A Tale of Strategies For the Throne

A Tale of Strategies For the Throne

Author:tian luo shui
Chapters:345 | 4.5
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Someone who was preparing for his final exam was suddenly made to go back to his former former former former life, which was said to be very powerful. God messenger: you are the heavenly destiny, you are the son of the heavenly destiny, with all the gods added protection and thousands of favor, the moment you were born, the entire heavenly world of the gods are murmuring your name ...... Galan: speak human words. God's messenger: (expressionless) you are the Chosen King, should have ascended the throne, but by your brother Hjelmoth killed you against fate to take away the throne, the gods cast a curse, your kingdom was thus overthrown, and you - curse plus body, reincarnation, life and death will not live more than eighteen years old. Galan: ......... can I still be rescued a little? With loyalty to your knight to fight and upgrade to take out the big boss HERMOS on the throne to achieve the fate of the boy! Galan: This difficulty factor is a little high, I rarely play strategy games, you

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