Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 119 Trip to Saipan

Since the two quarrelsome have reconciled themselves, they have been living a happy life full of honey.

Because the places where they each went to work were a bit far apart, Yuan Yang had been too late to return to Gu Qing Pei place before going home. He had been advocating that Gu Qing Pei moved his offices to his(Yuan Yang) office building. His 20-story multi-storey office building has 10 floors for his own company. There are several companies in the building. There is plenty of room for Gu Qing Pei who owns a small company.

Moreover, its rent free.

Originally, he thought that such a worthwhile transaction, Gu Qing Pei, would certainly agree fast. What he did not expect that he would hesitate to move to the new free of charge space.

Yuan Yang was a bit peeved "Why? Why? Iwdon't charge you anything so its a free office building that you can use and its in such a good location. You don't want it. You don't even want to think about it?"

Gu Qing Pei was leaning on a rattan chair and reading. He did not look up nor did his eyebrow moved, slender fingers clamped thin pages, lightly turned them over, he said quietly: "I do not want to see you all day,"

Yuan Yang pulled away his book, "Why is it? Why don't you want to see me?"

Gu Qing Pei smiled lazily. "I just don't want to see you 24 hours a day. We sleep on a bed every day will have to see you during working hours. Don't you even feel annoyed? Aren't you bothered to keep tye relationship fresh?"

Yuan Yang narrowed his eyes and said, "Are you annoyed by having to look at me every day?"

Gu Qing Pei's reluctantly said: "You know I didn't mean this, I mean, we should not see each other all the time . "

Yuan Yang pulled his chair and said:." I continue to come here and I'll see you at any time "

Gu Qing Pei patted his face," That's good, now stop being a rogue, give me my book, "

Yuan Yang grabbed his hand, pulled h and kissed his lips, Gu Qing Pei had a smile in his eyes, when he was touching Yuan Yang hair, while responding to this gentle kiss.

Yuan Yang rubbed his forehead against Gu forehead and whispered: "Get over it, you are so good at being busy and forgetting to eat at noon, do you really think I have the time to look at you every day, ah, I just want to watch you eat lunch and make sure you rest."

Gu Qing Pei was heart filled with a warmth. He smiled and said: "I know what you are thinking. I thought seriously about it from the first time you said it. I do not intend to move. When we are too close together. It is not a good thing. After all, you are from Yuan Family a prominent family. You have to pay attention to your image. Even if it is not for your own sake, it is for your family."

Yuan Yang sighed and looked disappointed, but he knew that Gu Qing Pei said the truth is, if the two people are seen together in public for a long time, the relationship will inevitably be seen by the people who pay attention and they will spread that rumors. This is not good for them either. Although they do not try to conceal it, they do not want to know it to get out there that theyre in a relationship.They just want to live together in a low-key manner.

Yuan Yang reluctantly said: "If I find out you do not eat at noon, I will beat you."

Gu Qing Min chuckled: "Forget it, I haven't seen your willingness to beat me."

Yuan Yang patted Gu ass and grinned. "Yes, I can't bear to beat you so I'll be punishing you the other way."

Gu Qing grabbed his neck and gently kisser his lips. "Hey, I want to talk to you about something."


"The day before yesterday, Wang Jing introduced me to a president of the Hainan Agarwood Association. He was..."

"Huh?" Yuan Yang was interrupted rudely before Gu finished talking. "You saw Wang Jing?"

"Won't you pay attention to the key point?"

" Isn't the key point you seeing Wang Jing?"

Gu Qing Pei's "tutted". "The key point is the introduction of the president. Suddenly I was very interested in the project and wanted to talk to Wang. I want to go Hainan to invest in a few acres of land, plant some Aloes, and some kinds of yellow pears. Do you think it interesting?"

"Interesting my ass, I didn't hear anything other than 'Wang Jing'. When did you meet? What did you say??" Yuan Yang jealousness vibrated, his face was grim

Gu Qing Pei looked at him with an amused look "What a brat, I'm ... too lazy to tell you."

"No, I'm going to tell you something now. What are you going to do with him? Your projects aren't enough to make you busy? Running such a big old-fashioned investment, isn't it going to make you even more busy? Do you think I would agree?" He raised his chin and looked at him overbearingly.

"Oh, do you agree with my money making plan?"

"It's okay and this has nothing to do with money. You're my wife. What are you doing with a guy who doesn't know when to quit. You think I won't disagree? Fuck, I and then I remembered the two of you going to Saipan on vacation. It was enough to be a thorn on my side forever." Yuan Yang face suddenly became gloomy.

