Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 120 The Tale of Wang Jing

A black car running smoothly passing through the city filled with a little bit of Chinese lanterns, shuttle in the shade between the cascades, gradually slip through into the quiet night here.

Some depressing atmosphere in the car, the background sound was only dulled sound issued by the car engine..... suddenly, a burst of a cell phone ringing killed the silence of the quietness in the air.

The driver's eyes moved to the rear-view mirror, the rearview mirror reflected a handsome face with a high nose, sculpture-like facial features and closed eyes so that he exudes a sense of alienation, elegancy and sophisticated dark suit lining that extremely elegant temperament body.

Ringer continues ringing, the driver whispered "Wang Dong ... ..."

The driver glanced down at the cellphone being charged "It is General Gu."

WangJing thick eyelashes slowly opened his eyes, revealing a pair of deep black pupils, slightly tired look can not stop their sharp edge. He picked up his cellphone, switched on the phone, and the sound softened at that moment "Hey, Green Pei."

"Wang Ge." GuQingPei came over the phone with a smiling voice, "You went to Singapore?"

"Well, just gotvoff the plane, I'm about to go home." WangJing smiled, "you? Also arrived?" He looked out the window, the disappearance of trees is like a hard time chasing after the blink of an eye, and the year is over .

"Yes, its too hot here, ah." GuQingPei whined " between Hawaii and home there is a big time difference with the country, I'm afraid playing too much in the sun....i may not be the first to give you a Happy New Year I will give you a year in advance. Ah, our king, I wish you feasting and plentifulness this year, then it only should climb to the peak!"

WangJing gently laughed "Thank you, Green Pei, I wish you great success, grand exhibition, I wish the two old parents good health too. You pay attention to the sun, pay attention to your safety."

"Haha, rest assured rest assured Wang brother....I am this year ...... Hey you asshole don't move my phone!" GuQingPei suddenly snapped his voice low, " fucking naive."

WangJing reluctantly said "YuanYang?"

GuQingPei was embarrassed to say "He just took my dad fishing, i didn't know when he came back in."

He paused for a while, the background sound has become quiet, he changed his breath, "Wang Ge, at the end, and some words although hypocritical, but still i have to say, thank you for taking care of me in recent years, my own business this year still care ... ... "

"Well." WangJing laughed, "We have been for so many years friends, partners, these courtesy will be repeated, you are not too greasy crooked, might as well point to the actual New Year to Nanan and Ann package a big point Red envelope. "

GuQingPei laughed "That's a must, hey, did you meet them? I miss them and remember to take some photos and videos for me."

"When they are not at home, they certainly want to look for Uncle Gu."

"After the year, I will take time to see them."

"Well, don't let it bother you."

"How dare i fool my brother."

Then he hung up the phone, WangJing's eyes have become dim, the face is also hidden and lost ....he does know why though there is atmosphere to meet his mood, there is no sign of the blue sky under the heavy wet rain, crackling the roof, the rain is not letting up.

WangJing has long known that GuQingPei's heart can not tolerate others, in recent years he also felt relieved, and can be surrounded by their happiness, he sometimes feel like his heart will be blocked, WangJing love can be described as always in adversity, but only his heart was beating for GuQingPei ... ... the lyrics that phrase, "can not get forever in the commotion."

WangJing rubbed his brow tiredly "Lao Wu, how far till we get home?" He felt slightly better at the chance of seeing his twin children at once.


Sedan pulled into the villa group, a few minutes later, stopped in front of a mansion halfway up the mountain.

Old Wu was holding an umbrella under the car to open the door to WangJing, WangJing swipe rash on the shoulders, just standing straight body, they were both shocked.

***Lao Wu/Old his driver I suspect he is older than WangJing....***

There was a peculiar style steam-punk parked bike in the yard, rubbed with thick metal texture and retro aesthetics, a huge body, with a gloomy rainy night as background, just quietly standing there, there is a need to break through Wild explosive with speed limit, it looked like the fire beast.

WangJing don't understand motorcycles, but this one is very cool.

The point is, who is this bike owner?

This house was bought by him to his wife and two children, and this thing definitely does not belong here.

Old driver Wu looked curiously at the motorcycle, his heart had some speculation, but he could not say it.

