Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 39 Zipper Underwear....payback is a Bitch


Gu Qing Pei won two hundred thousand but Wang Jing won three hundred thousand, so Wang Jing took them to the East for dinner. The group of people entered a seafood restaurant and since it was a big group, he rented a box room to eat.

Yuan Yang wanted to grab Gu Qing Pei and go home, but seeing his spirited look.....and the fact that he has begun to talk about cooperation projects with Wang Jing, he couldn't.

The two talked so much about speculation that they did not even look at Yuan Yang.

Yuan Yang sulked the whole afternoon on being ignored blatantly. The more he looked Wang Jing, the more the Wang Jing's smile turned hypocritical. But when he was looking at Gu Qing Pei, his eyes were calculative.

Gu Qing Pei mentioned several promising projects when eating. He was born a high quality orator with elegant words. The prospect of several projects were described excitingly. Yuan Yang already knew several of the projects and some did not solve the dispute over property rights. Gu Qing Pei was quite clever in his speech.

Gu Qing Pei absolutely could not lose in the bragging game.

After dinner, Yuan Yang wanted to drive Gu home but Wang Jing wanted to accompany Gu Qing Pei home and drop him off. Yuan Yang was waiting in the car near the restaurant door.

Wang Jing was slightly drunk, and no one knew if it was intentional or not, but he pasted himself to Gu Qing Pei's side boldly.

Gu Qing Pei quickly grabbed him and laughed, "Wang Ge.... alcohol consumption is too much. You're worrying me ah, but also wanted to fill me with more wine ah."

Wang Jing waved his hand and waved, "My bad, did not examine the enemy."

Wine= Enemy..... I think

"Wang, your car is here get in first."

"No, I will wait for you to get into yours first." Wang Jing was clinging to his waist without a trace of shame and gave a light laugh. "Gu, today ....whether it was playing or eating, I was very happy. The project you mentioned today, can you send me the details to my mail later? I will seriously consider my wine consumption the next time I treat you to a meal."

"It is my pleasure to get to know Wang. I'm honoured by Brother Wang paying attention to the future, even if he is busy. Wang Ge, do call me if you have doubts after reading the information. I am ready to answer your question."

"Well, Mr. Gu, your car is here."

Through the windshield, Yuan Yang saw the way Wang Jing had wrapped his hand around Gu Qing Pei's waist. His eyes burnt with anger and jealousy and his foot automatically stepped on the accelerator and the car went sped up suddenly. He rushed past them and stopped only when he reached them, startling them both. Gu and Wang Jing were both scared.

After Yuan Yang got off, Gu Qing Pei angrily reprimanded him, "You ....are you a blind driver?"

Wang Jing's face was not very good. Every feeling was magnified when one was drunk. So even a little fear could be really a bit scary.

Yuan Yang with no sincerity, said, "Instead of the brake, I stepped on the accelerator. It was my mistake."

Wang Jing shook his head, he walked up to the car with drunken swagger. He gracefully opened the door for Gu Qing Pei despite his not so sober state. He smiled brightly and too intimately at Gu, "Mr. Gu ...get in."

Gu Qing Pei bid him goodbye and got into the car.

Yuan Yang could not wait to drive away.

He looked at Gu through the rear view mirror. Gu Qing Pei's eyes were closed as thought he had slept. Yuan Yang couldn't hold it in any longer and spoke harshly, "You and boss Wang Jing talked about many things ah?"

Gu Qing Pei lazily replied with his eyes closed, "He is a very capable person and since we are closer to each other in age, we have many things to talk about. I enjoyed exchanging ideas with him."

Yuan Yang controlled his anger with difficulty but he could not help but provoke Gu, "And you can't talk to me about these things....right?"

"I told you...what would I talk to you about? The difficulties of starting a business, or about the stock market? Should I discuss with you about the management? Or obtaining capital? Can you discuss politics with me? Young Master is ignorant, you tell me.... What do you want me to talk to you about?"

Yuan Yang suddenly slammed on the brake.

Gu Qing Pei's body suddenly pelted forward, his breath escaping him compressed by the seat belt.

Yuan Yang gave off evil vibes, his hands on the steering wheel trembled slightly. Although Gu Qing Pei's words were harsh, he knew they were the truth. Seriously, he had never had a calm, rational discussion with Gu Qing Pei other than fighting with him aggressively. They constantly tried to get one over the other, shaming each other when the chance was given. Their talks always in the end, often become each other attacks and ironies.

