Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 91 We Don'st Owe Each Other a Thing

The next day, he went to the company early. They rented a whole lot of office buildings in the best area of ​​Xizhimen, even though they had only 20 employees now, but GuQingPei is full of expectations for the future.

He went to the company and his partner had a phone call, and then he went to the Office of Finance .... Busy day, at five o'clock in the evening, he didn't think of having a meal to eat all day.

It happened at this time that Zhao Yuan called him and asked him out to eat.

Zhao Yuan visited Singapore in these two years and saw him once. Both of them also met in France. Although they have not met many times, they have maintained contact with each other. This time they both returned to Beijing and GuQingPei informed one of the few people one was her.

Zhao Yuan got married a year ago, and gave birth to a daughter, this time still she was slightly older but still had not diminished in style.

"GuQingPei, you are finally back."

GuQingPei hugged with her, laughed "Yes ah, I am back, and don't intend to go anywhere for a while."

Zhao Yuan does not know the real reason for his departure, although later asked she about YuanYang thing, GuQingPei "flirted" casually over that issue, lucky since then, Zhao Yuan never asked again.

The two people met, chat about work, parenting and children's things.

Especially when talking to children, GuQingPei jokingly said "Why didn't you brought the little one to see me.... I have prepared such a big red envelope for her yet." GuQingPei took a thick red envelope from the briefcase.

Zhao Yuan smiled, she pushed the red envelope back, "You don't hurry to give her.... grandmother said she was young, and she was afraid of the wind, saying that it would take some time to go out, when the full moon wine, we must ask you to come by . "

GuQingPei stuffed the red envelope in her hand and laughed " if I can not give it to your daughter, i will give it to you, to the brave mother."

Zhao Yuan didn't how to dodge so she generously accepted.

Since she got married, GuQingPei no longer paid her alimony, but GuQingPei didn't mind raising her forever, after all, as early as when they were married, he was doing that kind of psychological preparation.

Zhao Yuan looked at him, "GuQingPei, after having children, I feel so different, really, it seems like I'm the whole new person ... completely, are you? You don't think about having a baby?"

GuQingPei sighed, "My parents don't urinate it every day, I intend to find a surrogate woman and get it done with, this problem seems needs to be solved sooner or later."

"I support you."

Two people chatting while eating, unknowingly heaven got dark....time went fast.

When the food is not on the Qi, both chatting is speculation, GuQingPei head suddenly heard a cold voice, "This is not Gu Zong !!!"

GuQingPei body felt startled, he turned around and saw YuanYang with his girlfriend standing behind them.

Zhao Yuan saw YuanYang, YuanYang with such a look, it can only be read once in a lifetime he can not forget, she was surprised to see GuQingPei take a look at YuanYang, but that look quickly got covered up, into a light polite smile.

GuQingPei put down chopsticks, elegantly used the napkin wiped his mouth, stood up, extended his hand, " clever ah."

YuanYang looked at his hand, fully startled for two seconds before reaching out to hold it.

GuQingPei don't know whether it is his own illusion, he felt YuanYang hand shake for a bit.

YuanYang girlfriend politely nodded, and then looked at YuanYang, " YuanYang, this is?"

YuanYang grins, "my former boss."

"Oh," the girl nodded. "Master, hello."

Gu always polite then shook her hand, "YuanYang , why don't introduce your beautiful girlfriend?"

YuanYang tight mouth went pouting, no openings, but looked cold stare at GuQingPei, and Zhao Yuan behind him.

The girl waited for a while without saying anything, then she said cheerfully "My name is Liu Tzu-wen, and I'm called Little Liu on the line." She flipped her hair and continued " If i knew I would meet a friend of YuanYang before we came ..I would've drew a makeup and as it was hurriedly pulled out for dinner, saying they were hungry. "

The girl glanced at YuanYang.

YuanYang face had no facial expression at all.

GuQingPei exposed mild and elegant smile "Miss Liu is so perfect , elegant and generous, such as thin Mei Ying Dan, Biu Chui Ching Lin, and YuanYang is really lucky.

Liu Tzu-wen froze stunned, GuQingPei mouth was with a charming smile, her face actually suddenly went red.

YuanYang looked Liu Tzu-Wen naturally blooming daughter in law state, sometimes she made him angry from his heart, the skin tightened and he laughed "GuQingPei you're so sweet."

GuQingPei didn't take it for granted, he smiled and turned around and saw Zhao Yuan, " sorry i forgot to introduce, this is my friend, called Zhao Yuan."

Zhao Yuan smiled and they greeted.

"Ah, I thought it was Mrs. Gu's wife."

YuanYang gave a dark look at Liu Tzu-Wen and stretched his waist, "Since youre here lets just sit and eat together."

Liu Tzu-wen looked at YuanYang hand, the expression of face had a trace of strangeness, but didn't say anything, she sat down with great ease.

GuQingPei's gaze also closed in at the hands of YuanYang seeing them shaking , he hooked lips smiled, eyes quickly moved elsewhere.

Zhao Yuan hailed a waiter, the menu handed to Liu Tzu-wen, "Miss Liu, then order some food."

Liu Tzu-wen character is very cheerful, and a little familiar, grinning at Zhao Yuan study dishes, the two men on the side.

GuQingPei and YuanYang were sitting face to face , the two due to being so tall their legs can touch inadvertently, GuQingPei had to retract the legs, YuanYang didn't care, from time to time he slide his feet on GuQingPei knees.

