Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 96 [yy]...if You Talk to Wang.... I'sll Kiss You Right Here....dare Me

The first auction is of a small asset package sold by Cinda Asset, which has three non-performing assets. Two of the items are related to agricultural planting. Although one of them has land, it is agricultural land and commercial Little value, starting price of 300,000.

This time to participate in the auction will also have a total of seven or eight companies, for this first small profit margins of the auction, only two people raised placards.

GuQingPei had rivals on both sides, he didn't move. He tried to get his body forward, his back straight. If he leans on a chair, he will be squeezed between YuanYang and WangJing, and forced to rub shoulder with them. The auctioneer's seats are spacious, even if the three men sat together the wide shoulders are not supposed to be crowded with each other, so GuQingPei doesn't know whether it is intentional or unintentional, and both of them are slightly tilting toward him.....god can this get any weirder....

So it caused such a funny scene.

Soon the second auction started this has some value, involves two millions of land exchange rights contract, but the risk is not small, after all, when the government can actually deliver these rights contracts, completely is unknown, WangJing said softly "GuQingPei, what do you think about this?"

GuQingPei thought, " i heard the rumors before, saying that the government had decided to honor the agreement, but six months later, the government was affected by the newer regulation of real estate, bank loans which are not on the land couldn't get the rights contracts, two years I estimate There will not be any change, but these rights contracts can be resold, but that profit margins will be too small, there is no value of buying operation. "

"My idea is similar, but the price is really cheap ... ..."

This round, WangJing and YuanYang still are not asking price.

From time to time when YuanYang was diagonally looking GuQingPei and WangJing turned their heads, their eyes cold as the March river , he suddenly reached out and took the GuQingPei's shoulder.

GuQingPei surprised a moment, turned and looked at him.

Although there are still people behind the two, but just hug their shoulders, is a normal gesture between men, this close, no one will think about it, so YuanYang naturally arranged GuQingPei body to nest closer to his side , bowed his head close to GuQingPei's ears, "If you talk to him and look at him, I will fucking kiss you right fucking here on the spot, Dare me."

GuQingPei face changed.

YuanYang patted his shoulder, joking "don't misunderstand, even if I'm tired of eating my things, I don't want to see my disgusting people touching them."

Having said that, he released his hand, sat up straight body it looks from an outsider, as if they say a few words in secret.

WangJing didn't hear what they say, but can discern by looking at the chilled expression of GuQingPei, it certainly was not good words.

GuQingPei believed that this fucker next to him that is YuanYang can do that kind of rogue thing to him, he didn't want to challenge YuanYang he didn't want to test the angry ruffian brat, so he did the next best thing.....he just backed away in silence.

However, YuanYang was feeling intensified his hand stretched out from below the armrests connected between the two seats then he grabbed GuQingPei's hand.

GuQingPei was surprised, instinctively he wanted to retract his hand but he simply could not move, YuanYang strength now was multiplied and that was not a good thing, he has learned the power of YuanYang can be really strong in many ways.

GuQingPei turned and looked at YuanYang with a glance, lowered his voice "let fucking go."

YuanYang was grinning eyes have been looking in front, basically ignoring Gu futile attempts

The two men's hands held tightly under the armrests. Although the air conditioning in the house is very full, but GuQingPei felt his palms quickly sliming up with buckets of sweat.

YuanYang gently rubbed his fingers with his thumb and pointed his middle finger at the palm of GuQingPei.

GuQingPei's Adam's apple climb up and down very agitated, trying to handle it but his hand can not be pumped back, but he is also worried about other people seeing them... he had some difficult to focus on the auction stage, unknowingly, the third kind of auction items are traded.

GuQingPei seeing indelible, and he finally simply gave up the secret wrestling with YuanYang , YuanYang grabbed his hand, forced him to feel the power and temperature of YuanYang blood.

When he stopped struggling, he felt that the hand he had held had the unusually geothermal heat, the power of YuanYang blessing on him didn't hurt him...but he felt a sense of depth. GuQingPei felt a strange kind of strange illusion, as if two hands were so close together, he can feel each other's pulse, and then feel each other's heartbeat.

That moment was very powerful.

GuQingPei reluctantly moved his attention back from the hands of the auction stage, as it has been to a small high-tide of the auction, that WangJing is very much wanting a profit margin from this asset package.

Everyone is not a fool, eyes are up.

Sure enough, just as it started the auction, the bottom of the crowd on a wave of wave began bidding, the starting price is 1.2 million, the price range is 50,000, WangJing had an opening, added to two million.

At the moment, YuanYang also raised the brand, adding 800,000 more.

YuanYang and WangJing looked at each other, the smell of gunpowder in the air filled up. Although GuQingPei is also very envious of this asset package, but he didn't have the money to buy, he still got caught in the middle of the two, listening to the left and right ....his ears continue to receive the asking price of information, the two kept pushing to the end, to the last left They are competing.

