Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 83 Kidnapped Then Fucked .... Yuanyang Begs For Time

When GuQingPei woke up, the first reaction is the neck pain, he almost felt like he can not rotate his neck, almost the same when one sleeps on a weird position for a long time He rolled over and groaned uncomfortably in his throat.

"Awake." YuanYang voice sounded next to him.

GuQingPei suddenly turned back, his neck painful distorted his face, but still saw YuanYang face.

The light inside the room is very dark, GuQingPei can not tell what time it is now, only know that the whole outside is black, YuanYang face has the faint yellow light against the background making him look gloomy.

"YuanYang ..." GuQingPei looked at this strange big house, "Where is this?"


GuQingPei turned to identify the outline of the window and lush mountains of forests, even if here was Beijing, but also it could be thousands of miles away from the urban area.

GuQingPei looked at him sharply, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

YuanYang stood up from the couch and sat on the bed. He touched GuQingPei's face, and then held his jaw and severely kissed his lips. The kiss was simple and rude. The only purpose seemed to be declaring sovereignty total dictatorship owning everything .

GuQingPei didn't hesitate to grab his hair, forcing him to end the kiss ahead of schedule.

GuQingPei fiercely looked at him, "what the fuck do you fucking think this is going to achieve ?."

YuanYang licked his lips and his lips were full of the taste of his desired person. He showed a chilling smile. "You still owe me a holiday and here I am."

GuQingPei complexion, "YuanYang, you fucking don't provoke me anxious."

YuanYang pinch his chin, staring at his eyes tightly, " its too late for that, you have provoked me anxiously. Be glad I don't want to hurt you, or I will break your legs, also I will not let you fucking go around that fucker WangJing. "

GuQingPei teeth "You are fucked cooky crazy."

YuanYang smiled a ferocious smile, his heart was bleeding, "you are right, I am crazy, my things will always be my thing, I will never give it to anyone."

GuQingPei angrily "how are you going to do that! Huh... Always shutting me in... Do you even think you moron ?"

"Unless you resign from WangJing and follow me." Yuan Gu looked at GuQingPei's eyes, like a hungry wolf, "otherwise you will always stay here."

GuQingPei-chan said "Your fucking Not crazy.'re a hopelessly wandering shell"

YuanYang knocked him down on the bed, " as it should be." He reached out to tear GuQingPei shirt, the fragile few buttons collapsed with YuanYang rude action, smooth and strong pectoral muscles stood in front of him.

GuQingPei eyes popped he knew what was going to happen and he didn't did not exactly want it, "YuanYang!"

YuanYang imprisonment imprisoned his arm, looked down at him, the eyes are concentrated fog, "at least you will look at me....while you're here"

GuQingPei just want to open his mouth and cuss at this motherfucker, YuanYang bowed his lips blocked, sucking hard with violent action, so GuQingPei once was smothered, flexible tongue overbearing into YuanYang mouth, swallowing the hot and humid inside of the mouth, greedily asking for the atmosphere belonging to GuQingPei.

GuQingPei wanted to forceful refuse him, but he can not shake YuanYang even for half a minute, his hair was messy, even if now he looked like the business man disguised, he is still overbearing rogue riffraff .

YuanYang was rudely tearing his shirt and pants, and soon GuQingPei was half - naked by him pressure on the body, YuanYang hands that closed in around him.

The two have not done any fucking in nearly two months, so its all rude and emotional - the touch of color awakened innumerable vague reminiscences in their minds that the man's body was very honest, despite the tumultuous atmosphere between them.

GuQingPei can no longer speak, he was still struggling to break free from YuanYang body, YuanYang breathing was panting, kissed GuQingPei lips kissing the skin, enjoy violating this man who he deeply desired.

GuQingPei soon he was naked, because struggling he was soon tired breathless, the skin showed attractive flushing, even if it was tightly suppressed, still fiercely looked at YuanYang, but that his half-squinting eyes are exceptionally tempting.

YuanYang rough voice said "You know, I missed you every day, dreaming all the way i wanted to fuck you ."

GuQingPei cursed "YuanYang you fucking animal."

YuanYang grabbed his shirt, tied his hands back to the bed, GuQingPei wriggled his waist, and he was gradually exhausted.

YuanYang smothered kisses down his neck all the way down, with his full of mouth sucking licking and biting, with his teeth carefully grinding pull, GuQingPei face went red, teething "YuanYang that's enough! "

YuanYang kissed his chest, his waist, his navel, and finally rubbed his nose with soft cock lurking in the grass and licking it with his tongue.

GuQingPei whole body shook like earthquake.

The two people in bed have not been exposed too much tricks, after all, YuanYang addition to other man had not been with YuanYang, he didn't let other men have him, YuanYang will not play with others , he is ashamed to put those patterns to their own body. He never imagined that he would touch his face with his mouth.

YuanYang didn't think of himself. If six months ago someone told him "you will give a man a blowjob one day," he would've beat that other man till he lost all his teeth.

But this person is GuQingPei, he thinks it does not matter.

After his temptation, YuanYang felt the trembling of GuQingPei's body, which made him excited. Anything that could control GuQingPei's desires made him excited. He liked everything that took hold of his own man.