Gu Qing Pei saw him once again thinking of something. He recognized the time-honored officer man and said, "OK I won't go. You're right. I have many projects on hand. I'm tired I'm going to take a nap." Yuan Yang pusher him back into the chair and made a cold bang. "Too late."

"What are you doing?"

"Pack your things, let's go on vacation. The last time we were meant to go on holiday together as the result Wang Jing's that old man ursurped my territory. We have known this for so long. We haven't gone on a holiday together yet. We haven't planned to go on one yet. Tomorrow, we'll go to Saipan."

"I say.... what you think in yhatbhead of yours ....we will go as soon as there is time, I still have a negotiation next Monday."

"Delay them, we are going to that holiday tomorrow. If you do not agree, I will not let you go out tomorrow."

Gu Qing was dumbfounded. "I'll tell you that you are not doing me any justice ?"

"No, I don't do justice don't care."

Gu Qing Pei was feeling totally helpless. He had no reason to stop doing his work and he didnt like to waste time in superfluous things. But then again when Yuan Yang comes up with a tantrum. He knew better thay he couldn't screw it the repercussions wouod lead to fainting sex so he had no choice but to agree.

Yuan Yang happily called the assistant and arranged everything. Then he whistled to the room to pick up the baggage for both of them.

In the evening, the assistant called Yuan Yang. Yuan Yang was taking a bath. Gu Qing Pei spoke to the assistant. The assistant knew the relationship between the two and he said without hesitation, "Mr. Gu, during the Chinese New Year, the ticket are unavailable and most people are going to Saipan within these three days. There is no ticket in the first class to the island. What should I do?"

"That wouldn't sit well with him."

The assistant smiled and said, "I don't expect Yuan Yang to agree."

"I'm guessing too." Yuan Yang's temper was even worse than a donkey. If Gu said that what Yuan Yang was told not to do something that's exactly what he will do. "Well, I will talk to him about it."

When Gu Qing Pei waited till Yuan Yang came out, he smiled and told him about the no ticket issue and comforted him. "If you wait for two months the tourism will subsides and then we can go, if we go not there will be too many people, why do you want to catch this festival. "

Yuan Yang had a towel around his waist and his strong naked chest was expose with misty. Gu looked at him hungrily and wanted to get on him and lick those droplets clean.

Yuan Yang was rubbing his hair and didn't pay attention to Gu eyes. After he heard that he tossed the towel to one side and walked past Gu Qing Pei's face. "Did you think that you wouldn't go because of this little thing? You sweet man I will borrow the plane from Peng Fang and set off early tomorrow morning."

Gu Qing Pei frowned. "You can really be a hardheaded."

Yuan Yang pushed him over on the couch and smirked: "When we arrived in Saipan, I will take pictures with you. Eight hundred photos would be sent to Wang Jing one by one to look at. That greedy bastard has to see its payback time ."

Gu Qing Pei said: "You want to broadcast photos again?" His tone was a bit shabby and there was also some warnings in it.

At once, Yuan Yang became nervous. "I just said it casually, and you shouldn't think about it."

Gu Qing Pei wanted to push him away. "You shouldn't mess up again."

Yuan Yang stared at him and said, "You stop thinking of it, I know, that this thing is causing knots for both of us. If you are not happy, then you can tell me? You just don't let it fester and make me feel guilty about later."

Gu Qing Pei smiled. "You're talking nonsense, was it wrong yes or no? Do you know when you do something wrong?"

"I know." Yuan Yang licked his nose and looked at Gu Qing Pei with a glistening look. "Don't think about it. Just think of our holidays."

Gu Qing Pei did not want to destroy the atmosphere and forced himself to squeeze out his worries and unhappiness. His fingers went to Yuan Yang hair and he moaned from a sore throat, and he gently bitten his wife's lips with his teeth, and said with a low vpice: You are fresh from bathing ah, ah? let me taste you if there is a change in the taste"

Yuan Yang latched onto his lower lip, and his hand reached into Gu's pants ......

When Yuan Yang called Peng Fang the man swore and said that if Yuan Yang thought that the entire universe was Peng family, where would you like to fly? Yuan Yang sentence was soon completed and he was scolded by his friend.

Peng Fang is still childish, although the trip has been postponed for two days, but the procedures are completed.

When the two of them arrived on the plane, they were welcomed with roses that were covered in the entire cabin. The center of the cabin also had a banner and wrote a letter: Happy Wedding.

Gu Qing Pei couldn't help smiling. "What did you do?"

Yuan Yang sly face was embarrassed. "Isn't this Peng Fang doing."