WangJing eyebrows squinched, quietly he walked to the door, Old Wu umbrella followed up quickly.

Going to the court, WangJing said "Old Wu, you go home for this New Year."

"Good king, when you have something to do ....please call me."

WangJing opened the door into the house, the house lights, he was curious about the owner of the motorcycle .

He hadn't returned here for six months, no change in the furnishings at home, children's supplies can be seen everywhere. He had bought the house from the hands of a luxury designer, it looked too fancy it is not cold and elegant human fireworks, but now it has been infected with a strong atmosphere of home, he was pulled into the mediocre environment.

There was a football match on television, but nobody in the living room.

WangJing looked around and shouted "Xiaonan, Ann?" He now instead wants his children to be away from home, why does his wife come back with a man, but also where are children's maids.

"Xiao Nan, Ann?" WangJing called twice, "Denise?"

No one responded to the call, was no one really at home? WangJing took out his cell phone and dialed his wife's phone number.

The phone rang for a long time to get through, the other end of the voice was a bit hasty, festive music from the end of the phone climbed into WangJing's ear "Hey?"

That joyful noisy music to WangJing ears made him a little irritable "You are not at home?"

"I took the children to my parents, did you go home?"

" don't i always come home for Chinese New Year."

"Oh, you didn't say that." Denise said guiltily, and she quickly said, "There's still a guest on my side, hang up first, you will see a kid ....we will come in early tomorrow."

"I will not come by there" WangJing said patiently, "When do you come back?"

"Not today ." Denise paused, his tone softened, "Dear, get something for yourself to eat ." she finished and hung up.

WangJing also wanted to say something, but the phone has been disconnected, he frowned, his heart a little annoyed.

Suddenly, a sound of footsteps came behind him, and he suddenly turned around.

A ... man, a tall man with a bath towel, holding a box of beer with his hand in one hand and with his bare feet behind him, his body had drops of water on his chin, he looked fresh out of shower..

WangJing cock livened up.

That is a very nice looking man, soft black hair on the cheek, sketched out a crazy point with a decadent handsome face, he was tall and with a strong physique, the generous degree of the shoulder is simply not like usual Asians, chest and abdomen liked like the same code of the brick on the body, there is a tattoo with religious elements on his right arm, bath towel wrapped in two straight and slender legs and bare bare feet, at a glance to see this felt too casual.

Without thinking, WangJing can guess, this is the owner of the motorcycle in the yard.

After a brief surprise, WangJing quickly restored calm, he said coldly "Who are you?

The man was very presumptuous ......WangJing looked at him from start to finish , the man was neither surprised nor embarrassed, while his mouth lightly pulled, carrying beer on the ground, he poured himself into the sofa, just like Just as casual as his own home.

WangJing from a small sample superior, is always the most dazzling that one of his peers, in his growth process, rarely was he so rudely ignored, he had a very bad mood, and now that guy only added "more " to it.

He said quietly "I'll give you five minutes to get out of here, or I'll call the police to get you out." This guy is actually in line with Denise's tastes, she always love to find these handsome young boys. He does not ironically think that at least he and his wife can reach a consensus on the aesthetics of picking boys to screw.

The man watched the match attentively, lazily said "It is your wife, the owner of this house who invited me in."

"Oh, yeah ?." The man didn't move at all, he stood up, smiled and walked a few steps to WangJing.

WangJing step on the right foot after a small step, fist clenched, make a good offensive gesture. Although this man is a bit younger than he is, his fight is not entirely physical.

The man stretched his hand to WangJing, WangJing fist went to his face with a smashing intent.... the other guy caught WangJing's wrist, forced himself to Wang Ge personal area, the two men severely hit the chest together, Wang Chin's hit each other's shoulders, he was being hit a few scuffles, he felt his cell phone snatched away.

WangJing looked at the man, shy with a few steps back, watching his cell phone appeared in the other guy's hands, the guy revealed a rude laugh

"Big New Year, but also under such a big rain, let the police uncle take a break I will not eat you. "

*** horniness levels have just hit 50000 cyles per second***

WangJing straightened his collar "I say one more time, get out."

