Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 67 Yuanlijiang Gives an Ultimatum.... Yuanyang Gets Clingy

GuQingPei was rubbing his face, tiredly looking at Yuan-Director, whispered: "YuanDong, I need some time, I will handle it well."????

Yuan-Director was silent for a long while, he got up and walked to the door. He held in the door handle, paused, and said quietly: "Your time is not as long as you think, be fast."????

After opening the door of Yuan-Director, GuQingPei heard YuanYang rushing into the room with striking footsteps.

GuQingPei turned to look at him, watching his face in panic and anxiety, his heart thought, he really is a child.

He was alive and well back, in order to a protect the child, his finally preparation for a good future was severelyblocked. He had to find another one, where though was not so easy.

GuQingPei could not help but ask, what value? Where exactly?

YuanYang came, "What did my dad tell you."????

GuQingPei looked at him blankly, "think with your fucking brain, what do you think will be !!!."????

YuanYang opened his mouth, speechless.????

"You already know, but didn't tell me, you let me be caught by surprise, does it make you feel good to make fun of me?"????????

YuanYang slightly bowed his head.

"How did you know?" GuQingPei felt like a machine, talking loudly, but with words without passing through the brain. Every word he uttered was unconsciously set up.

"He ... saw our message." YuanYang think of their own more important things without telling GuQingPei the real reason how his dad found them out ....he felt a heavy neck his head felt hard to lift.

GuQingPei nodded, and some dull look at the front of the shelves, lightly: "You go back to your house, I want to be alone tonight."????????

YuanYang felt his throat contracting, his voice trembling, "You don't want to be separated from me."

GuQingPei eyes shifted to him, he smile a bit, "YuanYang, there is nothing to think about, years later in the future we would have to go through the separation, and how we will be separated."

"You know what I mean by the separation."

YuanYang clasped his arm tightly, "I know my dad would not agree, but I ..."

GuQingPei drew his hand, made a stopping gesture, he looked at YuanYang, " YuanYang, we are not an it? Why make YuanYang life like a mandarin duck, in fact, today's thing, sooner or later It would have happened, as early as later, it would have been exactly like this. "

YuanYang heart felt burst of pain, "So you are very happy? Finally you have managed to me?"

GuQingPei closed his eyes, "I didn't dump you, we just ended."????

He has always been a selfish man. How could he have done anything to offend the Malacca River in order to offend Malacca? He could not afford to be guilty of any crimes.

His cause, his place, everything he had worked hard for decades in Beijing, YuanLiJiang is not a man to be messed with....why should he take YuanYang to an adventure? Who is he? How could he do that stupid thing?????

Moreover, YuanYang is not man who can be considered to him as a bed partner?????

YuanYang bite biting his teeth, "End? GuQingPei, you have been looking forward to this day, right?????????

"I didn't." GuQingPei eyes were freely roaming, mind blank, he didn't know what he is saying.

"Of course, my dad won't agree, but even if you say a few words, I don't care whether you disagrees with him or not. I have to live by myself and my own rules. I choose who I am living and fucking.....and that's you."

"The fuck say what?"????????

" I Say ... ..." YuanYang lips were shaking, nose sore, " I like you."????????????

GuQingPei's eyes finally get back the focal length, he looked straight at YuanYang , dumbly: "What the hell you are saying to me ? Why? You? Do you like me? Playing with me, or owning my heart, YuanYang you a silly - asshole, muscular , really to the key thing, you can't say even say the truth..... you want to fool me and yourself?"????????

YuanYang hugged him tightly then screamed lowly, "I like you you four eyed motherfucker, I really like you! I'm not sick, I take care of you in the future.....but for now I have to rely on your home, you are still a man If i still want to live in your home, then I must be crazy for you "

GuQingPei only felt like a knife twisting his insides.... his eyes went sour,

Almost wanted to shed tears.????

YuanYang fight went out in general, he whispered: "I like you, I never intended to separate with you, you don't want to separate from me, don't want to find someone else, you can only life with me, you don't think about any other person. "

GuQingPei eyes seems to cry with a smile, "You really are a crazy man really crazy." He stretched out his hand, hugging the waist of YuanYang.????

YuanYang felt his throat opening finally some air: "Didnt you just said that you like me"????????

GuQingPei touched his head, softly: "a little ........well a lot ."????

YuanYang body was trembling, then he tightly hugged him, almost felt like his waist was broken, so that he even became poor of breathing, but he felt that kind of pressure is full of security.

It is true that he is more and more going and back, and he is thirty-one, going around the hurdles and a little boy involved in the fray makes everything unclear, in the end only to find that they have all kinds of loss of performance, as if they were in love.

He said it was not a good time, but a bad start, when he didn't know exactly when to start tearing up YuanYang .

The most sad thing is that YuanYang was beside him, he was often because of each naive and upset, can be really forced Gu to take a break from him.????

How did he get out of this door just a week ago, how to end this holiday, how to end this relationship? He stopped here because he didn't want to go down any further. For the foreseeable future, the road will only become muddy and bumpy, and it won't be cost-effective to keep going.

GuQingPei was so confused for the first time. Reason to tell him he should cut off a clean, otherwise certainly loss, but he ...

YuanYang inhaled his nose, and let go GuQingPei, his face hung with complex emotions, "don't want you to be separated from me, my dad is over there, I will solve this, I promise I won't let you suffer."????????

GuQingPei ruffled his hair, "YuanYang , don't think things are so simple, how you offended Yuan-Director doesn't matter, but I can't afford to offend him in the same way." He lowered his head, "I really can't afford to offend."????????

"My dad won't be like you, I will protect you, I will ..."????

"What do you have to protect me?" GuQingPei looked at him and said, "You are nothing now, YuanYang .....maybe in the past I would have been okay with it.... but now I have many things that I can't bear to let go of ."????

YuanYang grabbed his arm, teething: " whatever you want, I will give you in the future, I will give you, it all..... but you can't leave me now, you are mine,........ no one can separate us.... let alone my dad, anyone, any person "

GuQingPei bowed his head, "YuanYang, you go back, I now ... ... really want to be alone for a while."

He looked at him in a hesitant way. Finally, he raised his chin and kissed him heavily and whispered: "GuQingPei, I won't give you up to anybody."

GuQingPei bowed his head, "go back."????

YuanYang clenched his fist, turned away.

GuQingPei sat down in a chair, looking at his study, the picture seems freeze frame, and his eyes were packed full, but nothing seems to be seen.

Not and original house it was , open and warm heating, but also make him warm from the heart chill.????

His heart would be pulled into a mess when it came to the thought that their days of harmony might no longer be enjoyed in the future

There are many things in the world, that are very difficult, and to give up some people's feelings of attachment, is simply as stripping their own internal organs generally difficult. Because if a person is already in the heart, he is there, memory, sight, the house, and in the future picture.

Throw away all these, exactly how much willpower does he has? GuQingPei doesn't want to think about it.????

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