"Are you embarrassed to admit it?" Gu Qing Pei was full of guilt.

Yuan Yang laughed embarrassed "It's not me, it must be Peng Fang." He pulled out the phone and gave Peng Fang a call.

Peng placed his hand on mouth and was laughing, but also credited him, "How about it, there such a wedding atmosphere, right?"

Yuan Yang shouted : "Atmosphere my ass, the sun almost burns me, walking barefoot it hell."

"Oh, Yes the price for arranging that is so big, you are not yet grateful for what I did for you?"

"I ....thank you." Yuan Yang looked at the banner, his face had a smile that can not stop, "When we come back we will ask you to a drink to celebrate wedding."

Peng daid "I don't want to have a respect. Let me just say this first. You guys call me all inclusive. When I send you a wedding present you better get me a bigger package later when I get married."

1].... Peng Fang should get a husband who is gonna slap that ass

" Take it easy, you're the grandfather(the big man)."

Hanging up the phone, Yuan Yang laughed and Gu Qing Yan glanced at him, his eyes actually had a shy look.

Gu Qing Pei's mouth can't stop smiling This feeling of being surrounded by happiness made him feel sweetness on top of his heart.

Originally, Yuan Yang just wanted to take Gu Qing Pei to take a good time. The captain came with four crew members and said hello to them, and they prepared snacks and red wine for them.

After the plane took off smoothly, Yuan Yang smiled wickedly and said: "This stuff is not bad, do you like it? How about we also buy one?"

Gu Qing Pei shook his head. "Not practical."

"Yeah right the frequency of use is certainly not high."

"The maintenance fee is not a small sum." Gu Qing looked at the interior of the luxurious cabin with his eyes open. "Peng Fang really enjoyed it."

"He does enjoy it very much. He used to fly a mile high party with a group of models on the plane. "

Gu Qing Pei looked crossly at him," You have been involved in these parties?"

I don't want to know their content.

He laughed, "You're jealous?"

"Fuck you." Gu Qing Pei shrugged his shoulders. He didn't think that there was anything worth to worry about what happened in the past. Before he knew him, he also was not idle. It was normal thing for a man to have a lover before they meet a new lover, is there a man who hadn't had a few sensations, just thinking that Yuan Yang was here... Now that he was in this confined space, suddenly there was no comfort which he felt when he first came in, but it was a bit awkward.

Yuan Yang held his chin, looking at him with an evil smile: "Thm hiw about we manufacture something our own favorite memories in here?"

Gu Qing Pei raised an eyebrow, and whispered: "You want to have sex in here?"

Yuan Yang kissed him hard and said, "You wait for me." Then he got up and went to the cockpit.

After a while, Yuan Yang happy face came back and pulled the curtain close between the doors.

Gu Qing Pei looked at Yuan Yang as he walked toward him step by step. His blood suddenly boiled. He scolded him "What did you do?"

Yuan Yang bent down and pressed his hands on the handrails of Gu Qing Pei's seat, his deep eyes looking straight into Gu Qing Pei, Yuan Yang nose brewed the flame of passion, his lips pressed against Gu Qing Pei's lips, and whispered: "I told them to shut down the surveillance camera and, besides an emergency they should not bother us."

Gu Qing Pei suddenly felt that his body was leaning backwards. It turned out that Yuan Yang had flattened his seat. Gu Qing Pei subconsciously wanted to sit up and Yuan Yang had already got on top of him

Gu Qing Pei arm went to his neck and asked: "You think these people are reliable."

"Rest assured, they work for the Peng Family and if they dare to be 'unreliable' they would need one hundred courageous people for that."

Kissing his lips, pulling on his belt, "It's going to be a long journey, so something has to happen in the middle."

Gu Qing Pei laughed low and said: "How long will you last for ....eight or nine hours? Um?"

Yuan Yang ruthless white wolf teeth appeared. "Let's try. I promise not to let you down." He burried his tongue and he licked Gu Qing Pei's neck.

Gu Qing Pei touched the smooth back muscles of Yuan Yang body. With the movement of Yuan Yang arms, he could feel the vigorous muscles contracting and relaxing in his palm.

1].... Uuugh lord

Yuan Yang pulled Gu Qing Pei's shirt and trousers down, and rains of kisses fell on his chest. He finally pushed Gu stiff cock in his mouth and pulled it, causing Gu Qing Pei breath to tremble.

Gu Qing Pei's hand touched Yuan Yang cock and he felt that the big baby hardened and became bigger thing in his hand.

Yuan Yang gasped and raised his head. "When you touch it again. I'm going to burst."