"So there's a big rain outside, where do you expect me to go?" He picked up a bottle of beer and grabbed it by his mouth, biting the lid with his teeth and handed it to WangJing. "Come on, don't be stingy."

WangJing didn't answer. The man shrugged, taking care of himself and sat back to the sofa, throwing WangJing's cell phone on the coffee table.

WangJing narrowed his eyes, he had little experience dealing with rogues, this can just be a practice is time to pass the holiday well. He took off his suit jacket, slender fingers hooked the tie, gently ripped it open "Boy, what is your name?

"Yan." He stared intently at the television screen.

"How much is my wife paying you?"

"Eh?" He picked up the beer and got it to his lips.

"My wife, is paying you, how much?" Wang said the words clearly.

Yan Zhuo heard that sentence, the beer almost spit out of his mouth, he turned his head, licked his mouth, eyes complicated with expression of a bit interesting "She didn't have to pay me money.

WangJing arms went around his chest, skintight "Oh, then I let you stay tonight with me, to pay you money?

Yan Zhuo light coughed twice, put down the bottle, wiggled for a comfortable position lying on the sofa, a pair of slender legs on the coffee table , his mouth with smile "Looking at you I definetly want to stay us to together here "

"You are on my house.... want to accompany, I have the final say, What's your price?."

YanZhuo turned to blink of an eyeball "For you its free."

WangJing took out his checkbook from his briefcase and wrote a few figures in his hand and dropped it on his lap "Enough?"

Yan Zhuo didn't look straight at the cheque....he went on straight to laughter "Enough."

WangJing sat on the couch, poached the Yan Zhuo hands of his beer and he gulped down half a bottle, his body instantly heated up, he pulled off the ties of obstruction, thrown aside, readily to remove the shirt off a few buttons, sleeves were also pulled arm. Dismissed the masks of occupational masks, his face climb a bit tired and lazy.

Yan oblique looked at WangJing, the deepening of the mouth smile, he scooped in the back gently blowing his face in WangJing "What is your order?"

WangJing turned his face, blinking straight to the eyes of that person on the hook he was hooked people - lack of confidence, there is no courage to look good with such people, and WangJing faint smiled, "Go cook."

Yan Zhuo raised an eyebrow "You want me to go cooking?"

"Yes..... can I just drink beer to feed my hunger?"

Yan Zhuo laughed loudly, he nodded "Well, I will cook for you." He stood up and walked to the kitchen.

WangJing began to focus on the game on the tv. New Year's Eve, there is a delightful Cowboy in his house , he may be a little stronger than himself.

Suddenly, a hand went around WangJing's neck, straight to his chin.

WangJing shot with lightning reflexes and his hand generally clasped that wrist, severely tight.

"Nervousness?" Yan Zhuo voice came from behind WangJing, he stuck to WangJing's chin, forced him to raise his neck to look at himself, "I just forgot to ask what is your name, and you pinched my wrist hurts. "

Yan Zhuo condescending to look at WangJing, that build a physique gives an invisible pressure, bottomless pupils seems to have the power to suck people in, a drop of water from his hair down , Hit the face of WangJing, so WangJing instantly returned to God, he loosened Yan Zhou's wrist, "WangJing, promotion of Jin."

Yan Zhuo also withdrew the hand, he doesn't know if its intentional or not, slender fingers wore on WangJing neck frivolous across.

WangJing disdain smiled, this kid is still a few paragraphs hooligan.

He was holding a beer, collapsed on the couch, watching a huge television set, staged a game that had nothing to do with him, his eyes clearly facing, but nothing looked into it.

He really wanted his children. In fact, he usually didn't think much about it. Even if he remembered that he had so much work on hand and could not see them, this kind of vacation where the whole country is resting is very important to him . But he didn't want to go to his father-in-law's home. His marriage to Denise was a joke, and he was too lazy to see the false face of his father-in-law but not afraid to offend him.

Denise had a crazy fascination with him when he was young, but he knew very well that he wasn't fit for marriage at all. He was neither addicted to sensual nor romantic sentiments. He was very sober and cold to know that love and marriage for him, it is dispensable - not even better, so that he can enjoy the passion, adjust for life, without any constraints and troubles.

