Beloved Enemy

Chapter - 100 This Matter I Will Always Take Responsibility For ...

GuQingPei can not stand the kind of blameworthy eyes of YuanYang so he fled, YuanYang has been staring at him with red eyes, but didn't stop him.

Two people had up to two months since the hypocritical image of the reason breakup , GuQingPei finally understand that because he didn't come out to come cleanu to YuanYang as to why he had to leave Beijing and that itself it caused a chain reaction causing YuanYang to be really heartbroken.

However, YuanYang has been changed, with a career, with a girlfriend, with many things that didn't factor before, with YuanYang everything shows that he has moved toward a new life, but they have not changed anything, YuanYang has become even more passive aggressive towards him

Did YuanYang still like him?

GuQingPei think of the places where those pictures were taken, his head went numb.

YuanYang attitude looked conflicted like he real liked Gu and but seems to have been dedicated to want revenge, he didn't expect YuanYang to be with his hate for and after 2 years.

He envisioned the myriad possibilities of the two meeting again two years later, but none of them lived up to this fucked up reality

He was now captivated by the hunter hunting him who was invisible to him. He didn't know exactly what he wanted to do now and he didn't know when he would say anything.

The present YuanYang is much more powerful than a stupid boy who only worked recklessly two years ago.

GuQingPei went home, closing the door for a moment before he felt a trace of security.

He hadn't had enough wine and then just been hugged by YuanYang anger also his own rage, and now he feel more on top, he rushed to a cold bath, this feeling made his head bow down in confusion.

Lost in bed, GuQingPei didn't want to move .

Too many things were in his mind, the company, YuanYang, not one can be resolved smoothly, which makes him heart feel bored.

He took the phone and intended to call the assistant, he asked what happened to the news on WeiSui trick that he was "sick" and it wasn't much different from what they had expected.

They communicated for a few minutes, to see that meaning the other party has temporarily believed that the date of the contract was postponed for a week.

Having a week can solve a lot of things.

Just hanged up the phone, a strange number called over.

GuQingPei connected, there came a voice that was neither male or female voice, very ugly, its was a distorted voice

, "Hey, GuQingPei?"

GuQingPei heart immediately went alert, all his friends are mature men, no one will plunge to open this boring joke.

"Who are you?"

"You don't have to care about who I am, I have a business to do with you, for which you should be definitely interested."

"Oh, I have not done business with people like you who are neither ying or yang ."

"Well, you will have to do this business."

"Say what it is you want, don't talk nonsense." GuQingPei has felt poor purpose of continuing this stupid talk with each other.

"Actually its nothing, I have in my hand 4 very nice pictures of your nakedness, i want a 500,000 for each, a total of four, two million to sell it to you."

GuQingPei heart was tight, his face instantly sank, he quietly replied "Your hands are not the only ones who have these photos when my previous company's employees they all have them.... it is a waste of manpower, even if I spend this money , its wasted it has no meaning?"

The other party seems to have expected that he would ask this question and immediately said "Yes, there are indeed quite a few people who have these photos, but how many dare to put on them internet and dare to threaten you? Our brothers know who is involved in this .....They didn't dare to do anything against his laws, but I dare, if you don't give any money, I'll print one hundred of these photos and distribute hundred from the upstairs of your company to the people who don't know about the scandal. "

GuQingPei paid attention to this person....the way he speaks more the more he can hear some accent, and obviously not a high degree of education, but as he said it makes sense.

His pictures were not spread widely at that time. One was related to his good work in the company, and the other was probably the control of the Yuan-Director or YuanYang. At that time, many acquaintances who knew him were quite a few of them. However, none of them would venture to indiscriminately disseminate the pictures. After all, nothing serious about him was denied to anyone.

So at that time those photos of the scope of the spread should be between hundreds of thousands of people, after all, he is not a celebrity, and finally disappeared.

However, there are absolutely not many people who survive to tell that tale.

Just like this person said, only he dared to threaten him, there is almost no strength for anyone to want to do this to him, because it is blackmail and it is against the law.

Such people don't have much to loose, he has been scared fear afraid to meet one.

GuQingPei adjusted the mood, didn't show the slightest panic, "you said is justified, but If I give you money today and one day you have no money and knock on me a photo, this is a bottomless pit, how can I guarantee you will no longer looking for me later?

"Hey, when will I promise I will not look for you in the future? Gu Zong, you are so rich and have a good time to share with the poor people?"

GuQingPei narrowed his eyes, this kid insatiable, if really gave him money it will become never-ending. He thought for a moment, suddenly "We have not had a holiday before."

That stunned him for a moment, never thought to say indifferently "No."

Sure enough, of all the people who he met before, who can it be?

There are not many people with such a low education level who met by Gu QingPei. His friends are not necessarily rich and powerful, but at least there is no obstacle to communication.

However, there are quite a few people he touches each day, and he can not remember his thoughts and memories.

"Our brother has a lack of money, while you have more to spend , if you want to feel more secured, you give me a million now, so I won't find you to be mean, GuQingPei, you don't be stingy, you give us more, The more money you earn, the more you don't deserve it, if you don't give the money .....the photos will be thrown upstairs. That's not a good way to solve this. "

GuQingPei was silent for a moment, then said "You're right, but I can not get so much cash for a short time."

The man made an unpleasant laugh. "Who do you lie to? You can not get a million .....boss."

"I can not get it, I'm getting a loan right now.You have to give me a few days to get prepared."

"How long do you want?"

"For a week."