Gu Qing Pei kissed his chin and said with a low smile. "You have performed well recently. I should reward you with a big reward."

Yuan Yang twisted his waist and pulled Gu hand to slowly stroked little Yuan Yang er. "How did you reward?"

Gu Qing Pei got up and changed a position with Yuan Yang and pressed Yuan Yang under him, then he knelt on the ground and slender fingers flicked the crude warm cock and his eyes were looking at it.

When Yuan Yang realized that what Gu Qing Pei was trying to do was to do his breathing became more and more erratic. He straightened his back and pushed in front of him, letting his big cock get closer to Gu Qing Peing's face. He urged: "Hurry up."

Gu Qing Pei lips that had been profusely kissed by Yuan Yang, slowly opened and sucked the large genital in the mouth.

Yuan Yang breath hitched then he sighed with a deep groan. Gu's hot mouth gave him a lot of excitement. His fingers were pulling into Gu Qing Pei's thick hair and screech: "So cool, go deeper."

Gu Qing Pei mouth was forced to reach its maximum blowing, and it was only able to reluctantly accept the full invasion of Yuan Yang cock. His breathing was somewhat obstructed, and the rough shameless pubic hairs scratched his face, which was really unpleasant. He used to feel dirty about sucking cock and didn't do this, but looking at the amazingly sizable cock between Yuan Yang thighs gave birth to a kind of shameful impulse, and he wanted to see Yuan Yang face when he was loosing his mind.

Seeing that Gu had not moved, Yuan Yang could not help pushing his own cock further down by pressing the back of Gu head. Gu Qing Pei frowned and tried to stick his tongue out. The creamy tongue ran over the cock blue veins, Yuan Yang body was shaking, like he almost could not hold his trembling.

Gu Qing Pei looked at his face, and he felt a lot of balance in his heart. He took the big cock and tried to slowly swiftly swallow it. Yuan Yang sighed comfortably and he looked down and looked at Gu Qing Pei head halfway between his legs. When Gu swallowed his JB, Yuan Yang physical pleasure was strong, but he can almost ignore the psychological satisfaction.

In addition to Gu Qing Pei, there is no one who can make him feel that he is hungry and satisfied at the same time, he is complete.

While enjoying the pleasure brought to him by Gu Qing Pei, Yuan Yang stretched out his toes and rubbed Gu Qing Pei's soft sex toy lying between his legs.

Gu Qing Pei subconsciously wanted to clamp his leg. Yuan Yang cricket pushed his foot into his legs, prevented him from closing them and teased Gu Qing Peing's cock. The toted cock slowly hardened.

Gu Qing Pei's two lips soreness finally became unbearable. He spewed out the big cock and complained, "How come you still have not shot."

Yuan Yang clutched him on the shoulder, pushed him on the carpet, and leaned over him. Pressing down, he touched Gu Qing Pei's slippery lips, and he wickedly said: "Why, when have i ever shot so quickly?" His hand has already reached out to Gu Qing Pei's lower body.

Gu Qing Pei twisted his body. "I have a condom n my wallet."

"I won't take it."

"You..." He was just about to speak, and Yuan Yang kiss fell on him. The next moment, Gu Qing Pei felt what Yuan Yang had rubbed something in his ass hole, and then slender fingers pushed in.

Gu Qing Pei gasped: "What did you use?"

Yuan Yang looked at Gu's chin, and smiled lowly, "Butter."

Gu Qing Pei's face soon became red, he smiled and said: " You rogue brat..."

Yuan Yang was extremely familiar with his body and slowly opened the tightly tempting flesh wall. In the hustle and bustle of fingering Gu Qing Pei, he lifted one of his leg and slid it over his shoulder, holding it up and the sex rod was slowly inserted inside Gu warm asshole.

"Ah..." Gu Qing Pei frowned. "Slower..."

Yuan Yang held on Gu Qing Pei's waist and resisted the urge to shoved in and out, he instead endured thrusting in small and slow pace until Gu Qing Pei's body was opened completely, he clung to Gu Qing Pei's thigh, separated the legs to the extreme angle, and forced his cock deeper into the tunnel.

Gu Qing Pei under intense stimulation tightened his the intestinal wall causing Yuan Yang great excitement, he slapped at Gu Qing Pei ass, "I haven't had enough to shoot now so don't squeeze."

Qing Gu Pei replied with a reason tone: "I want to see you today ... how long is your stamina ..."

Yuan Yang laid over his ear and says: " I will fuck you...... Till you faint."