When called 3.5 million, people on the pitch started to watch them in a good mood.

Although this asset package profit margin are large, but its also associated with high risk, more than three million people discouraged, knowing that people wanted to see that between these two people who is better, it is rather a rare scene. Even if YuanYang is fledgling who would do such a reckless foolish thing, WangJing is not going to be accompanied by his nonsense character, the man has always upheld the principle of maximizing the interests of the project affection aside.

GuQingPei watched WangJing, gently pulled at his clothes.

WangJing was stunned, and then glanced at GuQingPei, then revealed a somewhat embarrassed smile telling him it was pointless to go against YuanYang, WangJing hung down the sign.

WangJing gave up the auction, YuanYang with 3.5 million price captured the asset package.

The representatives of the crowd of onlookers were disappointed. They expected the two people to make persistent efforts to create an outrageous auction price so that they would have the next few days to talk about it. The result was contained in the unrelenting price of 3.5 million yuan.

WangJing today lost this asset package, but a land, he didn't intend to waste too much energy in the fight with YuanYang , that makes no sense, but just for a moment, he pursued GuQingPei and failed .....frustration was the driving force he especially wanted to go head to head with YuanYang.

He really didn't think he was at this age, but also in the company when such a feeling lost on doing business.

However, he is also fortunate to be sober in time and has a bottom line price for his target parcel. If he exceeded this price, he absolutely will not compete with YuanYang one, after all, it makes no sense.

However, he didn't follow YuanYang ruin prodigal son, he still has another way to mess with YuanYang till that brat felt shame, in order to vent his anger.

After the auction of the asset package was completed, the auction house organized a coffee break. GuQingPei immediately stood up. WangJing held his hand on his back and laughed " lets go out and have a cup of coffee."

YuanYang stared them for a while, also followed stood up, with a few subordinates going out.

Coffee break was arranged outside the auction hall, WangJing and GuQingPei stood at the round table, WangJing's secretary poured them two cups of coffee, took some refreshments of fruit, both while were eating while talking about just a few auction items value, and began to guess what the next land auction would be.

Talked for a few minutes, GuQingPei suddenly said "Wang Ge, its fortunately you didn't follow YuanYang bickering, it does not make any sense."

WangJing blinked his eyes, "I just had a little anger and really want to do guns shootout with him in the end, but then you dragged me, I was awake , Oh, let you see a joke."

"Where, then, that person has never forgiven, no need to go on this bickering with him."

"As Gu has said .....yes, I always don't forgive, you don't generally knowingly mess with me, but I don't want to tell you the general knowledge, how do you say it? "

YuanYang voice of the shady sound behind the two sounded.

GuQingPei looked very calm, he looked at the reflection from the coffee spoon, YuanYang came to their space.

WangJing bitterly said "YuanYang makes the whole area feel like total wealthy atmosphere"

YuanYang didn't ignore him, from standing next to GuQingPei he turned around, "What are you doing today? No money? Pure make fun?"

"Green Pei deliberately stopped me." WangJing looked at GuQingPei seeing a smile, "I will pay him tonight with a meal"

YuanYang shrinked a bit, sneered "If the king went back to the sky today, I don't think there is a mood to eat."

"Want me to go back blank, but also have to see if I have that strength next to the piece of high-speed, I am determined to win."

"Aspirant?" YuanYang mockery said "I wasn't very interested in that piece of land, but the king said he wanted so , I suddenly quite wanted it also."

GuQingPei frowned, "YuanYang prince, you didn't grow? You raise the price of each other, confused and lose, the ultimate benefit is to the seller, what is the point?"

"I am happy," YuanYang shyly said.

Although this thing does not have much to do with himself, but he and WangJing is also a friend who he would save at any cost, WangJing has repeatedly helped him, in love or with reason, he could not watch two people get angry at the auction. In the end no matter which side wins, at least more into the millions, then the shoddy banknote thrown so thinly, when he was looking for money made him more distressed

Moreover, YuanYang has had it for WangJing, WangJing for two years went against YuanYang,

WangJing brought a lot of trouble from GuQingPei, after all, he also can not get away he think so, he is somewhat guilty about WangJing.

He drank coffee, whispered "YuanYang come here please, I want talk to you alone."

WangJing hand came out to stop him, GuQingPei raised his hand, "Wang Ge, you really have to throw money into the white, it would be better to lend me." He didn't wait for WangJing response, has turned his head, "please."

YuanYang chest puffed looked at him for two seconds, followed him into the auction room next to a small lounge in advance.

As soon as the door to the lounge closed, he held GuQingPei to the wall by holding his shoulder.

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