He reached out and stroked GuQingPei's face and watched as the pretty cock hardened in his palm.

GuQingPei raised his neck, his hands were tied, only desperate twist wriggling the body trying to avoid YuanYang , but the pair looks like two people have the desire to be abusive to each other....torture rope sex fought extremely desiring to anyone who looks ...they will be experiencing nose bleeding.

YuanYang was looking at him he was fascinated, whispered " about the video thing, I'm sorry to you, I kept it, i never thought to show anyone, you looking like this, I will never give anyone see....only I can see you like this "

GuQingPei hadn't yet spoken, YuanYang has been bent over, picked up his waist pushed his hand under Gu two butts, and put his semi-hardened cock into his mouth.

"Well ... ..." GuQingPei bite the teeth, didn't want to make a sound.

YuanYang action is very inexperienced, from time to time the teeth have to scratch that delicate skin, the GuQingPei was scared covered with tremblings sensation that shoot straight to his butt muscles making him clench tasteful, but the wet zone gentle package, the friction of tongue and cock, is still unparalleled feeling good, GuQingPei only felt bloating under the abdomen, blush like to drop of blood.

YuanYang swallowed his cock whole, taking advantage of GuQingPei indulging in a suction force, GuQingPei moan covered the whole earthquake, almost caused YuanYang cock to leak out.

YuanYang looked up, licked his mouth, "comfortable?"

GuQingPei pupils had a fog in them, he opened his mouth and he was speechless.

YuanYang pulled the pillow pad under Gu waist, separated his two long legs, upright sex and the closed hole was exposed to YuanYang line of sight .

GuQingPei hands were tied , the thigh was ripped and spread apart from YuanYang left and right, lower body at a glance was exhausted, unusual sensuality, people looked at this would ha e their blood boiling.

YuanYang took the lubricant, squeezed a big blob....and he went on wiping GuQingPei in the hole.

He had enough knowledge of GuQingPei's body, inserted his fingers in as often as he could, exploring the warm, soft bowel wall and turning the brooks open.

GuQingPei closed his eyes, brow tight wrinkles.

YuanYang kisses his facial features, "Do you want me to fuck you?"

GuQingPei opened his eyes, looked at him coldly.

YuanYang contains his eyelids, "I really don't like what i see in your eyes, I really want to make your mouth to only call the voices of the bedroom, only your eyes can see me."

He took out the wet fingers, Breaking GuQingPei's buttocks, put their hard rough long cock near the wet glistening area....he was so lost he didn't hesitate to insert the hard thing into the soft hole.

GuQingPei sighed, that sigh can not be distinguish between pain or joy.

Two people in the bed has always been very fit, each time they fucked its enough for the aftertaste to last for a few days, they have not touched each other for nearly two months, this time is undoubtedly the ranging fires touched.

YuanYang had GuQingPei two thigh plated to his waist, facing the crazy corridor pumping hard up, crotch vigorously beating on GuQingPei hip, GuQingPei was hit the body before going forward, just the waist falls back once the pillow has been dropped, it will be pulled back by the prince and then inserted harder, rougher and more violently.

YuanYang is like an uncontrolled Mustang, with the most primitive forces he completely violated GuQingPei with strength, speed, so GuQingPei sounds have changed the tone.

How much he could hold back in the past and didn't make a cry, but now it was tortured by the feeling of pain and pleasure to completely lose himself, YuanYang cock made his body soft, his moaning again and again crying YuanYang name.

YuanYang untied GuQingPei's hand, then he held GuQingPei tightly in his arms, climbed in him struggling to insert it back..... GuQingPei was in a such drowning wet wood, firmly hugged the neck of YuanYang , two Naked body intertwined with each other, sweat slippery smooth skin into the bedding, moaning and groaning and heavy wheezing one after another, this sex is brutal rough brutal, not warmth, with a rich bloody and conquest, they were ......unable to stop.

Both have fallen into an unprecedented madness ...

GuQingPei fell into a coma for a long time, he woke up from the sleep with difficulties and soreness.

Recalling the last night crazy to extreme sex - thing, he is still has hot cheeks now.

Everything last night was as crazy as YuanYang, he was crazy, and they were as good as the animals in estrus.

GuQingPei began to feel trance about everything around him, and he could not even figure out why he would be here. He and YuanYang, how come they're here.

The door opened, YuanYang came in, GuQingPei want to get up from the bed, but the body is the same with the scattered bony frame.

YuanYang wore a loose dressing gown, strong chest in the front placket looming. He came over to GuQingPei pulled him from the bed and whispered " go wash your face....brush a tooth, and then we'll eat together. "

GuQingPei feet dipped on the floor....while embarrassing pain shoot up his backside, but then more uncomfortable, he didn't want to let YuanYang cuddle him in a holding , he opened his mouth, "let me go."

Husky, he himself was shocked.

YuanYang turned a deaf ear and instead hugged him, walked into the spacious bathroom and dropped him before the mirror, holding his waist from behind and supporting his body.

GuQingPei was angry, "let go."