"Bullshit." The man shouted "you have two days, I tell you you this don't give me a gimmick, how to say then, the surgery industry specializing, Gu master your ability to make big money, according our brother's knowledge this skill is never such a thing in the world, don't think about the alarming the police, I tell you, first it is useless, the second is that you will have more trouble, you want to know, spend money to save yourself from disasters, yeah? "

GuQingPei said "Well, you say I have to give you this money in two days, how will i give you the money?"

"you.....First prepare the money, then I will contact you again. "

Hanging up the phone, GuQingPei sighed, and he was even angry how this week unfolded.

Life is nothing more than the constant process of getting in troubles and solving troubles, and he will not be overwhelmed by this little bumpy move. He must think of ways ...

GuQingPei wondered for a long time, then gave his lawyer friend a call. Because of his work year-round with many litigation, people who know a lot of the judiciary, these people have a long way, courageous, absolutely he could give him a good idea.

His friend had bad news for him after he heard about it, saying that it would be easier to find someone after they had been uncovered.

GuQingPei is still not assured, he told him to catch the person was not a good move, he would like to talk to the man.

Now he is at a disadvantage. The negotiations are not good for himself. However, if people can be controlled, both hard and soft, and throw money at the other party, they will be able to ensure that neither the other will seek revenge nor dare to bother him again.

He had just hung up the phone, when YuanYang phone call came , GuQingPei rejected the phone call and turned it off....and just as he had done it, and the landline at home rang.

GuQingPei .....that chest simmering explosively hadn't yet dispersed, three steps and rushed to the phone two steps before, he coldly replied "What are you doing?

YuanYang voice sounded so cold, he solemnly said "You don't do anything, this thing leave it to me."

GuQingPei froze a moment, then react, growled "You eavesdropped on my phone!"

"Yes, like you would have the ability to tell me." YuanYang had a sense to feel guilt a little bit, he finish the sentence, then hung up.

"You fucking ... ..." GuQingPei didnt know what to scold, dealing with YuanYang is like cussing at a mirror, hit curse has never worked out.

He didn't want to participate in this matter at all. The whole thing was hopeful behind him but he wasn't separated from YuanYang evils that he had ever done to him. Originally, the existence of those pictures reminds him of the past, at this time he thought how ironic it is to be forced to confront the real culprit of the incident in front of him.

It certainly will not be good, so he didn't want to let YuanYang control this issue.

Two days didn't arrive, the person who extorted him he had to find this person faster than YuanYang.....GuQingPei had think a lot faster.

There are not a few high-intelligence crimes in the world, and most of them who are desperate for lack of money succeed in taking luck for a while. From the phone GuQingPei can hear that this person didn't receive any education, of course, with no counter-tracking ability, it is easy to pull people out along on the phone.

His lawyer had friends in mixed martial law with a wide range of contacts, he was well-informed, and soon found that this person turned out to be a security guard of their company, and who later was detained for 15 days because of trouble, and then dismissed by the company, but there are definitely affiliations with some of the company and photos in his hands. Has been blind in the community later, the recent bet losing money, then he think of taking GuQingPei photo to make an issue in order to make quick cash.

GuQingPei recalled again, it seems that there was really such an employee, but he had too many things in his mind he can not remember clearly.

after more than half an hour to open the car, GuQingPei came to an old quarters area, the security guard was here waiting for him.

GuQingPei put on his sunglasses, depress the brim, quickly found the building in accordance with the address, he pressed the doorbell on the first floor, but no one was inside there to respond.

Is not that the was waiting for him?

GuQingPei was puzzled for a few seconds, suddenly noticed that the door is empty, no lock.

GuQingPei hesitated for a few seconds, the he pushed the door and walked into the room, he was surprised that there were people inside, and there are five or six people, but he had expected a one to one confrontation, none one spoke to him.

GuQingPei glanced at YuanYang sitting on the sofa and his two strong men.

On the other end there was what should be the underworld side people who blocked security guard by the big muscles binds.

GuQingPei glanced at the man, he really looked somewhat familiar.

After his initial astonishment, he returned to calmness in a flash, and then he looked at YuanYang and looked at the others, "This is interesting."

The little man pointed to YuanYang prince, "Gu, he and his friends came barging in and held him like this.... do you know them?"

More than just understanding. GuQingPei in smiled in his heart.

He nodded, " we have Met."

The little man shrugged his shoulders. "Well, don't look so annoyed. I got him for you. Now I will give it to you. How do you deal with him that's all on you ..... I'll go back first "

GuQingPei smiled, pulled out an envelope from his pocket and stuffed it into the hand of the little head, "Thank your brothers."

The man grins, "will do" after he accepted the envelope he left.

GuQingPei and YuanYang glanced at each other and GuQingPei said "This matter I will handle, you go away."

YuanYang frowned "This thing, I will always take full responsibility."

"You don't need to." GuQingPei ignored him, squatted to the security guard and pulled off the cloth stuffed in his mouth. "Can you talk about it now?"

That security guard looked roughed up he fiercely glared at GuQingPei with a look, "you dare to do this, you are not afraid of the consequences."

GuQingPei picked his eyebrow, "I am a civilized man, I can talk to you about the conditions, but you don't have to scaled them , China is so big, where one to dig a hole you can be buried silently, you ..."

He had not yet finished speaking, YuanYang can not stand it anymore, he carried him with his arm and pulled him up.

GuQingPei saw YuanYang hand move in a silver flash, then only to hear the man was on the ground screaming, the rest of the cry was muffled when YuanYang covered his mouth.

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