Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 78 [gu]wang Ge Let Me Fuck You....[wang Ge]????

GuQingPei couldn't force WangJing to go, he can only watch him live next door down from his own

WangJing went back to the room to pack up clothes, GuQingPei looked at the table rose, he kind of wanted to laugh.

What should he do with sent flowers.

YuanYang will never have such a move without any meaningful meaning, but he will give him a hot meal.

Reminisced of YuanYang, GuQingPei face slightly changed, he was forced to rub the hair with a towel, hoping to put the picture in the mind out.

Dried hair, GuQingPei changed clothes, he presumably thought WangJing will soon come to see him later. Sure enough, when more than three in the afternoon, WangJing sounded his door, to take him out for dinner.

WangJing laughed "I guess where you are too lazy to go alone, I rented a car, hired local drivers, and now time is still early, how about we stroll around the island, and then find a good restaurant to eat, this arrangement Are you satisfied?"

GuQingPei chuckle, " satisfied with Wang arrangements."

Two people get in the car, the driver took them in the vicinity of lively beach and pedestrian street shopping. WangJing changed from a serious calm in the business field face to a face with a smile, and the driver chatted lively with them.

To the pedestrian street, they went to see what fresh things should be discussed with GuQingPei.

GuQingPei said "Wang Ge its a long time you didn't come out to play ."

WangJing sighed, "it is not that, I have been to Saipan once, to a meeting, and even went swimming I didn't have to fly back in a hurry, I have been to many places over the years, but almost no time to stop and Have a good rest, play, in fact, no having time is not the main reason, mainly not accompanied by the right person. Do you understand that feeling? See beautiful, touching scenery, but not around with someone i want to share with, its very lonely . If it is only a person, in another beautiful place, scenarios are boring. "

WangJing looked at him affectionately," So now for me, this is the real vacation, because you are by my side."

GuQingPei fainted smile, didn't know how to respond.

WangJing squinted at the sun, smiling very comfortable.

Next to the driver WangJing has been holding the camera to take pictures of them. GuQingPei didn't mind too much, it touches on WangJing to work hard, took a few pictures taken on his shoulder.

Two people around in the pedestrian street, most things suitable for when they buy gift back, but two people have nothing to buy ...... A street came to an end, the driver came over to pick them up for dinner.

They were pulled into a restaurant by the sea, the scenery is excellent, because time is early, not many people were around to eat, the two sit in the window position, chatting.

They do have a lot in common language, talked about the U.S. economy from the colonial history of Saipan perspective and then they started to talk about the domestic investment situation. They exchanged a lot of information to each other

The information, was all benefit to them a lot.

WangJing is a well-informed and eloquent man, both of whom spoke in particular, and GuQingPei still likes to communicate with WangJing, not his ego, but most of the people he contacted had some sort of it brewing.

Moreover, WangJing didn't mention anything about those photographs and his departure from YuanLijiang company. This is actually a point of thanks to him. Although if WangJing asked he would not answer, but he does not want it to be mentioned by anyone.

After eating.... the two listened to the driver saying that from where they live to here its only 20 minutes walk from the hotel, no car, they were chatting while walking back.

After they returned to the hotel, they played another snooker and drank wine. GuQingPei was surprised that when he is together with WangJing together, the time flies so fast, as if not finished, it has come to sleeping time.

WangJing looked at the table, "Although I am now more than happy to stay, but its more than eleven already, Green Pei, you go to sleep, so you won't be tired tomorrow."

GuQingPei until then he felt a little tired, he yawned, "Wang brother should also rest early."

WangJing followed him back to the room, before GuQingPei could opened the door, WangJing looked at him with a smile, "I can dig a goodnight kiss. "

GuQingPei gave a non committal laugh and just patted his back with a smile, turned around and to enter.

WangJing got over him and quickly kissed him on his cheek and blinked at him, revealing a smile.

GuQingPei reluctantly shook his head, a sound of "good night", turned walked into the room.

WangJing looked at the closed door, licked his lips, showing a confident smile.

The next morning he slept until ten o'clock.

When he was in bed, he heard somebody swimming outside the window.

He lives in this room nearby there is a sea view suite, open floor to ceiling windows, going straight out there is a swimming pool, you can see the sea directly from the swimming pool. Only three rooms side by side is this type of room, it is estimated that the people next door to swim up in the morning, of course, theres a big possibility that it was WangJing.

GuQingPei woke from the bed up to wash , and then he went to the window, opening the curtains to a dazzling sunshine instant spilling into the bedroom, GuQingPei squinted, and really saw WangJing swimming.

GuQingPei opened the window to go out and sat down on the couch watching WangJing, "so early."

WangJing walked up to GuQingPei, he wiped the water on his face, smiled and said "Usually I get up at half past six on time, even if there is a time difference, I can not sleep past that, did I disturb you?

"No, just woke up."

WangJing walked closer

On the of the action of walking it makes his upper body muscles muster, that sturdy body is usually hidden in a tailored fit suit, this time -its bare show naked, surprisingly a sexy bodybuilding.

GuQingPei raised the eyebrow, subconsciously moved his gaze.

WangJing picked up the towel on the couch rubbing the body off water, while on GuQingPei said "I'm waiting for you to wake up and we can go eat together."

