Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 55 Yuan Yang Your Jealous Will be the End of You

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In the morning when the sky was still dark, Yuan Yang woke up.

Yuan Yang has the habit of getting up early to run and his biological clock is particularly accurate. But the feeling of holding Gu Qing Pei in his arms was really good. Gu Qing Pei was warm and comfortable. yuan Yang nose was filled with the scent of Gu Qing Pei body. Gu Qing Pei's warm skin was on his chest. The feeling of tight fit allowed him to show his ownership of this clearly and clearly, he could not bear it.

He nuzzled Gu Qing Pei's neck with his nose and gently stroked Gu Qing Peing's back. If Gu Qing Pei just sleeps in his arms so well, at least Yuan Yang does not hear those words he does not want to hear.

After such a move, Gu Qing Pei still awoke. He half-squinted and huskily said: "Are you awake? What time is it?"

"Five o'clock."

"You are going for a run?"


Gu Qing Pei closed his yes, and then open, "I have to ... ... I have to go back to the room." The

Yuan Yang sullen murmured: "Do not return it does not matter."

"What if the maid looked at my room in the morning what am I going to do."

"What is there to do."

Gu Qing Yu screamed at him with low voice: "Are you confused? We are in your house. Your parents may find outat any time."

"So what if they find out?"

The two words were all ringing all over and the room was unusually quiet.

No one knows what will happen.

Yuan Yang can speak this sentence with careless tone, but Gu Qing Pei is afraid to think about the consequences.

He was shocked to say this to himself. He never thought of letting his parents know that he had a relationship with a man. It wasn't fear. He just thought about their reaction and felt upset by it.

However, if it is Gu Qing Pei, what do you know? Maybe everyone knows, Gu Qing Pei can't go back and Yuan Yang will follow him willingly.

He didn't know how Yuan Yang would think. He knew that this idea was wrong, but he couldn't suppress it.

Yuan Yang dumped his head, jumped out of bed, while wearing clothes and said: "Get up, I'll take you back to the room."

When Gu Qing Pei heard this he was relieved, quietly he rummaged under the bed to wear clothes.

At that point, he did not want to get in touch with him. Yuan Yang gaze was unknowingly caught in the bottom parts of Gu body. Gu tightened his clothes.

The room arranged for Gu Qing Pei was next door to Yuan Yang room. Yuan Yang took him back to the room and couldn't go on his own.

After Gu Qing Pei returned to his room, he was in bed and could not sleep even though it was only five in the morning. In fact, he is clearly very sleepy. Not only has these days he has been busy with work. Last night's sexual activity was exhausting He should be able to sleep with his eyes closed, but he could not sleep.

Gu Qing Pei is a person who has received special recognition if his sorroundings if the environment is unfamiliar, the feeling is not correct, the mattress is too soft, and the pillow is too high, which makes it difficult for him to sleep. The most important thing is that there should be someone around him.

All of his familiar sleep conditions are not available here. He realized that he fell asleep in Yuan Yang's room because Yuan Yang had given him a similar feeling of his surroundings. He couldn't sleep in the room because...

Gu Qing Pei turned over and looked blankly at the floor lamp rack.

Because of Yuan Yang

Gu had a strange feeling that he was stuck with something. The middle of the two of them they seems to be separated by a layer of frosted glass, and they can see each other's shadows, but they can't see each other's true colors. What are they lacking is it going to make the relationship worse?

Gu Qing Pei could not figure it out. He felt that his heart seemed to be blinded by something. The vague, sticky feeling was terrible.

There was obviously no benefit to being swatted in the same bed as Yuan Yang, but if he think of what Peng said unintentionally that day, he would not be able to lay down and congratulate him. Yuan Yang was like a fry-browed rooster and aggressive.

Many things he analyze of his relationship with Yuan Yang had major drawbacks, that could not be corrected, which made him even more tired.

Gu Qing Pei closed his eyes and deeply sighed. His chest was stuffy and he felt almost breathless.

More than six in the morning, the maid called Gu Qing Pei to get up.

Gu Qing Pei washed a bit and went downstairs. The family of three had been sitting at the table for breakfast early.

Gu smiled and said. "Sorry slept a bit late."

Wu Jinglan looked at the watch and smiled and said: "It is not too late. At this time most have to get up and go to work."

Gu Qing Pei looked at the family and felt a bit of emotion. He has been in the capital for more than a decade and has been mingling with the most junior assistants. He has since been politely called "Mr. Gu".

Over the years, he has seen all kinds of cYuan Yangcters and contacts. The princelings and rich families are numerous and ever so present. Most of these people are not bad people, but there are a number of bad things that these people can't understand.

