Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 77 One Travels One Stay One Lurks On Others Territories

GuQingPei taxi went to the airport, YuanYang was left on the floor.

His important things have been moved to GuQingPei house, and he turned a half day in the bedroom, finally pulls out his passport.

He took his passport and wallet, then he followed GuQingPei driving to the airport.

When he was driving he contacted a friend at the airport to check on GuQingPei flight, it really was going to Saipan, so he went to the airport to buy tickets for the same destination. Only his flight will take off later than GuQingPei .....three hours later.

He didn't expect to register that even there will be a problem.

The counter lady said his passport is under control and he can not board the plane.

YuanYang repeatedly confirmed with her several times, that is such a result.

YuanYang was on fire, he called a few of his friend at the airport departure and comrades, let them help check what's going on. After a long investigation, he found out that his passport information was included in the list of senior military officers. In this regard, the country has a hard-line rule and if there is no approval document from his superiors and he can not go abroad at all. And this superior, doesn't know who he is.

YuanYang thought how this all happened....thinks only his dad can come out with such a thing, but he didn't even know how completely.

He didn't know his father had intended to get GuQingPei to go abroad....and leave YuanYang here, only that his father is monitoring him, even if he wants to go abroad that old fart knows.

He could not help but look back and thought that everyone at the airport with a suspicious and abhorrent look..... probably his father sent someone to monitor his movements.

He ended tearing up the ticket furiously.

YuanYang looked at the plane, one by one the people went to the island they had planned to go on vacation together, but he arrived at the airport didn't know even from his country he can not get out, YuanYang felt disheartened.

GuQingPei didn't know YuanYang came with him, he passed the security check, quietly waiting for the aircraft in the terminal.

His cell phone was shut down yesterday after sending a message to his parents that he went on a business trip.

Needless to say, he also knows how fast he will wear this entertainment trail in his business familiar circle. Maybe he used to be one of those golfers, but also to taking pictures of him when playing golf.... just as they had talked about as a lousy official with the mistress's pornographic relationships as interesting.

At this time, the mobile phone that allows him to establish contact with other things, apparently should not exist.

He plans to stay longer in Saipan, to avoid the limelight. This time at least to give himself a month long vacation, take a rest, his body, his heart, need a thorough rest.

Invisible to the net, how much he can escape for a period of time, playing the long waiting game, maybe he was numb, didnt dare to go back and face his problems.

But He knew that he will have to face them soon or later.

From the snow-capped Beijing to the island of flowers, GuQingPei's heart under the shine of the sun felt a little easier.

Everywhere he looked there is a strange face, no one here knows him, great.

He stayed in the hotel for three days in a row and didn't go anywhere. Sleeping every day to wake up naturally, eat breakfast, take a walk by the sea, see the sun, back to the room watching movies on a computer, or reading and listening to music.

Life could have been so pleasant, he almost forgot that he still had the ability to enjoy such a lazying time. He has always been a busy man who turns around in 365 days and spent 27 times a month on the plane. If he does not hesitate, he will panic even more than the idea of a backlog of work.

He may met innocent people after the state-owned enterprises to do meeting with the executives, he dislikes too dull life before he switched to YuanLijiang there, if not his fucking hard work he would die of boredom

Thinks its ironically.

GuQingPei decided to go to sleep, in sleep he would not have thought of anything.

Just finished washing and out the shower, when the hotel door was sounded.

He asked who was on the other end ....spewing the sentence in English, the other back to the sentence "room service", that deep and deep voice was really nice.

GuQingPei thought it was to clean the room, intending to give each of them a little tip to them then return later .....he didn't expect to open the door and almost be hit with a big bright red rose.

GuQingPei was dumbfounded.

Big rose roses reveal a pure handsome mature face, smiling spring breeze.

"Master Wang?"

Wearing a slightly funny flower shirt and looked like he didn't have time to change the suit pants, holding a large bouquet of roses stood at his door and smiled at him, it is the king


WangJing blinked his eyes, "What did you call me?"

"Wang, Wang Ge, how are you here?"

"I've sent you numerous phone calls these days and sent you countless emails, but I have been unable to contact you. I had no choice but to ... .. find you myself."