As a result, Denise was pregnant and didn't know if it was estrogen. She could shed a few hours of tears at once. It was terrifying. At that time, he thought, well, get married. Letting her continue to cry may affect the health of his son.

As it turns out, he really made the wrong decision, and he was too cold-hearted to give Denise the companionship and loyalty she wanted and to be overwhelmed by the crying baby made him more lazy to plunge into meaningless bickering so he could hide . Fortunately, in the past few years, Denise opened his eyes and thoughtfully spent his money, taking seriously of their children. With the help of GuQingPei, he opened a trading company and the two enjoyed peace.

Just he doesn't know if it was his age, or the children grew up, or two reasons, his heart began to soften , while traveling he will think of buying gifts for them, regular video calls, watching GuQingPei and Xiaonan, Ann stood together, he could not help but imagine them as a family of four.

Affectionate frustration, plus the dissapoint ment that he can not see the children's faces he was so depressed this year. He is now looking for something to vent, but not to smash his home.

"Hey.....can you help me.?" Yan Zhuo head out from the kitchen.

There is also this little white face fucker house broker..... WangJing was annoyed that this year can still fare worse.

"I can't cook it without you."

"With you." WangJing thought for a moment, still have to go to excuse him, he has a child's mouth, don't eat something pretty much.

WangJing went to the kitchen, seeing Yanzhuo was handling vegetables, his mouth smoking a cigarette, but also humming songs, lower body surrounded by a bath towel, with that a tendon meat, this picture not only changed from no home atmosphere, to full blown erotic taste. He leaned against the door frame, his gaze sweeping every inch of Yen Zhuo muscles.

"I don't eat green onions, spicy ones, lambs also I don't eat, radishes and celery I don't eat."

"Such an adult, but also picky eaters?" Yan Zhuo oblique glanced at him.

"Picky eaters don't matter with age."

Yan Zhuo smirked a ruffian smile, took the kitchen knife began to cut vegetables, at the same time didn't lift the head and said "You checking me out , do you think I looks good?"

"Looks pretty." WangJing's vision slipped from Yan Zhuo's face to the chest and abdomen. He smiled slowly. "I have my spent money, why can't I see?"

Yan Zhuo flashed a hint of cold in the eyes, turned around, raised his hands, made a surrender posture, the pimple laughed "Do you want to see more... you want to see a little more thoroughly." He intended to look down on his bath towel.

WangJing smiled "Aah the youth of today."

"You're welcome," Yan Zhuo shook his waist, stike an invitation tposture, his mouth with a provocative smile, "Come on.....Dare."

WangJing hesitated a moment and looked Yan Zhuo single-handedly spread posture , one hand still holding a knife, he suddenly felt a sharp dangerous atmosphere licking too much blood , he shrugged,

"quickly cook it, I'm hungry "

He didn't have a flirting mood today and didn't want to fuck at all, not to mention the thought of the kid sleeping in his house with his wife, who felt quite a bit diastolic, albeit quite in line with his aesthetic. He is like a sex only look then dump it ......he left behind this kid, just want to take a breather he went back.

Yan Zhuo narrowed his eyes, the knife thrown back to the cutting board.

He didn't even get to finish watching a game, meals had been done.

WangJing took a glance, the kid actually performed beyond his expectations.

Yan Zhuo sat down "try it."

WangJing tasted the tip of a bamboo shoot, it was crisp and delicious, and he nodded "Yes, you can cook."

Yan Zhuo lightly laugth "There will be nothing to think of cooking, you make me experience the unexpected."

"Oh, what do you mean?"

"A man who looks so decent, with usually very good face, actually able to sit with me so quietly to eat." Yan Zhuo approached WangJing, a look of provocation, "I slept with your wife of charge"

Wang Ge laughed "I'm glad you said she didn't have to pay you for money, which proves she is well-maintained." Denise is 40 years old, or almost 40 years old, and is pretty of course very pretty and mature Women have the charm, to attract any man should not be a problem, the problem is this man gave birth to such a top of the bladder, so young, to be a sell out MB Therefore, after all he has to collect the money, he is skeptical, of course, he does not really want to know.

