Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 85 Reaches the Breaking Point

GuQingPei grabbed the collar of YuanYang then pressed him to the wall, coldly screamed at him " What did you do, YuanYang, if you trap me in forbearance, I will never forgive you."

"I don't know if you're missing him, I just think, what my dad wants... WangJing will also wants, even you are so hard to do what you want .....It must have been good."

YuanYang touched GuQingPei's face,

"So, I also want that."

"The bidding has ended, even if the report may not really be put on file, even with WangJing's hand, he will not be able to stop the investigation, not to mention your father will not allow people to start the system of justice on his company, or sooner or later he has to be involved in this .....Under such circumstances, you can set off a small wind and end up with wave stors at the most, and you will not end up in it the end. Who do you think you fucking are?, what else can you do besides mixing muddy water on my life?

"Why not?" YuanYang squinted his eyes, face expression of pure preparedness, "its rare to have such a chance, a lesson for two of them..... how can I miss it?."

GuQingPei bite his teeth "YuanYang , what are you thinking in your shit infested mind!"

YuanYang looked at him, "I will not lose to WangJing, whatever he has, I will have to have, but I have ... ..."

He YuanYang held GuQingPei's waist, "I let him think he can dare encroach on what's mine "

GuQingPei looked deeply at YuanYang , his heart was sinking.... he felt YuanYang is not the same as the whole person, he was angry before ready to pull the sleeves up to fight YuanYang , but now YuanYand felt his back was poked with a knife, and even his own old Dad can't pull it out .

This is not what he wanted to teach YuanYang when it all started..

In YuanYang buckled him to the villa on the fourth day, GuQingPei was becoming more and more irritable.

He didn't know anything about the outside world, he wanted to go back to the company in an impatient manner every day. But during the day, YuanYang will discuss the work with him, and will not give up even if he loves it. In the evening, he will press him on the bed to fuck him till he lost consciousness. The string between the two people was tightening more and more. As long as there was an incompatibility, GuQingPei could not control his own anger. He had forgotten that he had had an excellent cultivation and demeanor.

He really can not stay here anymore!

YuanYang day out of the house he left more than two strange burly men, who didnt talk to him, but they stared at him and looked down until he went upstairs.

The taste of being under house arrest made GuQingPei very angry.

GuQingPei forced himself to calm down, let his mind cool down, he had to think of a solution, with YuanYang his results don't have the slightest advantage for Gu-self, but now YuanYang obviously was paranoid over him, how can he persuade YuanYang to let him go.

GuQingPei headaches were endless.

In the evening, YuanYang came back, then the two people would have gone. GuQingPei sat in the living room waiting for him.

YuanYang looked at the table, actually laughed, that smile there is a bit straightforward in the past, "Are you waiting for me?

"Yes, I want to talk to you."

YuanYang this he found interesting, GuQingPei was wearing a suit when he came, rather than pajamas, he was depressed, his face was gone. He walked over and put the contents of his hands on the table. "I packed up the soup you like to eat but the rice is dry."

GuQingPei didn't see, "You sit down."

YuanYang faceless sat down, "no matter what you say to me, I will not let you go."

GuQingPei repressed with anger, said "YuanYang, you know what kind of person I am."

YuanYang was slightly surprised a moment.

"I'm a perfectionist, I'm strong headed , I am not easily convinced, I hate people who are the tyrant, I have always been more demanding of myself, and I hate myself when I'm a failure."

GuQingPei quietly looked at YuanYang eyes

" me and WangJing, there is no affair, there is only the trust and responsibility between the boss and the employee.I don't care if you can understand, when I experience the trough of life, WangJing pulled me one green straw, gave me a beautiful title, let me preside over the work, and the flag victory, let me regain myself. I am grateful to him.

This tender project, I was busy with a bunch of young people for more than half a month, not only for me working for the King but more importantly, I want to take my breathe without worrying about your dad, but now you want to throw my efforts in the mud. Why did you do that?"

YuanYang head was down, low voice sounded in the empty living room, "I can not stand you and WangJing standing together, you performed better over there.... he is more coy to you, seeing him show you all kinds of good life, You can't let me endure that, I can never tolerate that. "

"Even for me?" GuQingPei looked at him, "You say you want to be better for me , but can not let me be for me"

YuanYang stared at him, "its too late, I already gave a lesson to WangJing, now he knows there's some things he should not touch .

I know you eloquence is good, but what you say to me is meaningless, you only want to leave, etc. This thing is over. "

Gu QingPei secretly shook his fist, "As long as you let me go back and get things done, I can resign from the company. I can not end it there just with this problem that have which is partly mine, i can not throw the mess to subordinates, I have to go back."

YuanYang face looked at him blankly, "I said its too late, and now i cant let you go back so just follow me, and I will push this matter to the X Steel Group to do the bid processing so far, I want to let them bid again, and make sure WangJing and my dad are not eligible to participate again. "

GuQingPei face muscles because of anger and some distortion.

YuanYang suddenly wry smile, "you are born angry, if you mind me, after I become the successful bidder, my project is your project, which is with your company in WangJing What is the difference? Unless you are reluctant to leave WangJing, reluctant to leave the title of vice president. "

GuQingPei anger multiplied "YuanYang prince, I jumped from YuanLijiang within a year to QingDao, an instant way to celebrate they won their own bidding, what would i be in the eyes of others ? You are not afraid for me in Beijing Wheres the city which i can not mix, and possibly find another WangJing to leave you?"

YuanYang didn't refute.

GuQingPei Pei eyes wanted to split, he was very infuriated, he grabbed the glass ashtray on the table, mercilessly smashed it to the head of YuanYang in the back.

YuanYang eyesight went dark, even if his reaction to the nerve was too slow to see all the things around GuQingPei.

Bang a loud noise, YuanYang fell from the sofa on the ground, the blood flow down the forehead rushing down.

GuQingPei grabbed the hand of the ashtray violently trembling, he felt really crazy, for a long time in the state of cerebral hypoxia, watching YuanYang plains on the ground, he was stunned he can not effectively recognize the immediate picture.

YuanYang head was straight confused, his forehead hurts, there may be a place where there is more pain, he erase the blood on his eyes, silently watching GuQingPei, " Qing?

GuQingPei two steps forward, then threw the ashtray to the ground, and then suddenly grabbed the car keys on the coffee table, rushed to the door.

YuanYang hard dumped rejection was dizzying his head he stood up to chase YuanYang.

***This should be a lesson to everyone out there dont pick on quiet people whn they loose their cool they real loose it***

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