Yuan Yang is like them, but he is definitely the most diligent and most nitpicky of all the princelings whom Gu Qing Pei has met. Although Yuan Yang ambiguous, he has not seen anyone being oppressed by the forces of Yuan Yang family. At best the man just favors using his own fist.

Gu Qing Pei sometimes feels that Yuan Yang is guilty of miscellaneous hooliganism accounts, and sometimes he feels that this kid is really doing something entirely on his own, and he is simply plain and straightforward.

The former looked at him with black and white eyes and pushed the porridge in front of him. "Hurry up and eat or you'll be late."

Yuan Lijiang smiled and gave them a look. "Yangs Er Oh, yes, you're right now he has also the concept of time. "

Yuan Yang lips curled at his father," My concept of time is a hundred times stronger than yours, have you tried to decide a bomb with fifteen seconds? "

"Then why when you come to work you are always late. "

Yuan Yang salty words is not on short he said: "That depends on the value of work and if if its worth my time."

Yuan Yang father snorted, "Now its worth your time?"

Yuan Yang looked at Gu Qing Yang and gave a noncommittal shrug.

Gu Qing Pei disguised his ire: "Now he is willing to abide by the company's regulations."

Wu Jinglan laughed: "This is right. Formerly, there are rules that he needed to abide by in any place. At this point, there is no difference between the troops and the company. Do not think that you can get differential treatment. Now he can put his mind on work. It is directly related to Gu non-discriminatory teaching. As a mother, I want to thank you."

Gu Qing Pei said politely: "It was Yuan Yang talent I just played a guiding role in the right time. Recent lawsuits and several projects he was involved in and he did well next week I intend to issued documents, award him a bonus, Yuan Yang, this is the first real sense of money on you, on your own income."

Yuan Yang mouth was slightly highe like he wanted to laugh, but it was not too funny to laugh.

What he cares about is not a bonus, but when Gu Qing Pei praised him in front of his parents. It felt good.

Both Lijiang and Wu Jinglan were very happy and thanked Gu Qing Pei.

After the meal, Yuan Yang pulled Gu Qing Pei and they went to the company.

Since Yuan family house was far away from the company, then coworkers did not know if they were particularly blocked today. They still arrived late for more than 20 minutes.

Gu Qing said: "We were late, let Zhang Xia record it, late comer punishment should be deducted from the wages."

Yuan Yang shouted: "I know." After he turned off the car he turned to look at Gu Qing Pei.

Gu Qing Pei has opened the door intend to get off, but after seeing Yuan Yang eyes he came back in the car and asked, "What is it?"

"You really gave me a bonus?"

"Of course, thats what I said."

Yuan Yang lowered his eyes, "Do you really think I did a good job ?"

"Greater progress than before."

Yuan Yang ambiguously said: "Even if you praise me, even if you give me money, I will not move out of your house "

Gu Qing Pei did not give him a positive response, he just patted his hand, "Let's go, it is late."

Gu Qing Pei's body was stiff as he was trying to get out of the car," Do whatever you want. "

Yuan Yang hugged his waist from behind, whispered: "I like to live with you, I do not want to move."

Gu Qing stilled.

Yuan Yang had to bite the bullet and said: "Anyway, you do not want to rush me away." Then Yuan Yang sat back in the car looking at the back of Gu Qing Pei body from a few meters away, only disappointed turning the car to underground carpark, then he followed him upstairs.

Entering the company, Zhang Xia meet up with Gu and looked a bit strange, "General Gu there is a lady looking for you."

"Oh! Who?"

"She said her name was Zhao, your old friend."

Gu Qing Pei Thinking that it might be Zhao Yuan, Zhang Xia was instructed to delay the meeting and he walked to the reception room. The his hearing was very clear and he could hear it immediately. He burned it and he followed him with him.

Gu Qing Pei opened the door and saw a woman standing in front of the window and looking out the window. The dark, dark hair was scattered on her back elegantly.

" Yuan Yuan." Zhao Yuan looked back and she smiled. "Yeah, you're here. I was assing through your company, I wanted to just take a look."

Yuan Yang squeezes in and his face looked hostile.

So this is Zhao Yuan.

Even though he had seen the woman's photo, the passport was too dull and she looked ordinary. He could see that the real reason why Gu found this woman attractive she was full of mature and intellectual atmosphere. Although her facial features were not elaborate, she was were dressed dull but looked very sexy and charming.

Zhao Yuan looked surprised and looked at Yuan Yang . "Is this?"

Gu Qing Pei came forward: "My assistant." He noticed that Zhao Yuan's face was not very good. She must have something to find him. Then Gu said, "Come with me to the office."

He brought Zhao Yuan back to his office. Yuan Yang still wanted to go in. Gu Qing Pei turned him to the door and gave him a warning look.

