Almighty Your Persona Has Collapsed

Almighty Your Persona Has Collapsed

Author:yi lu fan hua
Chapters:636 | 2.0
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【Entertainment circle + school bully + micro metaphysical fantasy + no logic】 Meng Fu to sixteen years old, Jiang family came to the door, saying that she was held wrong since childhood, she did not have time to react, the body was occupied by the soul of the otherworldly female reporter for two years. It was hard to recapture the body - luxury mother: child young is a foreign student, you dropped out of high school, although you are a child marriage, do not force. Father: Xinran is also my daughter, I hope you get along well with her and learn more from her. Brother:I only have one sister, Jiang Xinyan. ** Before retaking the body, Meng Fu is the "Global Idol" girl group program ranked fourth in nothing will be the whole network black vase role, is the Jiang family refused to admit to the public Miss; after retaking the body - with all due respect, here are the grandchildren. At first the major network fans let her roll out of the girl group, roll out of the entertainment industry, brainless black Meng Fu, a group of fans have angry dislike black powder, comfort Meng Fu. Until later, a god forwarded a blog: [My new play turn a hair] Someone commented: [You're on the wrong number. Fans who found the truth snapped back to their senses - [Big Brother she does not need comfort. Male lead Su Cheng: ancient martial hermit family genius heir, ascetic super A mysterious male lead Su Cheng. The female lead Meng Fu: that is, thinking leaps, master performer, the king does not see the king, financial fan, claiming that everything will be "a little" the network's first schoolmaster Meng Fu.

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