Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 95 Auctions ....caught In Between

GuQingPei and his chief financial officer could fully understand the situation, his heart felt even more suffocated.

In order to get this loan, they just spent more than 200,000 yuan on public relations fees, and they spent most of their time on a vice president in charge of financing the X line. They didn't expect that the old boy would be rather unkind. He was transferred to another area but was still patting the chest with his assurance that there will be no problem, he took the money ...he also took the wine and drank till he got fat , by the time he was transferred to elsewhere they had to let it go.

In his early forties, the newly appointed vice governor was a returnees doctor. People wanting the future, cash attractive to him is not that big, so when he assumes office, either for his own consideration or for being rigorous , He recalled back several of the most recent mortgages he was working on and order them to be re-audited.

This move should not be aimed at them, only to find some of their projects had lack of proper conditions, these deficiencies could have been very good cover, if the previous vice governor was not transferred.

So right now in of such a problem, it gave him a massive headache.

His company is really waiting for money right now, and a project needs to be launched next month they will almost run out of cash flow from the company, and if the money is not paid before the end of the month, the company faces a rupture in the funding chain, they can take their own money to fill the gap, though it is not a disaster that can not be solved, but GuQingPei still hoped to avoid it, because avoiding paying for it that way is too passive.

GuQingPei met a project manager at the finance department at a cafe across the street opposite headquarters of X-Line. The guy had a good relationship with him and he had been working with him for several years. He had been working very well to find him the best understanding of the situation.

Sure enough, with GuQingPei had guessed that almost, the newly appointed vice president as soon as he took office put several files back up and rehearsed, apparently he was a very cautious person, and pulling the details are particularly strict, in order to pass that level, he was afraid he would have to do lot of the work again.

The project manager also said that the recent state policies on the introduction of real estate hit the industry particularly at large, and now the land that can not be sold, poor sales of housing, many people choose to use the land as a collateral to cash from the bank, so this time, like to get loans in these times it was particular difficult, because the money flow is too much unstable.

Extrapolation from that long story short , they are unlikely to get the money.

GuQingPei had some frustration, but this setback does not affect his ability to judge, he immediately found someone on the deputy governor conducted a survey to see where to he can start with him.

After the conversation, he also rushed to see a man, called a number of subordinates in the car, account for a lot of work, let them act in many ways, make every effort.

After the call, GuQingPei breath didn't let up, he leaned back on the car seat closed eyes to think.

Finance Director looked GuQingPei the same, smile "Gu, you worked hard."

GuQingPei half-opened his eyes and smiled, "as it should be. don't be discouraged ah, ah, financing take the lead let's find a positive point, the company has just started, any of these encountered problems are reasonable, the difficulties of steps will always be with us , to forge ahead we have to fully believe in ourself. "

"don't worry."

At night he and the driver casually found a place to eat a working meal, while they were eating , WangJing called, is to give the news....bad one

GuQingPei reluctantly said "You're good enough with this news."

"It must be ah, I don't know how to do business in that department. I am looking for someone here to find you, but I heard that guy is transferred from the west over there, the organization does not depend very much on here, its not necessarily I can find an acquaintance, let me see. "

"OK, thank you, brother."

WangJing smiled, "I also heard that you met with YuanYang privately?"

GuQingPei frowned, "How do you know this?"

"YuanYang said to me personally, I'm afraid I had a grudge against him when I sent that photo to him." Last night I met him at Minister Chen's dinner. "

GuQingPei whispered "What are you talking about?"

"There's nothing to say, both of us have not dealt with it, and for two years, it has been that way, and the public auction on the last block has been put on hold."

GuQingPei reluctantly said "It's hard for you."

"Nothing. I have more headaches, not worse than that. If its about the financing, or the lack of money, I wish i can help you, but my company is now experiencing cash flow problems, I can only borrow you one or two million, no more. "

GuQingPei said "Wang Ge, you have enough justification, I thank you in advance, but until the last moment I will not give up, I am still more inclined to solve the problem on my own."