The thought of Wang Jing spending the whole evening happily chatting with Gu Qing Pei left a bad after taste in Yuan Yang's mouth. It made him angry-angry enough to want to hit people. He had never before been ashamed of his own short comings like this. The fact that he could not even hold a proper conversation with Gu showed him how ignorant he was. It only left him with shame.

Gu Qing Pei propped himself back and shouted at him, "Damn.... can you drive a little slowly, I almost vomited."

Yuan Yang's evil voice spouted more nonsense, "You deserve it." He restarted the car, his eyes still blazing.

He resentfully thought that sex between them was enough to hold Gu to him and they didn't need to talk to anything else. He was only pacifying himself and to be successfully at that. Even thinking so, did not make him feel calm, but gradually got worse.

Yuan Yang dropped Gu off and followed behind him, up the stairs.

Gu Qing Pei looked at him, "You're not going back?"

"It's too late and I'm too lazy to drive." He took off his shoes, and like he was back at his own home, he went into the house.

Gu Qing Pei was too lazy to stop went in with him. He went to the bathroom and took a shower. When he came out, he saw Yuan Yang still sitting on the couch, looking out the window.

The shower made him a little sober and Gu felt awake. "Are you going to sit there staring at the window for the entire night?"

Yuan Yang turned back and took in his appearance. Gu Qing Pei looked fresh and wet from the shower. Yuan Yang's heart felt much better.

He stood up, leaned over and sniffed Gu Qing Pei's hair, "Ah, the wine smell is washed away."

Gu Qing Pei yawned and turned away towards the bedroom, "I'm tired, you're free to do whatever you want."

When Yuan Yang got out of bath, Gu Qing Pei was already deeply asleep, buried comfortably in the quilt, his breathing smooth and even.

Yuan Yang climbed into the bed, opened the quilt and dug inside. He looked at Gu Qing Pei's head, and his heart was unsatisfied seeing Gu's back turned to him.

He reached out and turned Gu Qing Pei over.

Gu Qing Pei peered at him sleepily, "What do you want now? I am sleepy."

"I'm not stopping you from sleeping, you're just not allowed to sleep with your back to me."

Gu Qing Pei was too sleepy to argue with him. He turned his body and he closed his eyes.

Yuan Yang switched off the lights and looked at Gu's face highlighted by the moonlight.

Although it was dark, Gu facial features could still be seen clearly.

Yuan Yang could not help kissing his nose.

Gu Qing Pei wrinkled his nose but he did not open his eyes.

Yuan Yang knew he slept but still he whispered, "I hate that man with the surname Wang, you should have less contact with him." He then wrapped Gu in his arms and slowly sank into sleep, satisfied.

Gu Qing Pei opened his eyes once, stared at Yuan Yang's handsome face close to his, and his eyes flashed with the moonlight.

When Gu woke up the next morning, Yuan Yang was already awake and running back and forth in the kitchen. The breakfast was ready.

"Eat." Yuan Yang tone had some frostiness, obviously, yesterday's things have not passed away.

"You are quite diligent in this regard."

Yuan Yang carelessly said, "It is already simple and easy to live.....what is difficult about that?"

Gu Qing Pei ate quietly, "Lawyer Xhaoy asked me to visit XX city. He gave a link to the leadership of the city, let us do the work to promote the verdict rushed down. You will introduce the vice president to me, I want to talk to him. Especially about the benefits and I can't rest peacefully assigning such important task to others."


"This trip is to be a kept secret, do not tell others."

"Yeah." Yuan Yang continued to dig into his food.

Gu Qing Pei frowned at him, his eyebrows knit in tension, "What happened today? You're so quiet...speaking less than your usual 80 words per second did you forgot to charge your mouth?"

Yuan Yang glared at him, "You're the one who said we have nothing to talk about....and if I speak less makes Gu dissatisfied?"

"You're still pissed about a woman who is no more in my life, Yuan Yuan before ..." Gu Qing Pei realised he should not talk about that and shut his mouth immediately.

Sure enough, Yuan Yang raised his head, narrowing his eyes and looked at him menacingly, "Yuan Yuan? Your ex-wife? What happened to her?"

Gu Qing Pei frowned at him, "How do you know Yuan Yuan is my ex-wife? You investigated me? Is this how you use your power? To investigate me for non-sense?"

Yuan Yang pointed at him with his chopsticks, "Since it's your ex-wife, why are you still talking to her? I thought you were gay?"

"We are now friends." Gu Qing Pei did not want to talk about this issue, he shut himself off. "Don't ask any more about this in the future."

Yuan Yang just couldn't shut up, "Fine I won't ask you. I will ask my childhood friends who works in the public security system for details."

