Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 88 Gone with the Wind...separation Complete

WangJing negotiated the timing in two days, GuQingPei took the time to go back home, met his parents, told them of his plans and stressed that the company needs him to be assigned in Singapore.

His parents were surprised, but the response wasn't that great. After the retirement of the elderly, his son grew up, and he was very capable, home affairs are small, in fact, the son had the final say, they think his son to the cause of development in foreign countries is great, will not think much about it.

Gu Mother said "Go, good thing, I heard Singapore is a particularly good place, everyone is polite, there is no gum on the ground, you go there then after you stabilize, we both can travel to visit."

"Right, I also want to see if you can not come back, if can we pass it, its not quite close to China."

GuQingPei had an uncomfortable heart, but fortunately, his parents didn't know that he is talking about a complete failure of feelings, he was forced to go out of the country, in the face of the parents of tolerance and simplicity, he increasingly was feeling useless.

GuQingPei barely smiled, "going over there i may be very busy, usually not as back in Beijing so often, festivals, if I can not come back, you will accompany me to Singapore on Chinese New Year okay?" "

"OK, we have not spent the New Year abroad yet."

"After I'm gone, you must pay attention to your body, through the phone I will always be ready to talk"

Gu Father laughed "You don't have to worry about us, our bodies are very tough, and now your mother can buy her own food, I also insist on exercise it, you stay well say you will be transferred back after two years, work Well, it is business relax your heart and call home more often. "

GuQingPei eye had ringed some sour, he nodded with a smile, "I must often call, you must comecome often to Singapore its very close, by plane it takes two or three hours for you to arrive."

"Ah, so fast ah, we simply must go, must go." Mother smiled and said, then the subject of a turn, whispered "That ... ... that, YuanYang, how about him ah?"

GuQingPei froze up.

Two elderly people look at one another, Gu eyes look somewhat full blame, Gu Mother glared at him, turned around and looked GuQingPei, wanted to wait for his answer.

GuQingPei sighed "Dad, Mom, I told him already.....after separation, we are not suitable, you see the age difference is so much, we can't go together. After I leave, if he comes to you, don't take care of him, we are not possible. "

Mother sighed, "You young things, I can not control, but I feel that child is pretty good."

Gu father dragged her, indicating her not to mention.

GuQingPei shook his head, "really inappropriate, you don't mention him."

His parents opened my mouth and finally held back. "OK, you didn't say much. When will you go?"

"I'll be back to Beijing tomorrow to handle some business matters and then I will leave."

Mother touched his hair, " take care of yourself abroad, what they say ah, you understand it?

GuQingPei faint smile, "i can speak Mandarin."

"That's good, take care of yourself anyway."

GuQingPei hold their hands, his heart shattering into a warm stream.

"GuQingPei, are you a bit nervous?"

GuQingPei laughed "Not yet."

GuQingPei and WangJing were sitting in the car at this time, with the two affiliated to XX Hotel and Xian significant negotiations. Normally, such a cooperative negotiation fails to reach a conclusion of seven or eight rounds of talks. WangJing took him there and didn't allow him to decide what was absolutely necessary to deter YuanYang clan.

GuQingPei didn't want to do this, but nothing.

This approach, it really meets the character of WangJing. It is worth mentioning, he owes WangJing, this much should be returned.

WangJing squeezed his hand, laughed "Nothing, I am responsible for that, you are responsible for helping out."

GuQingPei laughed without words.

After arriving at the hotel, the three men and YuanYang of Xianxian have arrived.

YuanYang saw him, his eyes suddenly changed, his face sank, his face muscles showing some staggering stiffness.

GuQingPei looked at him blankly, and then hello to people who were in for the meeting.

WangJing is a general styled person, with the attitude of people who speak was entirely mirror sincereto not I am a big brother you are a brother," chief in the show is not small comeback, but not WangJing's opponent, didn't want to offend him, it is said with a smile attached to lips.

"Yo, YuanYang has come, how does it feel to work on your own? didn't I hear you were working for him ah."

YuanYang laughed but his skin does not laugh, said "Wang will not know so much about my family thing."

"Curiosity thing, putting so big a company not to learn, but ran ... ... Oh, in fact, significant it is also a very powerful company, I mean ah, so good conditions at home gave up, quite people admire, haha. "

YuanYang hand held a fist in the back, "the king is always a busy man, and if we look at it, let's not say it."

"Yes, save time." WangJing kindly patted GuQingPei's back, "GuQingPei, sit, take out the information."

GuQingPei took over the assistant's folder and took out the documents and handed it to Mr. Zhong. "Mr. Chen, we are very interested in the cooperation and development. Therefore, we have drafted a letter of cooperation for you to look forward to."

President Chen hadn't reached out yet. YuanYang hand has captured the document while hawkish eyes looking at GuQingPei coldly, taking a hunt.

GuQingPei smiled, "Please look over."

YuanYang took the document hastily turned over, and then handed them over to Chen.

WangJing suddenly turned to GuQingPei at this time, said "GuQingPei, what do you want to drink?" Playing to the attitude of his ownership, so that YuanYang wishful thinking would split.