Yan Zhuo's face had an utterly disdainful contempt "Even if your wife gives you a green hat, you don't care?"

WangJing shrugged " if She does spend my money on prostitutes, I will be very unhappy." He laughed extremely "So in order to psychological balance, I am going to spend money on you."

Yan eyes flashed a touch of anger, but WangJing didn't notice. He smiled coldly "Your marriage is too perverted."

"Well, I also think it good this way " WangJing deliberately made a silly smile, lowered his voice, "but not as good as my man."

Yan Zhuo pick on that and raised an eyebrows "What do you mean?"

"My taste is more ... ... special, since I paid so much money, of course, i have to have the best service, I hope you abide by professional ethics, don't turn back." WangJing laughed, "it may be a little pain, but don't worry There are hospitals nearby. "

Yan Zhuo smiled more and more cold "yes, then I really want to get a good look at it."

***sex talk....Wang says his dick big enough to cause destruction hence the hospital comment***

"You will." WangJing suspiciously, this kid really courage is that big? Needless spending money ah What Denise hates most is that it's taken away by men and women - as if she didn't know at first, and the result was even more unfriendly.

The most unpleasant is that he actually had to meet with such a thing with the New Year, he simply felt sad.

Near midnight, there are many Chinese in Singapore, and the sounds of fireworks come out from the window from time to time. The flavor of the year is rather strong. Most of the city's lights should be indulged in joy. Only the two real Chinese in the room, But food is tasteless, all have ghosts.

At this time, WangJing's cell phone rang, he took it up to see, iit wasvDenise, he knows it must be children who call for thebNew Year's Eve, his face finally had a real smile, he switched on the phone, voice A lot of soft, full of affection "Hey?"

"Dad." The childish voice of two children came over the phone, "Happy Father's New Year!"

"Happy New Year Baby." WangJing laughed. "Do you want Daddy yet?"

"Great like, dad will come to public office to pick us up?"

"Grandpa is too far away, but daddy is not gone, daddy is waiting for you at home." WangJing's voice is a rare addict, "dad bought you a lot of gifts."

Yan Zhuo stared at WangJing, it seems not believable that this man will have such a warm side, at this moment, his face chilly lines have become gentle, nor longer domineering.

"Wow, what gift did Father buy? I want a gift!"

"If you obediently listen to your mother and grandparents, if you stay good after you go home, father will give you a gift, will you be good?"

The two children shouted excitedly at the other end of the phone. When the children were born, he thought they were only able to eat and drink only those animals that were particularly noisy. However, as they grew older and had their own thoughts and souls, he realized that they were not their own toys and not his successor, but real, need him betting feelings of people.

He hung up the phone, WangJing's smile on the face didn't fade, until Yan Yan looked him on the eye, he returned to normal "What happened?"

"When as a husband obviously you are very bad, but as a father you seems to be remarkable."

WangJing faced down "You don't deserve to comment on me, eat your meal quietly."

Yan Zhuo laughed with a mockery " to have been reduced to New Year's Eve with a stranger over, don't pretend to be nice."

WangJing put down his chopsticks and said in his usual posture "You have not forgotten that I paid you money. As human beings say it? From now on, I will learn how to speak dogs language.. For .now shut it."

Yan Zhuo also put down the chopsticks, the expression is somewhat evil "This is part of your perverted hobby?"

WangJing cold smile "Yes."

Yan Zhuo flashed fiercest look, he got up, suddenly, his eyes become dark.

WangJing froze a moment "shit.... power outages?"

Yan Zhuo took a deep breath "Rain, the circuit may be the problem."

WangJing stood up, trying to find tools, but this house he has not come back several times a year, he didn't know where the toolbox was, he took out the phone to gaze lighting "I'm looking for the toolbox."

"Is this not your home?"

"don't talk nonsense, help me to find it." WangJing began to look through the room.... Yan Zhuo also followed him to find it.

Wang finally found the toolbox in the corner of the kitchen cabinet, which has a flashlight and a variety of household tools, he opened the flashlight, carrying the toolbox went to the underground garage.

He opened the electrical box, tried the brake first and when that didn't respond. He had to open the circuit box.

Yan Zhuo came out from behind "You will repair it?"

