Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 93 You Were Never Gone....awkward Dinner

GuQingPei calmed down, the elevator door that has been closed..... automatically opened, he was looking at YuanYang, said "Go out."

"You still owe me a meal. Now lets go to my house and you will cook.

GuQingPei smiled sarcastically, "YuanYang, what are you trying to do? You already have a little girlfriend, you also say will get entangled with me, I go to your house to cook for you? Do you think it is suitable?"

" If you don't go in today, the next time I go to your company it will get messy, anyway, this meal if you do not meet with me now... I can count it as you owing me. "

GuQingPei narrowed his eyes and suddenly laughed a little bit, "Do you want to go to bed with me?" Although he was obviously old, and was he still a bit curious, is it?

His lips slightly shook his lips, and withstood the choking sensation, he stretched his hand to squeeze GuQingPei's chin and said softly "Yes."

"Unfortunately, I don't want to, what are you going to do? Strong - rape me? As before?"

YuanYang bite bit his teeth, "Do you think I'm an angel? What kind of young and beautiful men and women wanted me....Have I looked at any?"

GuQingPei heart burned fiery, he grinned,

"I only wanted your assurance on assured, let's go, I'll cook for you, then i won't owe you this ". He lifted his foot across the elevator.

YuanYang clenched his fist, restraining the dark impulse in his body telling him to do sinister things.

YuanYang home lighting is very good, walking into the living room, you see the sun sprinkled oak white floor....the room looked warm and bright.

GuQingPei slender fingers inserted - into the tie knot, chin slightly raised, he gently ripped the tie, the perfect profile with the side profile with casual action, is a revealing fatal sexy move , YuanYang looked at him, actually he could not wait to strip his whole body and taste the heavens.

GuQingPei folded the tie then tightened his pants pocket, and then pull up the sleeves of the shirt, "where is the kitchen I have work to do."

YuanYang didn't speak, he walked followed by GuQingPei into the kitchen.

GuQingPei pulled ingredients out from the refrigerator , he went to cooking skillfully , he has his back to YuanYang, without saying a word.

YuanYang to leaned on the door, watching GuQingPei's back, then looked.

He felt GuQingPei turning around the next second, Gu turned around and smiled and said to him "go get the fish up."

If this was a perfect moment he should have walked toward his man, holding the waist of GuQingPei from behind, putting his face on his shoulder and saying he didn't want to eat fish.

Then they'd talk loving words and all that nonsense.

But he knows that is impossible.

Ever since the day that man abandoned him, those scenarios were no longer possible.

He was staring at the back of GuQingPei, his eyes crimson red.

GuQingPei head was down, looking at the chopped green onion in his hand, he can feel the eyes at starring at his back , the line of sight is like infused with temperature, it burned his back with naughty thoughts.... slowly ignoring the focus of a knife chopping he cut down his finger.... bleeding the blood.

GuQingPei instinctively gently flicked, then blankly extended his finger under the tap, rushed washing it with water.

The wound does not seem shallow, washed for a while it was still bleeding.

Pain didn't feel so much, but the blood flow is not good when he was cutting vegetables.

He just wanted to find something to hold down, YuanYang has grasped his hand, "You sucker? Water is going to stop the bleeding?"

GuQingPei withdrew his hand, holding the wound with a tissue, "a second cut."

YuanYang hand tightened around his waist.

GuQingPei body subconsciously curved.

YuanYang hand fixed on his waist, staring at him coldly, in GuQingPei glances under the horizon, he untied his apron, set it upon himself,

" go to the the living room ."

GuQingPei was stunned, seeing YuanYang had turned to start cutting vegetables, a lot of action .....more neat than him.

GuQingPei saw YuanYang shadow of the back for a while, his heart filled with a soreness.

In the back of the busy kitchen was YuanYang, this man can not be erased in memory of this living life picture.

He didn't think he'd had a chance to see it.

In his stunned time, YuanYang suddenly stopped the action, looked at him sideways, a tall and clear outline of the nose clearly visible.

GuQingPei dropped his eyes and turned to walk to the living room.

After a while the meals are served.

GuQingPei looked at YuanYang appearance of the way he walked in and out, he can not stand such a feeling like yesterday returned to the atmosphere, he decided to opening "This is what you have to do, I turned back and I owe you a meal. YuanYang hand went stiff , then he looked up, sneered "You owe me, even worse than this meal?"

GuQingPei frowned, "YuanYang, don't talk nonsense, when have I ever owed you anything."

YuanYang looked at him sharply, "I will let you know sooner or later."

GuQingPei face was fuming. Does YuanYang thinks it does not make any sense for anyone who owes money to the old man? If so, what should he quantify it with? He simply wanted to write a clean slate, he does not want to constant live in the past.

But he didn't think that YuanYang actually dare to owe him? Slippery is the way of the world.

YuanYang put all the dishes and chopsticks on the table and with the tone of the order he said "eat."

GuQingPei bite his teeth and sat at the table.

Two people sitting face to face, far from each other but GuQingPei can clearly see YuanYang skin in detail, tight degree.

This is really the status of young people, GuQingPei could not help but think.

He remembered the words of YuanYang this day, saying he was "obviously old" and he felt a little funny. He is already thirty-four years old, of course he will be old, and will continue to be older every year.

YuanYang is in his prime, with the accumulation of age, experience, get rid of the young green moods ....he's becoming and more attractive.

No wonder YuanYang began to despise him.

GuQingPei laughed at himself and began to eat.

YuanYang said "Tell me what you have been doing these two years."

GuQingPei paused, with an exceptionally calm tone they talked about his work in Singapore.

Listening and hearing YuanYang , suddenly asked "You and WangJing what of it?" He has tried to make his tone soundless, but could not resist his body trembled slightly.

If he heard the answer he didn't want to hear ...

GuQingPei lightly said "that's not appropriate."

For the past two years, he has actually been looking for someone to watch GuQingPei and monitor GuQingPei's actions, it was all under his noses, but he still wants to hear GuQingPei's argument, wondering what else is that he may have missed.

GuQingPei faintly said "nothing to do with you."

YuanYang chest rise an unnamed fire, he satirically said "you don't have to say I can guess, there is soo much gossip Gu Gu, how could i be idle."

GuQingPei gave a noncommittal shrug, how much he "idle" two years he knew, he also knew that YuanYang certainly was not idle.

But what does this mean?

GuQingPei's indifferentism to YuanYang was more of an annoying, he put up with it for two years, restrained himself for two years, in order to be able to meet him today with a strong attitude, GuQingPei who with whom these two years, he has been deliberately avoided problem.

But these problems he had to face sooner or later, especially when GuQingPei has been living in front of him, not just a candid photo, he wants to know more clearly.

But he knows, GuQingPei wouldn't bother to tell him.

It does not matter, he sooner or later from this mouth, he will hear the answer.

He laid dormant for two years, that is, so that one day to see GuQingPei, close his network, let him have nowhere to run.

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