"Ah--" Yuan Yang fiercely slammed his cock into the asshole and caused tremors in Gu Qing Pei body, his thighs couldn't help but clamp around Yuan Yang waist. He thirsted for quicker and more violent rough fucking.

He knew what kind of pleasure Yuan Yang would bring to him. Even if he only thought about it, he could already feel his asshole trembling.

Yuan Yang cock struck fiercely on the tender fangs, and his powerful waist shook at a frantic speed. Gu Qing Pei's body was infringed upon and feeling the warm assault. Gu Qing Pei could not help but cry loudly.

"Aaah...right... Aah."

The two men were wet with sweat, and with the insertion of Yuan Yang cock fucking speed, accompanied by physical crashes and suspicious sounds of slushiness Gu Qing tightened his arms on Yuan Yang neck to prevent his body from sliding along with the carpet.

The two naked bodies were closely intertwined, and the sweats merged into one another, they were breathing each other's breaths..... if there were no gaps between them and they would have melted into each other's bodies at the moment, and no one would be able to separate them.

Not even tired, Yuan Yang fucked his asshile droving in and out of Gu's burrow, and Gu's divinity was deprived of much of the deprivation under the overlap of pleasure. The two were immersed in the sea of pleasure and unable to extricate themselves.

Yuan Yang the brat fucked Gu Qing Pei for nearly four hours, till both of them were incapable of continuing. He pulled Gu Qing Pei in his chair and fell asleep.

As soon as he woke up, the plane had reached its destination, and the crew members were red faced embarrassed to wake them up. At this time, the two men were naked and wrapped in a thin blanket.

Gu Qing Pei was a bit embarrassed. Yuan Yang was looking like this is usual thing. The two men changed their clothes and took the car Peng had prepared and were sent to the hotel.

Along the way, Gu Qing Pei has been leaning on the arms of Yuan Yang, sleepy.

Yuan Yan looked at the sea view out of the window. At this time Saipan, the sun was going down, and the last of the orange was sprinkled on the surface of the sea. It was a warm things and Yuan Yang whispered: "You want to sleep in the car?"

" You won't sleep when you're tired ?."

Yuan Yang laughed low: "You aren't fit?."

"Sorry, I'm getting old."

"Why do you say that? With regard to age thing revenge, you use this to run against me."

"I am old, but my memory is still young."

"Oh, so you are still hungry for more." Yuan Yang gently stroked Gu waist.

Gu Qing Pei laughed. "I'm here to educate you. If you make a mistake you are going to pay the price."

Yuan Yang groaned softly. He suddenly pulled out his cell phone and took a picture of the two of them.

Gu Qing Pei was shaken by the flash and opened his tired eyes. "What are you doing?"

Yuan Yang showed the picture in front of him. " This picture is good. I'm going to send it to Wang Jing."

Gu Qing wasn't peevee "How can you still be like this? Grow up."

Yuan Yang stared at his eyes and laughed. "I'm also trying to give you a lesson. There is also a price to pay when you do something wrong."

"What a brat..."

Yuan Yang kissed his hair. "Watch yourself.... later you will tell me. I know I'm not the same person from two years ago. I'm not so foolish."

Gu Qing Pei's chuckled and said: "I know."

"Beside you, you are President Gu at the office. At home, you are my wife. Do you know this?"

Gu Qing Pei laughed:" In front of me you are Yuan Yang the brat... What are you at home?"

Yuan Yang gently kissed his forehead," of course I am your man actually I'm your everything, as long as its just you and me. Otherwise, what do you think I am at home?"

Gu Qing grinned. "I will tell you just don't lose your temper."

"Say it."

"I always think you're the puppy the one I raised. A puppy is sticky, naive, overbearing, easy to please, and easy to suffer and lose at its teeth. The most important thing is that you will never give up in me you're owner.

Yuan Yang took a bite on Gu Qing Pei nose. "And if you dare to put your head in front of me. And look for someone else, I will maul you earlier."

Gu Qing Pei laughed.

Yuan Yang sent the photos and attached a paragraph: Mr. Wang, I am spending my vacation with my wife in Saipan. I rejected and vetoed the project you mentioned. I wish you a great fortune in the New Year. Don't worry about what goes on in other people houses.

Gu Qing Pei only glanced at him and wanted to grab the cell phone. Yuan Yang blindingly caught his hands. When Mr Puppy text was sent by pressing the send button, he also proudly rushed at Gu Qing Pei.

Gu Qing Pei shook his head helplessly. "You only have the ability to work. You have to learn communication skill ten years with me."

Yuan Yang laughed and said, "I have enough from your mouth." and then he kissed Gu Qing Pei's lips gently

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