Black fire blindfold, behind the sudden appearance of a face, and a little cigarette lighter, WangJing was shocked, he annoyed "you fucking shit, you walk with no sound ah, I was scared to death ah."

"I didn't wear shoes."

"Why don't you wear shoes, how dirty is your garage?"

"I am 188.45 feet tall, are there any slippers I can wear?" Yanzhuo knocked him back.

"You can fix this?"

"Better than you." Yan Zhuo took out the pen, began to check the line.

WangJing really was not quite sure of that , but he stood next to him holding the lights.

Yan Zhuo while repairing, said "You such a bad person, really unworthy in a marriage, your wife was blind to marry you."

"She has very good eyesight." WangJing said indifferently, "Do you still speak human or learning dog language , do I have to remind you for the second time?"

Yan Zhuo didn't put the threat of WangJing to heart he felt it was an excuse to ridicule "You know that you are still more rubbish than I imagined."

WangJing anger was burning, he pulled across Yan Zhuo shoulders, he was heavily pressed on the wall, snapped "your fucking say it again!"

Yan Zhuo breathed the cigarette smoke right on WangJing's face, clearly and provocatively said "rubbish."

The hot tingling on the skin completely lit WangJing wanted to poundhis face Yan Zhuo he had wanted to do so since he came in. In the business world, he has the ability to maintain the image of a mature and prudent Wang Dong. However, on this terrible New Year's Eve, he just wants to release all the resentment and frustration in his heart.

Yan Zhuo migrant head escaped, punch hit the abdomen of WangJing, WangJing painful burst of surging stomach, elbow hit the Yan Zhuo waist, heavily in the Yan Zhuo rib joints, Yan Zhuo hum sound soon he was pulling the collar of WangJing, he did a ShangQuan fist into WangJing Chin.

WangJing felt the weight of this punch fly out, his teeth bite to the lips, bloody smell immediately filled the mouth, he suddenly fell to the ground crying, a sudden whirling around the eyes, the pain let his brain awake a bit, But anger is aggravating the burning of his reason.

He spit blood out of his mouth, climbed up, growled soon, jumped toward Yen Zhuo.

Yan Zhuo long legs gripped WangJing waist the mouth shouted "I am today going to discipline you for your wife !"

Surrounded by only the flashlight on the ground to provide extremely faint light, Yen Zhuo value of the shadow, this kick didn't kick, wiping WangJing's waist sliding in the back, but still let WangJing feel pain straight pumping, WangJing gave fiercely a bite, backhand Yanzhuo's leg , Forceful to push him backwards, Yan Zhuo hit the wall heavily in the back, the body lost its balance.

WangJing took the opportunity to fly up, severely hammered Yanzhuo a few fists Yan Zhuo was quickly stabilize his stature, to capture WangJing's wrist, scuffle, Yen Zhuo towel fell down, he didn't wear anything inside Two people posted very close, WangJing suddenly felt something, his body went stiff.

Yan Zhuo whispered curse one "you're really damn disgusting!"

WangJing anger won "The words I said to you!" He raised his fist again, hit the Yan Zhuo cheek.

Yan Zhuo migrant head escaped to the side, while the body opened, WangJing punch landed impartially into the distribution box, straight in the circuit box.

WangJing only felt a while painful current hit the body from the right moment, he suddenly violently convulsed, eyes crisscrossing like a ringing alarm bell.⏰))))

The last sound he heard before the unconscious was Yan Zhuo calling his name.

WangJing was woken up from his sleep with a soft waxy voice, and he slowly opened his eyes and greeted him with his daughter's beautiful little round face.

His memory had some confusion, sometimes he don't know what happened.

"Daddy, Dad woke up!" Ann flew to him, kissing his face.

"Ann ... ..." WangJing raised his hand and patted her back, he covered with pain, very uncomfortable, remember the return of the fight he remembered that he seems to be ... ... electric shock.

His son also ran over and fluttered into his arms to fight for his petting "Dad, why are you too lazy."

"Xiaonan, Ann." A woman with thousands of styles walked over and hugged them from WangJing. "Daddy is not feeling well, you go out first."

Two children reluctantly left the room.

WangJing lifted the heavy eyelids, whispered "Denise, you are back."