YuanYang hugged his waist, kissing his neck, "I'm afraid you will fall."

"I fucking have legs too."

YuanYang rubbed his ass, big hand down the bottom of the thigh, "I know ... ..."

GuQingPei replied cold "I repeat, let me go, go out."

YuanYang looked GuQingPei mirror in the expression, his heart a while felt uncomfortable, he not only didn't let go, but tightened his arm, "here I am your man, is not right you should count me the whole person, i should have let you know earlier at this point, you will not be running around. "

YuanYang handed toothbrush to his mouth

" come on, or I help you? "

GuQingPei grabbed the toothbrush angrily.

The entire washing process, YuanYang has been holding his waist standing behind him, GuQingPei said he was afraid of his name, then the hard-hot cock rubbed his ass from time to time.

Until he really can stand firm, YuanYang bride was released, and he followed him downstairs to eat.

GuQingPei looked out of the room, only to see the structure of the house, is a third floor villa, small size, exquisite and elegant. Just looking out the window, there is endless space, he really doesn't know where they are.

When both of them faced their faces for dinner, GuQingPei asked him blankly. "Can you really look at me for 24 hours?"

"When I was in trouble, someone would naturally look at you." YuanYang looked at him and said, "If you don't want to stay here, call WangJing and say you quit, and then follow me to Tianjin."

"My company in WangJing has just had a great success. Why would you let me resign this time? You can not wait to see my success, do you? Are you dead set on ruining me for a while? What do I GuQingPei owe you! "GuQingPei said finally, severely fist beating the table.

YuanYang hand holding chopsticks went stiff , he slowly looked up, his eyes heavy, "where you are not good career development do you have to follow WangJing? You know he has a itch for you, you know that makes me disgusted, why Is it you choose him, who is he!!!!. "

"Because that one didnt dare to do this to me!" GuQingPei bit his teeth and said, "thanks to you and your mighty father, I GuQingPei mixed with more than a decade of achievements will see nothing left .Do you think all of Beijing city Which company would run the risk of being a prisoner and a joke, and spend an extra $ 1 million in annual salary to hire me! Who can do that? Can you not be a bastard ! "

YuanYang face a burst of red for a while, then facial muscles are a bit distorted, what GuQingPei said, stained his big ears and made him feel ashamed of anger.

He can not compare himself to WangJing, if he can have WangJing's ability, GuQingPei will not go, the reason is so simple, it makes his blood painful dripping.

GuQingPei's heart is also dripping blood, he said these words, but also to his own body felt stabbed with a knife, "Only WangJing, I don't care for what he did for what purpose, if he didn't gave me this job I GuQingPei would've been a funeral dog, gray get out of the city of Beijing, with this work, I GuQingPei, I can still sit straight, my 15 years of hard work will eventually come in for a result, the result for me.... How important are you? Do you understand? You fucking only know that you want to be good with me, only know you want to fuck me, do you think about what's good for me for the least? You are only in your own head, only you are not happy, only you are not uncomfortable, in addition, you consider who else? You say you like me, you actually don't like me, you just need me to make you happy, so you will feel the gods above....i fucking hate you."

"No!" YuanYang iron heart, this time also been stabbed into a sieve, his eyes went red, "No, I like you, I want you to be happy, I want you to live comfortably, so I will ... ... "

He said that more like whispered, and now he can give GuQingPei what? What can I get to make GuQingPei happy?

In the face of GuQingPei's question, he can not even refute.

Gu Qing-pei face in addition to disappointment and disdain, no longer had anything to sat...what left, he stoop chopsticks, "YuanYang prince, you live in a lifetime of self-centered world, I don't want to go in to you as a supporting role, I said, If you really like me, you have to learn to respect me first, or you are not eligible to talk to me like an adult. "

YuanYang clenched his fist, the ears colored red.

GuQingPei stood up, walked upstairs.

"Give me some time." YuanYang looked up and looked at GuQingPei, "I also said that give me some time, whatever WangJing can give you, I will double it to you, give me time, I'm only poor now ...give me ... Only a short time! "

GuQingPei didn't turn around, he felt his go eyes hot, he obviously didn't want to cry, but his nose soreness wad uncomfortable, he pressed his emotions, cold voice said "I have no obligation to wait for you.

The tears in YuanYang face spin in the eyes, the pupil pulled bloodshot eyes, that the tears were hanging on the edge of the cliff, may collapse at any time, "count on me please, give me time, I owe you, I will double the compensation."

"Let me go first."

YuanYang snapped "No! I will not let you go and see WangJing, even in death that is impossible."

GuQingPei didn't go back upstairs.

YuanYang shivering exhaled breath, reach out and cover his eyes.

He hated his incompetence, he can not fight against his father, but also compared to WangJing, he always thought he was a man child, but in the end it is even worse that he can not protect his own man.

He was a mistake in the whole incident, but in the end he didn't suffer the slightest impact, only GuQingPei has all the censure and humiliation, he hates his incompetence, fucking incompetence!

***Does anyone feel the pleading lover voice in YuanYang.... It breaks my heart that this happens to young budding sex rewarding BL infused ultra mega daddy boi toy in love ***

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