Gu Qing Pei said: "Even so....."

Yuan Yang's face turned ugly, "Who the fucking is investigating about your business, and be less self-righteous snob..... Hurry and eat up, where do you find the energy to speak so much nonsense this early in the morning?"

Gu Qing Pei buried his face inside his bowl and ignored him.

Yuan Yang was plainly irritated as he sat there staring at Gu while he ate his breakfast.

When driving to work, Yuan Yang did not talk to Gu Qing Pei, and Gu felt relieved in the car for a while.

For a whole day, Yuan Yang didn't appear in his office as well.

This was actually very fresh. Usually Yuan Yang was almost childish in doing things. All he loved to do was run to his office, because he loved the "comfortable office sofa". He stole Gu's bed at noon. But today he didn't even showed his face, did not even bring him lunch at noon.

This quietness......Gu Qing Pei was not used to it.

He laughed at himself in his heart for a few minutes. It seemed like he has gotten accustomed to the little fucker. When Yuan Yang decided not to bother him suddenly, Gu felt lonely and dissatisfied.

He wasn't accustomed to the quietness but still there were things he had to take care of. Gu Qing Pei sat back, feeling relaxed. Yuan Yang had done a good job not to come pick him up from work for lunch. He walked to a nearby Thai restaurant for lunch, avoiding the peak hour and then took a taxi back to the office.

Perhaps today he should take the ladies in the company to eat or watch a movie. They usually worked very hard.

Gu Qing Pei summoned Zhang Xia into his office.

After a while, Zhang Xia knocked on the door.

Gu Qing Pei leaned back in his chair and looked at him smilingly. "Little Zhang, What's the movie running in the theatres recently?"

"Well, there's a huge hit liked by all recently, the movie was taken at sea, amid a storm or something. I've forgotten the name."

"Could you ask the ladies if they want to watch a movie with me tonight? The tickets are sponsored by me."

"Wow, really Gu Gu?"

Gu Qing Pei laughed at her enthusiasm. "After the movie, we do not have to hurry back, there is a good restaurant near the company. I have friends here who brought back wine from France, a good wine. Why don't we go out for dinner and share it? I haven't mingled with all of you for a long time and since Yuan Yang is not here, I'll treat you."

Zhang Xia happily replied, "Thank you, President I will tell them."

After work, around twenty to thirty ladies stayed back. Gu Qing Pei finished handling things at his desk and got ready to go out. Just then Yuan Yang was back.

Gu Qing Pei was surprised to see Yuan Yang, "Why did you come back?"

Yuan Yang raised his eyebrows, "I am here to work, how can I not come back?"

"I am going to take them to see a movie and then dinner, wanna tag along?"

"I've heard," Yuan Yang looked at him, and puffed his chest, "I am your driver, where you go, I follow of course."

"If you don't want to go then stay back. There's no need to force yourself."

"I'm going." Yuan Yang stared at him rudely, "If I let you go alone, who knows whom you will pick up and bring home."

Gu Qing Pei frowned, "What nonsense are you talking now?"

Yuan Yang picked up Gu's computer bag and said, "Let's go, Gu Zong."

At dinner time, the young people in the company cheerful drank the newly opened bottle. Gu Qing Pei gave them company since it was his treat and he was respected in this circle as well. He was able to hold his alcohol but the people who drank more than two cups were high and they had to return home ahead of schedule.

They later moved to watch an American movie. The movie was about a ship stuck in the storm and the 3D visual effects were done very well. Only ten minutes into the movie, the storm began, and everyone was engrossed in the movie. Yuan Yang was seated next to Gu Qing Pei, and his mind was not on the movie, but on Gu Qing Pei's body.

He endured it as much as he could and when he finally couldn't, he lowered his voice and said, "Why did you divorce Zhao Yuan?"

Gu Qing Pei ignored him the first time, but Yuan Yang persisted in asking him. Gu Qing Pei continued looking at the screen, but his mouth moved, "Ask me later, not now."

"You all I want."

Gu Qing Pei sighed, "Because I was gay. Is the answer to your satisfaction?"

Yuan Yang curled his lip in satisfaction, "Yes."

Silence reigned for a while and Yuan Yang gathered courage to ask the next question, "Then you will get married again? Your parents did not force you?"

Gu Qing Pei was still intently watching the screen, but he still commented in an impatient tone, "You are way too curious."

"Answer the question."

"It has nothing to do with you."

Yuan Yang's face sank.

Just when Gu Qing Pei assumed Yuan Yang had finally let him watch the movie in peace, a hand crept up his thigh and touched his crotch. It scared him shit.