Yuan Yang face was slightly surprised. Gu Qing Pei had already closed the door in front of him, which made him very annoyed.

He tried desperately to resist the urge to kick the door and stick it around the door to hear what they were talking about. However, the solid wood door in the president's office was very thick and he could just barely hear the voice coming from inside, but could not hear what was being said.

Yuan Yang hand rested on the door handle, hesitant to rush in.

"Yuan Yuan, if you come to me early this morning, you must have something to important to say and not just pass around here." Gu Qing Pei gave Zhao Yuan a cup of water and motioned for her to sit.

Zhao Yuan refused to sit, she just drunk it and, smiled at him, "I quarreled with him, I may not go through with the relationship, and my heart uncomfortable, so I wanted to come to you to talk."

Gu Qing Yan sighed, "Because of what?"

"He's too naive really, can you see it? A man in his thirties is that immature. Compared to you, he's far worse. You used to..."

Gu Qing Pei interrupted her, said sharply: "Yuan Yuan, you can not always compare someone else to me."

Zhao Yuan whined, then her eyes were red, and she choked and said: " Then who should I blame for this."

Qing Gu Pei said:. "Blame me,"

Zhao Yuan snorted, "Qing Pei, I have known you for many years, and sometimes when I think about it I really hate you."

Qing Gu Pei nodded his head his eyes were downcast, "I know."

Zhao Yuan grunted, groaning: "I hate you in particular, why can't you fall in love with me."

Gu Qing Pei reached out and held her in her arms, tenderly stroking her hair, softly said: " Yuan Yuan, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He raised his head and his face was mixed with guilt and pain.

Zhao Yuan closed her eyes and laid in his arms.

At this time, the door was abruptly opened. Yuan Yang face looked very unabashedly and he it hard: "Mr. Gu, the meeting at nine o'clock, it is time to proceed with it."

He looked at Zhao Yuan's nestled in Gu Qing Peing's arms with tears. The pitiful look, Yuan Yang wanted to throw this woman down the window.

Zhao Yuan looked up at the young man with fright.

Gu Qing Pei screamed at him: "Postpone it and get out."

Yuan Yang grinned: "No delay notice has been sent out, and everyone is waiting for you in the conference room."

Zhang Xia's work has always been careful. Gu Qing Pei did not believe what Yuan Yang said. He was clearly was looking for him.

Gu Qing Pei's face was black and his voice cold. "I repeat, get out."

Yuan Yang stepped into the office and slammed the door. "What if I don't go out so what? You can continue in front of me."

Zhao Yuan was surprised and she looked back and forth between them, and she understood why he came over. She wiped her tears and couldn't hide her face. "You and he... Well, I'll go back first."

"Yuan Yuan, you don't have to leave. We can talk about it."

"No, no, I'm in a bad state today. I'm going." Zhao Yuan wiped his eyes hard, grabbed his bag and ran away.

After Gu Qing Pei took two steps, he stopped in front of Yuan Yang a hurry. He scolded Yuan Yang fiercely and yelled in anger "Get out of the way."

Yuan Yang stricken voice up."Did you not like women, your own? What was the meaning hugging an ex-wife?"

Gu Qing Pei's whole body felt like it was caught in a fire. "This is a matter between us. It has a fucking zero anything to do with you."

Gu Qing Pei's getting in anger is so rare. The first time he gave Gu Qing Pei medicine, there was this anger. Is it the same in Gu Qing Pei's heart that him drugging and offending him and offending his ex-wife is treated as the same thing?

That woman is so important? !

Yuan Yang screamed in anger: "On his mother a stink girl, as you like it?"

Gu Qing Pei stepped forward two steps and slapped Yuan Yang face.

Yuan Yang was shocked.

Gu Qing Pei pointed a finger to his nose and said coldly, "Don't say bad things about her in front of me. You're not worth it."

Afterwards, he walked outside the door.

Yuan Yang anger was ignited. He jerked around and pressed Gu Qing Pei's shoulder to the wall. He said wickedly, "You say that again, you, you are a fool, you are a slut dare to ... "

Yuan Yang never felt so wronged.

The two men roared at each other. After a long time, Gu Qing Pei dropped his shoulders. "Let me go."

"Let you go? I want to fucking kill you!"

Gu Qing Pei looked at him tiredly. "I'm afraid I could you a lifetime, and you'll never be sensible. I owe too much to Zhao Yuan. I almost ruined her for a lifetime. I've not done anything wrong in my life, and I'm not happy anymore. I'm sorry for herthis is the woman who really loved me. You can understand it, understand it, even if you can't understand it let go of me. I don't want to say anything more to you."

Yuan Yang licked lips shivered and wanted to said something.

Yuan Yang kicked on the sofa, he sat down, hugged his head, his heartache was drowning him.


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