Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 79 Wangjing Wins This Round

Getting along for three days, GuQingPei finally determine the main purpose of this visit to WangJing, should be to persuade him to quit.

He spent the whole day thinking about it.

There are various benefits to work in WangJing companies , but there is an unavoidable problem that WangJing shows to him. Two people only see one side, WangJing has been so attentive, if you really looked up and see you can almost see it..... he dealt with WangJing every day to spend a lot of time.

Although not too difficult to do, but always a little upset to think of it.

However, all things are so-so, there must be loss.... there is nothing in the world can make people completely satisfactory without a loss, he only needs more advantages and less disadvantages, more benefits than disadvantages, it is worth a try to work for WangJing.

WangJing handed over to him a letter of appointment, it is of a great interest, just on the surface of the annual salary, it is very impressive, not to mention WangJing promised a year after the entry... shares and dividends, and he can gain access to the huge projects and superior people, these tangible and intangible assets, such as GuQingPei issued an invitation, just a little head, his career will take a huge qualitative leap.

For him now, this is almost a life-saving straw.

If he doesn't return to the business world in such a perfect jealous gesture, the last impression anyone would have of him would be a stupid gay homosexual who was forced to leave YuanLijiang company because of the spread of his bed photos..... Now he's not gonna go down back home, and then be reduced to the laughing stock of all, but if he calmly go back with WangJing's identity as a deputy, he will be patting up the people who ridicule him "Gu is always good romantic."

The reality is such bastard.

A skyrocketed, a fall into hell, thinking of these two very different landscapes, GuQingPei is increasingly feeling that they seem to have almost no choice.

Now except for WangJing, no one will give him such a chance.

If he does not take this chance, he will fall into the biggest crisis in his life. He does not know how much he needs to bear. In particular, he does not know how much his parents should bear because of him.

No wonder WangJing was with confidence, but didn't hurry him because WangJing had already looked at his situation with a clear analysis of his weakness.

GuQingPei laments the heart of WangJing can look at his own so deep, but also for his own situation felt unusually heavy.

He has been evaporating these days, has been reluctant to think about this, he doesn't want to think about those photos, he doesn't want to think about the response of others, he doesn't want to think about the consequences, because he was afraid of it all.

However, WangJing's emergence forced him back to reality. At last he stopped to analyze his predicament fall. Only then did he realize that the impact that this incident would have on him might be worse than he thought before.

With a careful analysis, he can conclude that he has almost has no escape route.

Either to accept WangJing giving him the job, or like a funeral dog dingy rolling back home with his tail between his legs.

He..... GuQingPei life has been arrogant, never lose, who told him how to accept loosing?

However, if he really went to WangJing's company, then YuanYang ...

YuanYang will be crazy and he will blow a gasket....a roaring beast ...

He still remembers YuanYang face full of pain, and his heart still lashes around in pains.

He didn't think he had reached that age, but he still enjoyed pure love. He simply was surprised to hear that he just liked being a man without any other matter anything just being with him was okay.

But he also hated YuanYang.

Just when he wanted to let go of his own fight and spare him no less than a dozen years of hard work, he started to attack him with the most embarrassing things after that had gained a modicum of calmness.

Just as he laid down his mind, it contradicted his principle of doing things, and with so great a determination that he wanted to walk down with YuanYang, he tasted the ultimate humiliation.

He can not forgive him.

GuQingPei as long as YuanYang brought him even the first pain. He fell to the bed, buried his face deep in the quilt, the kind of worried taste really he can not say, he can only quietly carry over again and again.

The door of the room was slammed, and nobody knew who it was.

GuQingPei was wiping his face, he got up and opened the door to see WangJing.

WangJing hand holding a tray, above is a sumptuous seafood pasta.

"You weren't out of your room in the afternoon, you must be hungry."

"Wang Ge, you could've called the room for the food to be sent just fine."

"Nothing to do, I'm idle anyway."

GuQingPei vacated a place from the table, the went sitting cross-legged in a chair, he was really hungry, he didn't take into account the need to eat up.

WangJing looked at him with a smile.

After GuQingPei finished eating, WangJing said "I will catch a flight to Germany for a while to attend a very important negotiation. It may take two or three days before I come back. Will you wait for me?"

GuQingPei secretly relieved, he didn't positively answer, " my planned holiday is not over yet."

WangJing laughed "When I come back, can you give me the answer? I have a project for which you are the most suitable for it ."

GuQingPei nodded, "i will wait for you to come back, I will have the answer then."

WangJing patted his shoulder, "Well, I look forward to it." He stood up,

"don't always stay in air-conditioned rooms during the day, go around to stroll, your face is really not looking very good."

GuQingPei can not help but touch his face.

WangJing laughed "Although still very handsome."

GuQingPei also smiled.

WangJing said goodbye then turned around and walked out.

GuQingPei stopped him from behind, "Wang Ge."

WangJing turned back.

GuQingPei sincerely said "Wang Ge, no matter what happens, I am very grateful to you."

When things happened, WangJing was the only one willing to help him. Even though he was willing, he could not afford to be sad.

WangJing flew him a kiss, then walked away with a smile.

When WangJing left, GuQingPei sat in front of the computer for a long time, and finally opened, and checked his own mailbox, and sure enough, there are several friends sent questions to the mail, and some asked very vaguely, and some very straightforward .

But most of them are sent from YuanYang, with a brief title directly asking where he is, what did you do today, when are you going to come back.

GuQingPei felt like he was staring at YuanYang

Reading these two words for a long time before moving the mouse, he delete all unread mail.

Then he picked up the phone, wondering for a long time to either power it on or throw the phone into the trunk. After thinking of how many missed calls and messages he received after powering on the last time, he felt haggard.

Suddenly, the landline in his room rang.

GuQingPei was surprised, he moved to the bed over there to pick up the phone.

He had not had time to speak, and there was already a voice he knew he could no longer familiarize with.

GuQingPei. "

GuQingPei surprised a moment, "YuanYang?" How could he call the phone here? But thinking of WangJing be able to find him here, YuanYang making a phone call is not surprising.

Only YuanYang tone is very strange.

The sound of YuanYang is like coming from the most gloomy abyss. The cold scalp numbs. "You and WangJing are together."

This is not a question, but THE question.

GuQingPei silent, "how do you know?"

"How do I know?"YuanYang almost sneered out of his teeth. "Should I not know that? Unfortunately, he sent pictures of both of you to my cell phone, You wanna explain it?

GuQingPei heart sank, "I have no obligation to explain to you." Finished he wanted to hang up.

"GuQingPei!" YuanYang screamed over at the other end, "Listen, I don't know what you want to do, I don't know what I fucking owe you, but you dare to fucking betray me and I will make You fucking regret looking at other men. "

GuQingPei hung up the phone. He stared hard at the ceiling and took a deep breath.

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