His long overcoat covered his legs and while Yuan Yang watched the movie intently, his hand quietly drilled under the coat and grabbed his cock over his pants.

Gu Qing Pei's face paled and then he turned and glared at Yuan Yang. The younger man proudly looked at him, and even provocatively poked his balls with his nimble fingers and squeezed his cock.

Gu Qing Pei panted and gritted his teeth, "Are you crazy?"

They were sitting in the corner of the theatre and although the cinema is very dark, but as long as someone can turn around slightly they can see what the two of them were doing.

Fortunately at this time, the film was at its most intense peak and no one bothered to check them out. Although Gu Qing Pei was nervous, he was also strangely excited and broke out in cold sweat.

Gu Qing Pei said, " let go."

Yuan Yang cast a satisfied smile and sat back, but his naughty hand instead of retreating, opened the zip and brazenly moved into Gu pants.

Gu Qing Pei trembled and had to cover his lower body tightly with the coat, but he could not make the teasing hand stop. He just hunched over, trying to maintain his poker face but the horrific hand simply made more outrageously, digging deeper and deeper in.

Gu Qing Pei glowered at him, and whispered, "Enough."

Yuan Yang seeing the nasty expression on Gu's face, felt depressed for some reason and pulled his hand back.

Gu Qing Pei felt relieved once he was released but he was not in the mood for the movie anymore. After the movie was over, the crowd rushed to the toilet by eleven o'clock. There were several female colleagues with them. Gu Qing Pei and Yuan Yang waited in the car for them to come back, so they could drop them all home.

Yuan Yang just sat in the car, and stared out the open window, wanting to smoke.

Gu Qing Pei snatched his cigarette, bent it off and threw it in the trash.

Yuan Yang glanced at him, "What are you doing?"

Gu Qing Pei smiled and leaned back, "Just in the cinema you felt quite passionate make fun of me?" Gu Qing Pei said this and placed his hand on Yuan Yang's crotch and pressed him.

Yuan Yang was stunned speechless. Gu Qing Pei has never been so active.....then he spoke some neat, "still it was...quite fun. I now understand you haven't slept with another man before now. Your hands are not very proficient, or maybe you haven't practised enough eh?" Gu Qing Pei slid open his zipper, and deliberately forced Yuan Yang cock out.

For Yuan Yang, this was the first time since he started playing with Gu Qing Pei, the man has taken initiative. Gu laughed excitedly, and whispered in his ear, "I haven't slept with a lot of men but all men know how to masturbate, right?"

Yuan Yang pulled up the window and with one hand fixed on back of Gu Qing Pei's head, he brought Gu's lips closer and dove in for a kiss. He kissed him repeatedly and urged his hand to move faster.

Gu Qing Pei did not let him down, and moved his slender, flexible fingers skilfully and kneaded his awakening cock.

Yuan Yang's breathing turned harsh and uneven like he had been running a long distance and anyone seeing this scene would get confused. Just as he teased Gu Qing Pei with his tongue, Gu Qing Pei suddenly stuffed his cock back into his underwear and pushed him back. "They are back, and you get off and run to the bus stop. There's not enough space in the car."

"Ah?" Yuan Yang did not understand what was going on. He only stood dumbly as Gu reached out, opened the door and pushed him out.

They were parked in the front, and they were surrounded by all people who were watching the movie ready to go home.

Yuan Yang was pushed out from the car suddenly and the people nearby couldn't help but look at him. They also saw his zipper was open.

Along with the strangers, even the female colleagues working with him checked out his open zipper. Yuan Yang also looked down as the people around him started laughing. He saw his exposed black underwear and his ears turned red.

His colleagues and stranger laughed together at him.

Yuan Yang's face became hot, and quickly tried to pull up the zipper. But it didn't budge. He looked closely and saw his zipper was damaged.

He strode closer to the driver's window and narrowed his eyes at Gu, gritting his teeth, "Was it your doing?"

Gu Qing Pei gave him a gentle smile, "Just enough to make you feel breezy."

There was no chance to teach Gu a harsh lesson as the female colleagues had already climbed into the car. Yuan Yang could only grit his teeth and walk all the way to the bus stop, seething in fury.

Gu first dropped all the ladies back at their places and then went home. He finished his bath and dried his hair and by them it was half past two already. He was tired and sleepy but decided to wait for a while more. Yuan Yang....that brat might come anytime and take revenge on him. Gu was almost betting his family name on it.

It was better to wait for him to pounce than be asleep and then be woken mid-sleep ferociously.


haha Gu is worried of Yuan Yang punishment to him...

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