GuQingPei body had to retreat, in order to alleviate the embarrassment, he had to ask "how did YuanYang ran around to eat here, do you live near here?"

"The company is nearby, how about you?"

" Zhao Yuan picked the place."

YuanYang reveals a sarcastic smile. "You've always had a tacit understanding."

Zhao Yuan was quietly reading YuanYang face. Liu Tzu-Wen doesn't know how they both connect, Zhao Yuan witnessed with keen look. At this point the atmosphere between the two people, it is somewhat strange.

GuQingPei said "This is what it should be."

YuanYang hand under the table squished into a fist, on the surface he was quiet, he drank tea, "Gu himself is leading a company, what is it about ?"

"I am familiar with the disposal of assets and real estate, come now let's eat."

YuanYang picked the eyebrow, "Oh? What do you needs my help?" When he said this sentence, the tone is irrepressible ridiculing.

GuQingPei smiled, "When needed, I will be polite with YuanYang."

YuanYang low laugh twice, "don't be impressed, all I am have today, I'm most the most grateful person is not always to Gu."

GuQingPei heart twitched "where are the words, I at least was just counseling YuanYang for some time, YuanYang gains, are thanks to his extraordinary talent, and I gave a little in the relationship."

He knows how these two days have gotten to understand the cause of YuanYang business. He really didn't think that YuanYang business could grow and develop his business within a period of two years to the point where WangJing and his wife and men would be able to fight. It's impossible at all, but he did.

Regardless of YuanYang relying on his own, is either luck, or identity background, he has done, this really makes GuQingPei admiration for YuanYang soar. He had never imagined that there would be this day, but he didn't think it would be so fast. He clearly realized that he was very far away from YuanYang, even if they sat and resisted their feelings....they can still touch each other.

"Gu is really humble." YuanYang gave an elbow on the desktop, the phalanx supports the jaw, eyes, such as the torch, a blink of an eye GuQingPei, "Those days, I was Gu Secretary and we were inseparable."

At this time, even Liu Tzu-wen also perceived the difference between them, silently turned around and looked at them.

GuQingPei looked at the two ladies and smiled, "the food is good? Let's eat it, this time ."

YuanYang took the menu, "I'll point a few." He recruited a waiter, quickly said three dishes.

GuQingPei was surprised a moment.

YuanYang looked at him, skin crinked not smiling, " Gu always like to eat it."

GuQingPei dropped his eyes, gave a dry smile.

Liu Tzu-Wen leaned over to pick up his eyebrows and asked "How do you know him?"

"I was Gu Zong Assistant for almost a year, I know about about Gu clearly from inside to outside, all things. YuanYang increased the "from the inside out" word, and it went direct to GuQingPei ear, it was exceptionally stinging.

Liu Tzu-Wen frowned, Zhao Yuan made a disagreeable expression, turned his face.

YuanYang looked to GuQingPei and poured him a cup of tea, "You didn't like to eat greasy things such as hot pot, spending two years abroad your tastes have changed?"

GuQingPei can not stand YuanYang way of speaking stinging words, he yelled "The mountain does not turn around but people always change."

Zhao Yuan also felt YuanYang aggressive, she lightly said "I picked the place."

YuanYang sweep her one chilling look that said back the fuck off.

Zhao Yuan was shocked, cold sweat immediately went down her back. GuQingPei knew that look, two or three years ago he and YuanYang were together and the look had no difference , it should be said that the feeling of fear was even worse.

This man, he is so terrible.

Zhao Yuan from childhood to adulthood she is a very tough woman, this is the first time she saw a man's eyes, and felt so scared that not even words can tell.

temporary atmosphere is awkward.

GuQingPei Although he didn't see YuanYang eye look, but he probably can guess his heart is very uncomfortable, he patted Zhao Yuan's back, "there is a need to take a break, you just gave birth, in fact, should not run out.

Zhao Yuan barely smiled, "What run out, you are the first person I see in the month since."

"Sister just gave birth to a baby ah." Liu Tzu-Wen said excitedly.

Zhao Yuan laughed "Yeah, I'll show you a picture." She took out the cell phone, and the two women started to study the child's pictures.

YuanYang voice was cool "You are still so concerned about her."

GuQingPei frowned, coldly "It should be."

YuanYang oblique glanced at him, then a change of course, "I got a piece of land in Qingdao, I'm looking for people to partner development, you interested?."

GuQingPei didn't want to cooperate with him at all. According to his character, he would euphemistically resist even if he interested. But this time he didn't even have the slightest thought to bend around.

To be frank "YuanYang business is so big that GuQingPei looks like a small slapstick, it is not qualified for cooperation, the company is now waiting for money everywhere, I would like to thank YuanYang good intentions.

YuanYang squinted at him, "you even don't ask any questions, directly rejected, this is not in line with your character ah."

GuQingPei smiled, a show of hand, "no matter how good the project, but also block the pile of money ....I'm afraid the answer is no".

YuanYang laughed "Gu always will not cry poor with me, if you open your mouth crying for help, I will help you."

GuQingPei shook his head with a smile, this time denied polite, "No."

YuanYang whispered "why .... afraid of owing me?"

GuQingPei looked up, bright eyes, "I have long since settled any debt between the two of us .."

YuanYang flicker in the eyes flashed a fierce ruthless, this time, GuQingPei sees clearly, he is secretly scared.

"The two of us don't owe." YuanYang word repeated this word, as if the four words were chewed and swallowed.

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