"Little Zhuo called me and said you've been electrocuted, you're going to scare us." Denise touched his forehead and was relieved. "You finally woke up."

"Small ...... Zhuo?" WangJing remembered how he was shocked, suddenly angry from the heart, Yan Zhuo that bastard ? He must take him to the police station for a few days! He sat up and saw at a glance his Yan Zhuo sitting in a chair, laughing at him.

WangJing angrily said "Do you have any sense of proportion, the man coming back home? I bought this house for you and your children, not for you to recruit male prostitutes!"

Denise changed his face and shouted "What is this nonsense of yours, this is the son of my cousin! didn't you see him at our wedding!"????

WangJing was stunned.????????

Yan Zhuo looked at WangJing then made an exaggerated military ceremony salute with a look of ironic smile.

Denise gasped, but didn't dare to make it too in front of WangJing "I didn't know Xiao Zhuo came, he didn't like to live at the hotel, the key was given by my cousin to him, you are absurd, you will think Others are as absurd as you! "

WangJing rubbed his eyebrows bowed down, he was so embarrassed he wanted to continue to being in a coma, he remembered this Yan Zhuo getting along with those few hours, what they said, and done ... ... simply, he hadn't so long expected the embarrassed pass. He vaguely remembered such an individual, but when they were married, the boy was still a real kid actor, how could he recognize it.

Yan Zhuo mocked "Speaking of prostitutes, Wang Dong really willing to spend money ah, must have low skills "

Denise scolded his face softly "Xiao Zhuo, you shut it, no matter what, both hands are wrong, come and apologize to your uncle."

Yan Zhuo stood up and said "Auntie, you are still beautiful, to find a better man, why should you drag on with this kind of dregs."

"What elder you care about!" Denise's face had burst of redness, "apologize!"

Yan Zhuo took a deep breath, walked past, bowed, fists on the mattress, sharp and unruly eyes look like WangJing, skin trying to contain his laughin "I'm sorry ah uncle, I should not have hit you Although you are real are an asshole you deserve it. "

"Little Zhuo!"

WangJing said with a smile "You really look like a male prostitute, don't blame uncle for misunderstanding you."

"WangJing, you,are a grown man.... enough!" Denise felt embarrassed, angry she slammed away.

Two people stared at each other, indoors, an awkward silence.

Yan Zhuo took the lead "divorce her ."

"Married, she will be forced to take care of my children,she agreed with the money " Jing said grimly, "We play for so many years, there has not been any problem, as long as she didn't mention divorce.... for the sake of the children I don't mind raising her forever. "

"I mind."

WangJing narrowed his eyes "You have a shit relationship."

"Because I found ... ..." Yan Zhuo lean forward, one hand and pinch WangJing's chin, "You kind of personality, most people could not hold."


"So funny, full of challenge with a deep voices." Yan Zhuo hooked his lip and smiled, "I like it."

WangJing opened his hand "you're sick." He opened the quilt to get out of bed.

Yan Zhuo pushed him back to the bed, mocking "Wang Dong, I received your money, i had not 'serviced' you yet."

"Yes ah." WangJing sitting on the bed, lazy smile, "Then you kneel ah."

Yan Zhuo narrowed his eyes.

"Kneel to your uncle and I'll give you a big red envelope." WangJing revealed proud smile. ????????????

Yan Zhuo clenched his fist "didn't serve you last night?"

WangJing stood up and walked straight to the door, after Yan Zhuo kneeled around, he cooly said "You're a kind of feather boy in front of me ."

Yan Zhuo twisted around, looking at the back of WangJing, his eyes rising exuberant flame.

When the elders come together, they are the most talked about the most beautiful, the most arrogant, the most erect, the most maverick cousin in that family, married to a very richman but with poor character, they put the man depicted as very unbearable, arrogant, utilitarian, romantic, frivolous, regardless of family, regardless of children, living a miserable life, but in the end, they always sigh, "but we also understand why she likes him.

When he was only 10 years old, he was able to understand for the first time at a wedding that he saw this man who turned everyone into his own background.

***God fuck I now even I want to know more....***

Y'all have sexy days ahead....CounterAttack... Is coming on April

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