He used a great deal of willpower to stop his impulse to beat WangJing to death. He now hates WangJing. If there is not a single WangJing between them who has been sneaking away unto his land and harem, the situation between him and Gu may be much better than it is now.

WangJing is too hypocritical villain, too loaded.

He looked at GuQingPei and WangJing pleasant color attitude, think about this person showing indifference to him, he felt his heart grow painful.

He was able to exercise the external bones and muscles again, GuQingPei ....only he can easily poke into his sweetheart, hurt him bloody. He was almost afraid of GuQingPei.

WangJing brought him today, the purpose is obvious, and, indeed, has been achieved, his mind hadn't fit the negotiations, completely because of Gu Qing and WangJing together .....his mind was roaring.

GuQingPei thinking of helping him to deal with WangJing, he was painful roundabout.

No one can do to him.... this way, and no one can make him feel like this point. Only GuQingPei, only GuQingPei.

For a few minutes, YuanYang could not be freed from that kind of emotion. What WangJing and Zhong Xian talked about was almost never heard.

WangJing looked at the face of YuanYang....exposing a shallow, proud smile.

GuQingPei is also like a pin-up, and he could not wait for this negotiation end so that he can leave as early as possible.

For an hour or so, it is an endless torment to two people sitting face to face and reaching for each other.

Waiting until the end of GuQingPei back clothes have been wet, YuanYang eyes looked like a pool of stagnant water, unpredictable.

WangJing clapped his hands in satisfaction, "I hope these articles will always go back and think carefully, and we have the opportunity to cooperate.

Chen always laughed "Where's the words, also i want to ask Wang General we are a small company, Wang always take care of us."

Two people said a bunch of nonsense touted each other, WangJing took GuQingPei got up and bid farewell.

GuQingPei until he turned to leave, never look at YuanYang a glance.

In this way, people from both worlds must join together and the result is a lose-lose.

Out of the hotel to get on the bus, GuQingPei received a text message is sent from YuanYang .... his fingertips slightly trembling, he hesitated repeatedly, to read or deleted.

WangJing laughed "GuQingPei, how are you?


"Will you blame me, for bringing you?"

GuQingPei voices has no waves, "No, it should be, the effect is good."

"I am a businessman, I just want to achieve my goal within a reasonable range, I believe you can understand, and I want to you to make a break with YuanYang .... this way, very good, you say yes ? "

Is there any answer to the so-called question, GuQingPei didn't want to answer, but perfunctory and should be heard soon.

WangJing softly said "transfer procedures are done, you can go, when do you want to go?"

"When is it possible?"



WangJing stunned, "so anxious?"

"Well, tomorrow."

WangJing sighed, "I will arrange it for you."

GuQingPei looked out the window, Chang'an Avenue is full of his familiar scenery, especially in the early spring evening, the trees began to shoot sprouting, a party Swith a deep voice jing, is his favorite season.

The city has brought together too many things. It is his second hometown, but now he has no choice but to leave. At this time, the mood sadness is beyond words.

After two years when he comes back, what would be a scenario? He could not imagine that in the face of the unknown, he said he wasn't scared he wasn't lying, but he was more was regretful and painful that he didn't know how to be embarrassed.

After returning home, he simply pack up the luggage. He didn't intend to bring too many things, he was going to buy over there on the line, so desperately to reduce luggage, only to find a hitch, actually there is nothing he can not give up.

Used to the daily necessities, used to wearing clothes, all accustomed to things that can be re-acquired from scratch, the feelings are the same, life is nothing right now, maybe two years later, he would laugh at him actually for a small one of his 10-year-old feather boy losing face.

Perhaps two years later, YuanYang feelings woud also come to an end, and maybe by the time they met, they could still see each other as if nothing had happened.

He has to say, YuanLijiang proposal is really good, two years, is enough to cause a change to a person.

He hopes he can change, and he wants to turn himself into a man whose body does not carry the smell of YuanYang manly scent, just as it used to be before he met the army brat.

He didn't close his eyes that night, and he walked around in the house, as if he had forgotten something, but could not remember what it was.

There is a very important thing, he forgot to bring, but he really can not remember, just knowing that his heart is empty, can not be filled.

Waiting for the plane the next day he wa leaving he called YuanLijiang.

YuanLijiang quickly picked up, and straightforward asked "I elaborate you to think about it."

"Yes, I thought about it, I am now waiting for a plane to Singapore."


"Yes, WangJing has sent me to Singapore. Yuan-Director, I don't want to have any further involvement with you. From your company to your son, I believe you are satisfied with the result."

Yuan-Director was silent for a moment, then he sighed.

GuQingPei just want to hang up, YuanLijiang suddenly said "If two years later, he ... ..." Then he paused.

GuQingPei don't want to know exactly what this problem is, two years later, he was too lazy to predict.

At that time, he hoped he is already moved on from any thoughts of GuQingPei.

The last thing he did before shutting down was deleting all the text messages YuanYang had sent him.

He felt .

Thoroughly empty

***those little things actually influence the next steps***

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