Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 84 Wills And Fake Whistleblower

GuQingPei was sitting in the room for an afternoon, doing nothing.

He never thought of running like that. Looking at the past events even the road to take he can not see, YuanYang is the key to his car, wherever he ran he is not far behind.

YuanYang will certainly not let him go, but it is impossible to shut him all his life, but YuanYang character his nonsense attitude had become a commonplace. He would feel particularly tired if he really was with YuanYang he thought he would experience such torture from time to time his future life that was guaranteed if he shacks up with YuanYang.

How many feelings he had can not withstand YuanYang so he toss them, not to mention each of YuanYang actions have caused major impact on his career or life.

They can not last long reason, except for that video, he is afraid more importantly, he felt that together with YuanYang they were facing to the dark front. He didn't have to be eaten by his own emotions.

GuQingPei heart feels oppressed he doesn't know how to relieve the pressure looking at everything in a house he felt irritable, he felt like he wanted to smash everything and vent his anger.

It happened that this time the aforementioned asshole came in.

Two people have not seen each other for most of the day, YuanYang looked like he had achieved emotional stability, holding a computer in his hand, "help me to see about this contract."

GuQingPei looked at him coldly, "What does it have to do with me."

"This project is for you." YuanYang sat the computer screen facing him, to be precise a folder there is a will and he is the beneficiary.

GuQingPei frowned, "Why do you do such a thing."

YuanYang came over, put the computer at his desk, bent down in his ear and said, "Just want to tell you that my things are yours now .....and in the future this also applies .... Yes, you now know everything

Want to compared this with WangJing, but one thing he can not compare with me, he dare to tell you such a thing? He gave you a share, must have a meeting to decide, he never got married , he can write your name into a will? I can, only I can "

GuQingPei hand shoved him away "I don't need these things, I work not just to make money, if it is for money, I have enough to live for and then for my parents and thats why I worked hard for exactly . As soon as I was born, I wasn't able to understand the princelings with YuanYang aura. We are not from one world, and I don't want to explain it to you any more. "

In the eyes of YuanYang, he climbed up and still lost. He sat next to GuQingPei and shifted the conversation. "There is another thing i need your help on."

GuQingPei fainted a look at the screen, "open it."

YuanYang opened the contract, there is a supplementary agreement, GuQingPei's looked and immediately become focused.

He didn't need to explain anything to him. He had as much depth as he knew about the project because he had already decided to inject capital into this project and did his good job as a was project of his own.

Only meant to be finished later.

GuQingPei recalculated the figures involved twice and again calculated the cost, and then put forward two opinions, mainly in terms of material expenditures. Not really involved in the real estate development and construction of people, he doesn't know how much the budget and the actual access will be, starting a high-rise, even if any link increased the accidental expenditures of a star a bit, settle down is an invaluable money, this cooperative development The contract does not take this into account, after the over-spending costs are least of YuanYang trouble.

After discussing GuQingPei and YuanYang, they changed the contract altogether.

GuQingPei focused on the content on the computer while YuanYang is focused on looking at his body profile, he can not help but reach out and hug GuQingPei waist, chin resting on the shoulders of GuQingPei.

GuQingPei paused, breathing also followed a delay.

YuanYang sighed, "I really want ......"

He didn't really want anything, GuQingPei can guess what exactly this asshole wanted...

He didn't want to give in....

GuQingPei quietly pushed him open, "This section to explain to me."

YuanYang concealed his eyes loss the sexual haze, he only felt chest tightness.

Two people discussed for a while, YuanYang phone call rang. He got up and picked up the phone, was a matter of work.

GuQingPei took advantage of his answer the phone to leave the seat, quickly opened his own work mailbox, open a mailbox he was dumbfounded, WangJing and his subordinates crazy sent him more than 20 e-mail, rough sweeping , We will be able to grasp the key points of the matter the bidding cases were reported to be corrupted and the judiciary intervened to investigate and their contracts were postponed indefinitely.

GuQingPei face sank down.

He opened a mail of the earliest WangJing, looked carefully.

Someone reported anonymous X steel group bidding operation was secretly involved in project and that employees were bribed, leaked informations to the three companies bidding.

As the first one involved is a very large veteran state-owned enterprises, second one is the real estate group in the north, known as well as YuanYang deep-rooted capital in the capital of a comprehensive investment group, one by one names are out loud, regardless of the authenticity of the case somewhat, Just such a scandal has been enough to set off another round of public opinion turmoil, not to mention bidding bribe vengeance thing is common, that is really not surprising.

WangJing in the mail only describes the very surface of the matter, he was afraid of the content is not far from the media reporting, the real important content, of course he will not say in the e-mail, WangJing asked where he is, why is his phone not on.....why he will not respond to mail, He had to rush out, the first time back to see the company.

This is the first time WangJing used such a strict superior to subordinates tone to talk to him, even he can see the seriousness of the problem.

When he was searching for news, he didn't know when YuanYang had come near to him and closed his notebook.

GuQingPei looked up at him, "You already knew? But didn't tell me?"

YuanYang faintly said " this Qingdao thing had nothing to do with you, the contract termination I sent it for you, tomorrow they should be able to receive, liquidated damages I will pay for you, don't see WangJing, WangJing is not a good thing. "

GuQingPei pounded the table, shouted "out of such a big thing, I can take the ass and go? I GuQingPei never done such an irresponsible thing in life, and the tender is my sole responsibility, celebrate that finally i have gotten something, now this happened I'm getting off? I have to go back and deal with! "

"You don't have to go there. No matter what happens to Qingdao, I will not allow those things to be implicated in your head. You are so clever that you know that anything you do should not make any difference with Qingdao now."

"Bastard, there is already a case of judicial intervention, If i leave it alone. And I left, how would people at the company know what to do? Things may not be so bad, as long as I go back there is hope to solve, but only if I go back now time is running out , I GuQingPei have considered what.

YuanYang squinted eyes, "let you go back?, so that you and WangJing can continue to see each other ? Never. And the reason why I don't let you go back is for your own good..... will you believe me for once."

GuQingPei sensitive to capture what, "wait a minute.... How exactly do you know so much about this?"

YuanYang had no choice but to say, "No matter what the circumstances are, you are my first priority ."

GuQingPei pulled YuanYang collar harshly reprimanded "What The Fuck Did You Do?"

YuanYang looked at him, his wolf releasing the same light in his eyes, "just gave my dad and WangJing a little lesson, that is what they deserve."

GuQingPei stiffly looked at him, "you were the one who reported this...weren't you."

YuanYang hugged his waist, whispered " you don't have to think about this has nothing to do with you."

GuQingPei bit his teeth, "Do you know, how much fucking effort I have devoted to this fucking project."

YuanYang exposed a sneer, "If you did not press so hard to work for WangJing, I might not be so disgusting with him....... don't worry, you will not have wasted the effort, you or me, but you have to remember , After all your hard work can not be wasted on other people, only for me . "

After he finished he grinned also touched his cheek rubbing on GuQingPei's face, just like when he used to be spoiled.

GuQingPei stood there dumbly but feeling angry over and over again, he suddenly felt he wished he didn't know any of the YuanYang clan.

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