"Breakfast or lunch?"

WangJing hook lip smile, " anything its OK." He looked GuQingPei eyes somewhat free, he gave a shallow smile, squatting near his face with his fingers gently touched the chin, turning Gu face, " I keep the body in shape....Not bad, right?."

GuQingPei squinted with a smile "Well maintained."

WangJing laughed ambiguously "Then you're not necessarily aware of its goodness yet."

GuQingPei eyed straight at WangJing.... calm down "Wang Wang are you willing to let me?"

WangJing was stunned, "What?"

GuQingPei stretched his hand then he frivolously touched WangJing waistline, "If you want, we will not eat.....we can just know."

WangJing flashed a hint of embarrassment, fleeting, but still it was captured by GuQingPei, GuQingPei pulled back a bit, with that taunt he felt a lot of good mood.

WangJing blinked his eyes, "Who's gonna be under..... the next question, we can go to bed and discuss this."

"Or first discuss it well, before the bed"

WangJing slightly frown, "you with YuanYang ... ... I thought you were ... ..."

GuQingPei eyes flashed a trace of light amusement, quietly he asked "Do you think I was the bottom?, where did you get that from? Those photos?"

WangJing is embarrassed right now "GuQingPei, I didn't have that meaning. That is only an individual choice, there is no good or bad points if one is a bottom."

"Yes, just a personal choice." GuQingPei to re-show a calm smile, "So if Wang Wang doesn't mind , we two really can play."

WangJing bitterly laughed "I really can not accept it, but ..." WangJing bent over, with his fingers touched GuQingPei lip line, "This alone can not set me back, one day, you will willingly come and me and you will get together. "

GuQingPei partial moved his body, stood up, "we still have to go eat ."

WangJing shook his head and smiled, turned and walked back to his room.

Both didn't dine at the hotel because GuQingPei said he was tired of having an American breakfast and he wanted some porridge, so they found a Chinese restaurant on the island.

Two people sat down and chatted a few words, WangJing suddenly asked "GuQingPei, after the holidays, what are your plans?

GuQingPei stirred coffee scoop hands paused, shook his head, "To be honest, i have not think about it."

"You are a planned person, and I don't believe you'll be in a mess, even if this is unexpected."

GuQingPei smile "This time, its really chaotic.... really didn't think it out."

He had already decided to leave Beijing and prop up a "husband and wife shop" with YuanYang in his mouth. The two of them would do their business together and would naturally be well-fed.

But when YuanYang expectations were shattered with the photos, he now only wanted to be as far away as possible from all the people surname Yuan.

After the holidays exactly what he was supposed to do, he really didn't have an answer.

He was afraid it will be hard to go back to Beijing to find a job, he may go it alone, anyway, he has skills. Just need courage to return home, re-based shopping malls projects, but this also need courage.

He now does know if this matter whether his friends know, mostly he is worried about his parents know, but he didn't even have the slightest means to stop the photographs from spreading.

The more he worries about the difficulties he would face after returning home, the more he wanted to evade it.

WangJing seems to see through his mind, sincerely said "Green Pei, what i offered you before is still valid, no, it should be said that is always effective. My company's door will always be open to you, I will always welcome you such a talent you are , even if we finally really cant be together, it does not prevent me from appreciating your ability.

GuQingPei looked at his sincere look, to be honest, he was a little ambitious.

Now that his domestic situation is not good, he himself has been busy working in asset disposal for several years. In the past two years, he has only made one list. One is related to his busy schedule and the second one is also related to the economic situation. In fact, Like as a senior manager, to lead a team to struggle.

This time he would have to go at it alone, is not a very good time to do that, if he wanted to start a good project, he does not have enough funds, in this case, WangJing's olive branch was thrown to him, it is a combination of all the considerations , this was the most advantageous one for him.

Moreover, he now no longer need to feel indebted to YuanLijiang, he felt sorry for YuanYang. On the contrary, if he joins WangJing's company, he can rely on WangJing's powerful backing protection to rival YuanLijiang so that YuanLijiang will never deal with him again.

WangJing can really grasp the hearts of people, he continued "GuQingPei, I think you should think for you, for yourself

Thinking about it. Many things I doesn't want to say, just afraid you are uncomfortable, but I know, far more than you think. You and YuanYang things, gave you difficulties in Beijing, in trouble, I think other people will not have that guts to help you, but I am willing, not for anything else, only for you. "

He grasped GuQingPei's hand." Come to my company. Do you want to give up after you've worked hard in Beijing for many years? "

"GuQingPei, you are such a smart person, you know what kind of choice is best for you, I hope you can take advantage of me. "

GuQingPei was silently watching his cup of coffee, mind rolling, flexible ideas instantly helping him to accept the pros and cons not to accepted, the risk may have been clearly set out.

WangJing patted GuQingPei's hand, "We still have a holiday time so you think about it carefully, you don't have to answer me now. Use the next two days to think, with your in-depth exchange, so you can do more in my company, you can put aside personal feelings, only a single analysis of my company's prospects, and then think about your own situation, Green Pei, I believe you will make the most correct choice. "

Instead of refusing this positive moment, GuQingPei said in a low voice "Let me ... think about it."

***Wang afraid of bottoming.....LOL..***

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