Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 89 Getting Caught In the Bathroom....blood Runs Cold

Two years later

GuQingPei just got out of the airport, when a heat wave hit him, he held the luggage and gasped, the body was sweating down. The summer in Beijing is hot, especially at the moment.

WangJing sent a driver him to pick him up ...the driver called him and said that the car was out of order on the road, so he should wait for a while. Particularly urgent young man voice is about to cry, it is estimated that a newcomer was afraid of punishment. GuQingPei consoled him a few words, said he was waiting in the terminal.

He wanted to stand outside and breathe a long absence from the air in Beijing for two years. However, after standing for a while, it wasn't good enough heat or the air wasn't good. He returned to the hall that blew the air conditioner.

Just found a cafe to sit down, when WangJing called him.

"GuQingPei have you arrived.?"

"Well, I have just arrived."

"I am sorry ah, today the company things there too much chaos, the car has a probation period driver, didn't expect this thing to take long wait a while, I am now twenty minutes away from the airport, when i finished, I will pick you up."

GuQingPei said "Wang Ge, you don't have to pick me up, the car broken its a. accident, I'll wait for a while, it is not my taxi, this is the most traffic blocking time, that is 20 minutes or an hour you may not be able to come. "

WangJing laughed "Even for an hour, I would like to be the first one to see you. "

GuQingPei Haha laughed "Come ah you come."

Two years time, WangJing glib tongue habits still have not changed, but GuQingPei finally was able to open his hearts and accept him as his friend. During the past two years, he and WangJing met several times, and even if he was separated from the wife of seven or eight years .....WangJing had two lovely children he was on familiar term with them. He saw a lot of different WangJing sides, WangJing and GuQingPei has always been cold-handling and eventually his attitude slowly stopped the intense pursuit.

Although they met only a limited number of times, they often talked and talked about their jobs. Now, the relationship between the two men was much closer to being honest than two years ago.

Before he returned to Beijing, after deep communication with WangJing, he decided to resign. He felt now that both the accumulation of funds, the accumulation of contacts, or the accumulation of ability, have come when the age of 33 going 34 or even just fine, he wanted to go it alone.

Two years was enough for people should have forgotten a lot of things, he believes he can sail back to the sea.

WangJing initially strongly disagreed , after all, he wasn't able to travel Singapore that law-abiding trading company in more than a couple of times in a year's time to manage the can not just walk to find individuals fit for the job, GuQingPei is a rare talent. GuQingPei may have set the idea, although he felt sorry, and ultimately he respected GuQingPei's choice.

GuQingPei such person is not destined to work for others , once the conditions are abundant, he must go solo.

Now is the time.

Traffic jam situation was better than both had estimates, WangJing took an half an hour to arrive.

Two people meet, WangJing gave him a big hug, both are tall and handsome, elegant, that scene attracted a lot of attention at the airport entrance.

WangJing patted his back, "finally back."

GuQingPei squinted eyes watching the hot sun, sighed loudly, "Yeah, finally came back."

After getting on the car, the two chatted about the situation in Singapore and the company, followed by a change of voice, WangJing laughed "GuQingPei, since you are back, about that one person, I think you should know."

GuQingPei breathing shifted a lag, he can guess whom WangJing is going to tall about.

He pretended to be easy to say "Oh, let us hear .We didn't have contact for the past two years, I didn't inquire about his news, maybe someday well meet in an occasion knowing about him in advance it will make it all lest awkward."

WangJing laughed at him and said, "You don't usually have much to say about him except when you're weak about him."

GuQingPei smiled, "Wang Ge, don't recreate that....those are the things of the past."

WangJing shrugged, "I will just give you a reminder, YuanYang , is not the YuanYang you knew, no, it should be said that in him you could not find that the shadow of the rampaging fool boy, In just two years, he managed to change so big, it is really a spectacle. "

GuQingPei uncontrollable heart became dull, two years, the situation about them is there any improvement?

He laughed "Yes, so that is what he has become now?"

WangJing mocked "Good luck abode, business is great, everywhere around me, it is quite interesting time. "

"What it is ... ..."

GuQingPei looked constantly at the passing scenery outside the window, the mind has drifted back two years ago, it felt like just yesterday all kinds, has been sealed in his memory, has never disappeared, but he didn't want to think about them.

WangJing looked at him again and whispered "Yes, he has a girlfriend, they're said to be engaged immediately."

GuQingPei facial expression had a trace of stiff, quickly said " thats a good thing, his parents can rest assured this time."

"Yeah, he has changed a lot in two years, and you can rest assured that you will have a show from him for in Beijing this time."

GuQingPei gave an indifferent smile, "ah."

At this point happens to be reaching high noon, two people looked to find a place to eat a meal, then WangJing returned GuQingPei home, he asked him to take a good rest.

GuQingPei when he got home, first he gave his parents a call, and then set Zhang Xia airplane ticket tomorrow to go back. He didn't return to China in more than two years and met with his parents altogether on three times and all in Singapore. After he finally came home, GuQingPei could not help but feel excited .

Hanging up the phone, GuQingPei looked long no one lived room, it fell into a room of gray, making it look tired.

The house was originally to easy to locate with little traffic when he would go to WangJing company to work , now, it should be said that the biggest reason he got that house is that he wanted to escape YuanYang

, he didn't even live in this house for less than two months, now it sat idle for two years, it looked barren.

There is not a family look at all.

GuQingPei want to sit but there is no suitable place. He telephoned a part-time job to clean up the room, and he himself took a cold bath in the bathroom, washed away the heat, but failed to cool down his impetuous mind.