GuQingPei face hadn't come back from the surprised mode....he frowned "How did you find me?"

WangJing with a smile "I said can you forgive me?" As he said, looking aside while turning around in the flower on white chest of GuQingPei.

"Well, it does not matter." GuQingPei turned into the house. He just came out from the bathroom, wearing only a piece of bath towel, twist into the room, he turned back to WangJing then he draped a bathrobe, tied the bathrobe, the towel was pulled down, although no light was gone, but WangJing was satisfied when he looks at the long legs and the pretty butt that appear under his bathrobe when he is bending over.

WangJing came in with a rose and said, "I just got into your email address and saw your email for your hotel reservation." He dropped the flower and laughed a little less seriously, "GuQingPei, I'm just worried about You, I'm worried enough that I can not work, I can not do anything else, and if I can not see you again, I feel like I'm missing. "

GuQingPei looked at WangJing while he poured a glass of water, said lightly "Wang Ge, I didn't disappear, I just came out on vacation, didn't tell the world."

WangJing wry smile, "After that happened, everyone can not contact you, how can you not let me think about it." When he said these words, he carefully observed GuQingPei's expression.

GuQingPei had no expression, but he smiled, "okay, Wang Ge, I GuQingPei was scandalized for a few photos so that it does not matter. That thing, it is so a little shame, so I will rest for a few days, to avoid the limelight After a period of time i will go back, thank you Wang brother for caring.

WangJing frowned, whispered "GuQingPei, you always treat me as an outsider, talking to me you're always polite and unfamiliar, when you and I can be like a friend, you will tell me the truth ?

GuQingPei heart bowed down ...he didn't answer.

"I always think that we have a lot in common, so I assume I know you."

GuQingPei smiled, "Wang Ge, what we both have in common, in addition to men, is in fact, really small."

If it is WangJing, Beijing city dare to deal with Wang family, it has to do Well self-sacrifice 800 preparation. He didn't know WangJing enough to understand him, and the two never synchronized fundamentally at a deep level.

WangJing sighed softly, "GuQingPei, why do you always refuse me? Even now, you and YuanYang wanderers different alleys, next to a fork in the road to me, you are not willing to give it a try with me?"

He said very sincerely, even GuQingPei also can not avoid, he saw WangJing, somewhat embarrassed, "Wang Ge, I really don't want us to get to that state."

WangJing gently smiled, "I understand, I came this time, is to accompany you, I opened the room next door, the long you stay here, I intend to stay for that long." After that, he blinked "It will best when you invite me to stay with you in the same room and save some travel expenses."

GuQingPei fainted a smile, to deal with a variety of flirting, teasing, he has long been ample, his response, depends entirely on him and how he wants to respond.

WangJing took the towel on the chair, gently rubbed the hair to GuQingPei, "put on the hair dryer, air-conditioned room so cold, be careful with the cold."

GuQingPei caught a wrist of WangJing.

WangJing stunned, then calmly looked at him.

GuQingPei quietly said "Wang Ge, I don't have to play chastity, but I have some principles of how many people I get involved with even if me and YuanYang is a game, but I can not turn around and hello on you. And I'm not afraid of your joke but I am in a really bad state. Now that you are in front of me, GuQingPei may not be the one you want to see. I don't want to give you a blockage. I don't want to disappoint your kindness. I don't want to run my problems into you. My life status right now is not comfortable, so Wang Ge, forget me, you go back, let me be alone. "

WangJing showed a very elegant smile, he extended his long arm, surrounded the GuQingPei's shoulder, almost pulled GuQingPei in his arms, he patted GuQingPei's back, softly said "Green Pei, I Like all your different forms from the past, it makes me feel that I'm touching the real you, not the camouflaged 'Gu Zong' If you have resentment in the heart, despite venting, I am willing to share your worries and I will not go back, I didn't think this time to take advantage of the danger, I dropped everything ran, simply because, I want to be with you when youre sad.

GuQingPei opened his mouth, but didn't say anything. He sighed and closed his eyes.

***I have to say this...Let's Find Wang Ge and kill him....who is with me?***

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