contact a strong buyer, if the other side of the bank really can not get us the money, we will sell the piece of land. "

Few people faces were sad.

The value of the land is very impressive, they intended to use it themselves, but now the company is short of money, it is helpless but to sell it.

"Well, just want to sell it before its loose its value, it is not difficult to find them now."

"So its decided, Ah Wu, you go with the people on the other side of the WeiSui and tell them that I'm hospitalized cause of infectious disease, a little name, and that i need at least a week to rest at home that I can not see people, and then I go home for a sick leave .... Go ahead, "

said GuQingPei really got up," Wu Zong, on the bank side .....continue to follow up, don't let up, we can not give up. "


GuQingPei really went back home. In fact, going to the company has little impact on his work, he is outside for more than half of the time

Face entertainment.

In the evening, the secretary called him and said a director of the Environment Bureau had time to eat with him tonight. GuQingPei knew about this person for about a long time, and the former vice president is a college classmate, although it is said that for many years they had no contact, GuQingPei also still want to try to reestablished a connection.

After finishing this incident, the secretary said again "Gu, today someone came to the company to find you."

"YuanYang is that young man?"

"Yes, he is tall."

"What was he looking for?"

"He said ... " The little secretary seems to feel a bit embarrassed.

"Say what?"

"He said ... your tie fell on him and was sent to you."

GuQingPei some annoyed, "boring.... ignore him."

Small secretary shouted "Yes, I said you are gone, he left."

GuQingPei lowered his voice, "don't say this thing to anyone, do you know?"

Secretary nervous, "Gu you rest assured!"

After hanging up the phone, GuQingPei changed clothes, drove to the agreed hotel.

He got the phone call of YuanYang halfway there.


YuanYang voice is full of male charisma sounded on the other end of the phone.

"I went to your company today and wanted to give your tie back to you. As a result, you are not there ......such a let down."

GuQingPei cold face, "You get a trash bin ....throw it, its just out of date, I don't want it."

YuanYang low laughed "But I want to give it back to you, it is also covered with the Gu cum , so I can't just be throwing it everywhere, I always think it is a thing."

"Throw it." GuQingPei aggravate tone.

"I'm reluctantly, as soon as I saw it, I remembered how thin your waist was. I could live with one arm and take care of hot your skin was, it looks quite horny.

GuQingPei was silently listening to YuanYang words of sexual harassment, until YuanYang finished, he said "YuanYang I'm not into this, I am really sorry."

"You really feel embarrassed, let me tell you about the last time."

GuQingPei mocked "You wait."

YuanYang smiled twice, "Yes, listening to your secretary saying that you are sick? I hear your voice you sound sober."

"I am not always concerned about the labor, and I have something to be busy about, if you would like to be a chicken all day long - doing that thing, be of a less bother me?"

YuanYang laughed.

GuQingPei hung up the phone, irritably threw the phone below the seat.

Evening dinner came and seven or eight individuals, several are northwest, GuQingPei to see their alcohol to be posture, knowing that today's tonight driving is inevitable, he gave his driver a text message, so that drivers would come two hours later to the hotel to pick him up.

Then he bite his bullet and decided to drink with these people.

However, since he was promoted to executive level, the number of "drunken" people gatherings has dropped significantly. Especially in Singapore during the two years where there was no urge to drink alcohol. He rarely drank for a few times. During this trip, he ran into such a battle, sometime really some parry drunk games.

A meal they ate for nearly three hours, he accompanied the group of northwestern men bragging about the North China Sea, a few glasses of wine passed, all the brothers, GuQingPei has been trying to keep a sober mind, trying to make the director and his X line vice president of the relationship dredge, that director of high drinking, the answer is also very good, as follow-up how, have to continue to promote it by drinking.

After a round of not easy to drink .....about everyone, they had to disband.

GuQingPei was almost paralyzed in the chair, he didn't stand up for a long time, he could not find the North side he was drunk confused, and that is dead drunk, but he was still aware, but almost impossible to think about anything else.

He don't know for how long he felt asleep quickly, suddenly a strong arm held him, pulled him up and walked with him downstairs.

He vaguely felt that this person should be the driver of his company, but he remembered that the driver is almost as high as him, thinner than he was, the frame he was feeling was such a person's shoulder so high, and very thick, very strong , he can not think of the skinny kid being so energetic ah.

GuQingPei opened his eyes in mid chaos and found himself only to see a shadow man, he is clinging to the same man as a mud of mud, eyelid straight sagging....he really could not hold up, gradually he lost consciousness.

GuQingPei that night wake up intermittently many times.

The first time he felt himself lying on a soft bed, particularly comfortable, especially warm. After that, he felt something wet rubbing his face, his neck, his chest. After that, he felt all the clothes that bound him were gone, and he never felt so relaxed.

Today's drinking wine is a good wine, drink more than the usual, but still drunk, the feeling of being treated as soft as lying in the cotton, let become more relax and more comfortable.

He opened his eyes again and saw a very familiar object, it was a chandelier. The chandelier, he watched it for a long time, he was desperately searching for memory in this style of chandelier, he knew the chandelier belongs to him, belongs to a room of his lamp.

Then he remembered it. It was the lamp in the bedroom of the house where YuanYang lived with him. Yes, it was the lamp of the bedroom. He spent over 600,000 yuan to have it sent from Hong Kong and he always liked it. On many occasions, when YuanYang man fucked him mad and Gu was on his back legs spread with YuanYang pressing hard in him, he would occasionally open his eyes and see the chandelier above his head in the fast lust -infested space. This chandelier runs through all his mad or warm memories with him .

He almost forgot about it.

Almost ...

GuQingPei feels good that he reached out to grab the chandelier, in fact, he didn't know that they didn't stretch out, his nose full of sour muttering saying "forgot ... ... almost forgot ... ..."

Almost forgetting, he and YuanYang had so many memories of his heart in this room.

***some people shouldn't drink at all***

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