After he had taken a shower, the bathroom had been tidied up. He fell in bed and even though he wanted to sleep, but found himself unable to sleep.

He remembered WangJing's words.

YuanYang changed, became a big boss, and had a girlfriend, and two years time have passed , flies really fast, he has progressed very fast, he wasn't beside him to see all that.....and that in itself was really sad.

GuQingPei smiled a bitter smile, this is a good thing, is a good thing, YuanYang finally had grown up, between the two of them finally whatever was there has finally disappeared.

GuQingPei returned to with a deep voice the next day, a family of three last met more than six months ago, two had no changes, or all day long fun, the body has somewhat old...same old problems, but the overall his parent looked fairly healthy, GuQingPei heart also was feeling comforted.

GuQingPei told them of his business plan, and later said that when he was a boss, time would be more abundant, every month he will come back at least once trip.

Two old laughed away from each other, watching their own promising son, how he looked proud.

When eating, his mom asked a question their family had been avoiding.

His mother said so "GuQingPei ah, I am sixty-two this year, my old sister to my age, all have grandsons, your mom here looked really envious ah."

Gu Father grilled rice, eyelid light lift, secretly looked GuQingPei.

GuQingPei smiled, "Mom, you don't don't know my situation."

"I know ah, we didn't force you to get married, now you can have a test-tube baby Well, you can afford this fee , you are going to be thirty-34 this year, another one or two decades your Old parents will be gone, who will take care of you ah, children ah, you must have, people have a look forward.

GuQingPei didn't like children very much and felt that they would drag him in many places in his life. However, as his parents grew older, this was indeed a real problem. From generation to generation, which generation can not run from this responsibility.

Gu Father added on

" you can find a suitable man to live with, but you have to have a child, this is like another family, big deal only to no one, I want my grandson, how much do i have to beg for .....too much eh. "

GuQingPei smile "Mom, its not easy to raise children."

Gu Mother became anxious, "GuQingPei, you don't agree? This is how many years of care? Seven-eight years ago and YuanYuan married you, I hoped grandchildren, so many years later, your mother's heart is also very bitter ah. "

GuQingPei saw his mother crying, "Mom, I didn't say that i don't agree, I just think i don't have the time?"

"When is it time? You are already this age."

GuQingPei looked for help from father.

Gu Father coughed, whispered "GuQingPei, you are indeed old enough to have one."

GuQingPei had no trick left ....he sighed "I know, give me two years, I will give you a grandchildren, OK?"

Two old people flew out of laughter. ???????????? GuQingPei is a talkative person who has always said that they will hold grandson within two years.

Gu mother fluttered to say about how many grandchildren she wanted....a lot of children how fun, seeing GuQingPei was not very interested, she changed the subject, "hey, GuQingPei, Mom hadn't told you, afraid for your distraction, when you went abroad , that YuanYang child came to see us once ... ... "

GuQingPei paused with his chopsticks and looked up at his mother. "Oh, what did he do?"

He said it was to take a look, taking some things, didn't mention you, he was very strange, but that child is feeling bad , since the first time we saw him...he was very different this time....I can not help but we think he is not the same, that is he was feeling ... ... gloomy, dead. "

GuQingPei said "We have all passed that phase mama....don't mention him later."

Mother conscientiously asked "I just want to ask, that child is doing okay?"

GuQingPei smiled, " last i heard he was Well..... very good."

Looks like both of them are good and are happy.

GuQingPei stayed in Beijing for two days. He was going to engage in the business he had been familiar with in asset disposal. He dug up a few of his former subordinates and classmates and started a partnership with him. The company was already registered before he returned, and now it is recruiting workers, things are complicated and he has a lot of things that needed him to be busy.

Subordinates who switched jobs also bring some resources, the company's prospects were full of hope.

About a week after he returned to Beijing, WangJing invited him to attend a film premiere. This film was invested by WangJing. About a year ago, WangJing began to aim at the entertainment industry. As it is the first film he invested in, the good and bad returns are crucial. GuQingPei is very interested in this fast-coming industry, so he mentioned before with WangJing. If there is a suitable opportunity, he can talk to him. Therefore, after WangJing got the premiere vote, The one and the only he invited is GuQingPei, the purpose is to bring him into contact with some of the director's producer and the likes, there are plenty of opportunities to generate money inside this industry.

In the evening, GuQingPei got in a formal dress and went.

The size of the premiere on that day wasn't small, except for some people related to the production of the movie, and also invited some heavy figures from business and entertainment circles to attend. Suddenly he saw a lot of beautiful men and women, GuQingPei's mood is also slightly better, dashing between all kinds of people laughing, there is a quite style of actress who has secretly stuffed to his suit pocket a Fragrant business card.

Such as WangJing and GuQingPei met extraordinary and successful young talent, simply to meet all the women's fantasies of men, how can they not be tempting.

After the premiere began, GuQingPei has drank two glasses of cocktail, want to go to convenience spill some off his bladder. Originally he didn't want to leave the beginning, but the film is too literary, he looked bored, and finally until halftime he got up to go the bathroom.

He walked to the bathroom outside the theater lobby, but the cleaning staff told him there was something wrong with the bathroom and led him on the third floor.

He had no choice but to go up on the third floor. There was no performing arts activity on the third floor, so he didn't see half-man walking all the way and was very quiet.

GuQingPei finished toilet, just go out, he hit a head-on.

GuQingPei looked up surprised to see who came when his body's blood ran to the foot heel, the body went into the cold cave, he was stiff throughout his nerves.

YuanYang ......

The person standing in front of him is exactly the same as YuanYang one that he hadn't seen in two years.

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