"I understand that we should work harder, and hopefully still a big deal ... hey, yes, do you want to come to the auction?"


"I just told you the auction, this Friday, the size of the auction. There are three pieces of land, and eleven asset packages, to be honest, I want each, but the funds are limited, coupled with YuanYang ..... that kid is on my behind barking, my conservative estimate this time is that i can win at most two good blocks , but only if they are good things, you have a look, I can introduce a few people to you, you need relationships.

GuQingPei hesitated a moment, not yet open to the idea, WangJing said "You are afraid YuanYang will come ?."

Even GuQingPei really have this consideration, can not be demonstrated, he laughed "Where's the word, I'm just thinking about Friday there is nothing further for me to see to.... that can't be seconded to another person ."

WangJing laughed "Oh? Are you doing something?"

GuQingPei said "Something .....but also I can have it pushed , I really want to see this auction."

WangJing mocked "You can also take a look at the way, YuanYang that boy how he is become the cause of much of my grievances."

On Friday, GuQingPei didn't bring drivers, he drove to the auction.

Their company now has only two drivers, executives, including the boss, are not equipped with full-time drivers, as a start-up phase this way they can can save the money, GuQingPei was still very much like to show off to the people, but for now in light of this he can't .

GuQingPei walked into the auction scene seeing WangJing has come, he walked to say hello then he sat next to WangJing.

People who participated in the auction came in succession one after another. A moment later, the door burst into turmoil and GuQingPei turned around and he saw YuanYang .

YuanYang was followed behind with at least three people, all suits and ties, full of powerful business aura, several people stood up at that time, flocked to the door to greet him.

At this time YuanYang looked up and looked at GuQingPei seating not far away, his eyes were sharp and cold.

GuQingPei just faintly glanced at him, then removed his gaze to reading the auction parcels and assets related information package.

A princeling party which sat beside WangJing whispered softly in WangJing 's ear and said "This little ruffian is actually quite capable and is now dog - like.

Although the sound is very low, GuQingPei still heard them clearly.

In the past, people in the QuanZ with a deep voice capital circle, thought that out of YuanYang family came this rude soldier ruffian with a weird mentality, now no one will think of YuanYang the man who he is today, the natural envy is a cause for soreness.

GuQingPei mouth was with a touch of indifference smile, he could feel that WangJing was watching his reaction, but he didn't respond.

After a while, GuQingPei heard the sound of footsteps progressing around him. When he turned his head, he saw the leader of YuanYang clan heading towards him and then standing in front of him. The tall figure covered the light of head GuQingPei .

"Really clever ah, Gu Zong" YuanYang hands were in his pocket, looked down at him, the attitude is quite arrogant.

GuQingPei thought for a moment that he would like to stand up or was to sit still, he just ended up chuckling "Indeed, YuanYang is everywhere."

WangJing narrowed his eyes and looked at two people, said coolly "YuanYang , you're blocking my light, it is better to sit down."

YuanYang turned to WangJing ,as if he has just seen him, "Oh, this is not the king of you, here this is Xue president?

WangJing nearly called YuanYang a small ruffian that person with a skin deep smile and he didn't stand up and laugh, with YuanYang or shake his hands he only observed GuQingPei.

YuanYang unceremoniously sat around GuQingPei conspired his lips near to Gu ear throwing the heat at his body "WangJing is considerably everywhere these days" his tone revealed a dangerous atmosphere....a charged dog looking to reclaim his bone barring his teeth blood pumping red.

GuQingPei gave a light chuckle "YuanYang your vision is really wide."

"You are right, I made a mistake some time ago and decided to change, who was it told me that I was your man !!!."

WangJing clenched his fist, squinting staring at YuanYang..... he heard YuanYang provocation words and that provocative look, it is his red - naked self he felt ridiculed.

GuQingPei ignored him, he just sat up straight, try to distance himself from him and looked at the front.

The staff is making the final preparations for the auction, and after a while, the auction begins.

***you know what to do***

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